Altcoin Exchange Reviews 2021

This article will feature the top 10 altcoin exchange reviews of 2021. I’ve handpicked the best altcoin exchanges that I personally use and I’m going to share with you why.

These altcoin trading platforms are all different in functionalities, such as:

  • Supported Altcoins
  • Trading interfaces
  • Trading fees
  • Deposit methods
  • Leverage
  • Option to short Altcoins

Among these exchanges, there is a complete mix of instant altcoin exchanges and centralized altcoin exchanges. The difference is how the platform is operated. A centralized platform has a central server system and this is where they store all the coins and wallet addresses.

For example, Binance and Coinbase are two centralized platforms. Before you start trading you need to create an account and then deposit funds. In this case, the exchange is responsible for keeping your coins safe in their storage.

The benefit of this is that you usually have a better trading interface, more functionality on the platform and it can be a safer option if the exchange is well secured.

However, if you don’t want to create an account and you can take care of your altcoins on your own. Then you should try an instant altcoin exchange.

For example, Changelly and SimpleSwap are two instant platforms. On these platforms, you don’t need to have an account and sometimes you don’t even need to send in KYC documents before trading. You can also use credit cards on an instant platform.

The drawback is that you will not enjoy a fully developed trading interface and the functionalities like, leverage and short selling will not be an option.

What’s good about an instant exchange is that you will be able to find a lot of altcoins, and you can invest or trade these coins very fast. Without signing up for an account, you can buy or trade altcoins in an instant and have them transferred into your own wallets.

You will get a quick look at all the exchanges to see which one might suit you best. Since they are all different I will tell you the pros and cons of each platform to make it easier for you to choose.

Some platforms in this review will specialize in the number of coins while others have incredibly good trading interfaces for the more active altcoin day trader or swing trader.

Let’s start by looking at the comparison table for all exchanges. If you are in a hurry, check the table below before you start trading.

Altcoin Exchange Reviews Compared

Credit Card
LeverageOption to
Short Altcoins
Coinbase20Credit Card
Bank Transfer
0.50%3.99%Basic +
Changelly150+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
0.25%5% -10%Basic +
Binance180+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
0.10%3.50%Basic +
KuCoin250+Credit Card
0.10%4%Basic +
CoinSwitch400+Credit Card
0% –
5% – 10% Basic
Prime XBT5Credit Card
0.050%5% – 10%Advanced100xYes
ChangeHero100+Credit Card
Debit Card
0.50%2.95% –
Okex60Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
0.15%2.5% – 4.5%Advanced100xYes

What is the most trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange?

If you want to read altcoin exchange reviews, you have come to the right place.

Today I would say that the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange is Coinbase.

I will tell you why.

Coinbase is regulated as a Money Transmission Service.

This means that if something happens to your altcoins while they are on the exchange, Coinbase will back them up.

So you don’t have to worry about being hacked, Coinbase will cover your lost funds if this happens.

Every money transmission serivice needs to have a certain back up amount for their client accounts.

Coinbase also keeps it’s customers digital currency in cold storage.

This is an extra security layer for your funds while they are on the exchange.

Cold storage is one of the safest ways at the moment to store cryptocurrencies.

As if that wasn’t enough, Coinbase is storing customer funds in actual U.S banks or in liquied U.S Treasuries.

cash balance on coinbase

This is one of the safest places on earth to keep your money.

In my opinion this is as safe as it gets

I don’t know any other exchange that takes care of their customer funds and assets like Coinbase.

So, next time your friends ask you what the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange is, you have the answer.

1. Coinbase

altcoin exchange review of coinbase

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Supported Altcoins on Coinbase

This altcoin exchanges review is about Coinbase.

Coinbase is one of the most popular trading platforms in the crypto community.

It’s a centralized exchange with over 30 million users world wide.

Today Coinbase supports trading in 20 altcoins.

When you go to their platform you will see a lot more coins and this might be a little bit coinfusing.

This is because Coinbase is showing the prices of more coins than they allow trading in.

When ever you see the Trade button to the right of the coin, it’s tradable on the exchange.

altcoin exchange reviews of cryptocurrencies on coinbase

Deposit methods on Coinbase

Coinbase was one of the first cryptocurrency platforms that enabled an on ramp from fiat currencies.

This made them very popular as it was very easy to deposit funds with a Credit Card or even Bank Transfer.

Of course, they also supports deposits of cryptocurrnecies.

altcoin exchange reviews of coinbase deposit methods

To buy altcoins with a Credit Card on Coinbase is extremely easy and fast.

This was one of the first reasons why I started using this platform in the beginning.

As they have earned their trust with time, more and more people are using this platform to safely deposit fiat money.

The fastest way to deposit money or to buy altcoins on Coinbase is definitely with a Credit Card.

If you use the Bank Transfer it will take up to 3-5 days.

The benefit of the Bank Transfer is that it’s free of charges.

Coinbase Trading Fees

There is a difference between trading fees and credit card fees.

The standard trading fee on Coinbase is 0.50%.

altcoin exchange reviews of coinbase trading fee

This means that every time you trade in and out of the market, there is a spread of 0.50% that you pay.

What is the spread you might ask?

The spread is the difference between the actual prices.

If the price of Bitcoin is 9000$, Coinbase will add 0.50% to this price and thats the comission.

9000$ x 0.50% = 45$ (fee)

This is how the spread is calculated.

Coinbase Credit Card fees

Credit Card fees are often a little higher than the trading fee on every exchange.

The Credit Card fee on Coinbase is 3.99%

altcoin exchange reviews of coinbase credit card fees

This is because you are able to send your fiat currencies to the platform in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

And remember, you don’t use this option as often as you trade in and out of the market.

Some trading platform likes to add the leverage information in the same table as the fees.

Coinbase has not added the leverage in their fee table so I will provide it for you.

The maximum leverage available on Coinbase is 3x.

Coinbase Trading interface

Coinbase has a good variety of trading interfaces.

All the way from a basic buy and sell function to a very advanced trading interface.

Let’s start by looking at the basic buy and sell function.

This is as basic as it gets.

And I really like that Coinbase has provided a very simple way of buying, selling and convering cryptocurrencies.

This altocin exchange review is not about telling you which platoform you should use.

It’s all up to you.

I will lay the information here and then it’s up to you to decide which platform you would like to try.

Next up is the Pro trading interface on Coinbase and it looks like this.

altcoin exchange reviews about coinbase trading interface

Personally I really like this interface.

The dark color looks cool and the layout is very good.

To the left you have the standard Market, Limit and Stop order selection.

You will find your open orders below the chart and the trade history to the right.

Of course, there are numerous cryptocurrency indicators to use, and this trading interface suits any active altcoin day trader or swing trader.

In the top left corner of the screen you will find the different Markets.

Here you can easily swap market to any other altcoin if there is nothing going on in the market you are currently trading.

Very safe exchangeNot many altcoins
Low fees overallNo option to short
All payment methodsLow leverage
Very good trading interfaces

If you would like to trade on Coinbase, click here to visit the exchange.

2. Changelly

altcoin exchange review of changelly instant platform

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Supported Altcoins on Changelly

This altcoin exchanges review is about Changelly.

Changelly is the first instant altcoin exchange in this review and they support trading in 150+ tokens.

They have a very cool token page on their site where you can browse through all their coins and look for new altcoins.

altcoin exchange review of changelly coin page

Here you will get a fast look at the coins and a short description of the technology and some other cool info about the token.

Let me quickly explain how Changelly and other instant platforms work.

They don’t have a centralized server system with their own order books and customer accounts with wallets.

Instead, they use a special alorithm that scans other cryptocurrency exchanges for prices.

They can do this because they have a partnership with other altcoin trading sites.

So, when you are buying crypto on Changelly, you are actually buying the coins from other exchanges.

Pretty cool!

This is how they can provide trading in so many coins and at very low cost.

It has also made them very fast.

Often there is no signup required to start trading.

Deposit methods on Changelly

Changelly is pretty awesome because you can use almost any payment method you like.

At the moment, the available payment methods on Changelly is:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrency

The most popular is of course Credit Card but the other options are very viable as well.

This is what it might look like before you buy your tokens from Changelly.

altcoin exchange review of changelly payment methods

On the left side you will get to choose your token, the amount and also the payment method.

Then on the right side you will see all the best offers that their price algorithm has found on different exchanges.

This is extremely convenient.

You will always get the best rates and the cheapest prices for you tokens.

Changelly Trading Fees

Trading fees on Changelly are very competitive.

Today, the standard trading fee is 0.25%.

changelly trading fees

Remember that this is the trading fee and not the credit card fee, I will get to that in a second.

This is the fee you pay to exchange from crypto to crypto.

I brought Changelly on this altcoin exchange review because they have some of the lowest trading fees on the market.

Changelly Credit Card fees

Now, the credit card fee on Changelly is 5% – 10% depending on which payment vendor you get.

It will depend on what exchange the price algorithm can find the tokens on etc.

Changelly credit card fee

You will always see which payment vendor you use before you make the purchase so don’t worry about that.

Changelly is a very transparent platform.

Changelly Trading interface

Since Changelly is an instant trading platform they don’t have a fully developed trading intrfaces or charts.

They are not meant to be an exchange to trade on.

I see these kind of platforms like place to find very good investments and then buy for a long term hold.

The exchange function on the platform looks like this.

altcoin exchange reviews of changelly trading platform

It’s very basic and nothing more is need to be honest.

Just choose the tokens you want to change.

It can be Bitcoin to altcoin, the other way or token to token.

Make your you have the right wallet address for the new coin and that’s it.

Several payment optionsNo advanced trading interface
Very low trading feesNo leverage
Trusted exchangeNo option to short tokens
Good support
Very user-friendly

If you would like to trade on Changelly, click here to visit the exchange.

3. Binance

altcoin exchange review of binance

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Supported Altcoins on Binance

This altcoin exchanges review is for Binance.

Binance is a centralized trading platform and they offer trading in over 180 tokens.

This is a lot of coins considering it’s a custodial platform with it’s own order books.

They have grown a lot in the last three years they have been up and running.

This is a take out from their latest blog post where they announce their token count.

token count on binance

This list has probably already gotten bigger since new year and I will be sure to add the new number when they release it.

Out of these 180 coins, 24 tokens are supported for short selling.

They also have leverage trading on Binance.

Up to 125x leverage on Bitcoin and less on altcoins.

Deposit methods on Binance

Binance is one of the most trusted exchanges and they can also be trusted when it comes to payment methods.

Binance is currenctly supporting deposits from:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency

The fastest way to deposit funds on the platform is with your credit card.

Since this is a well known platform you don’t have to worry about putting your card details out.

This is what it looks like if you would like to pay with your card on Binance.

credit card payment on binance

Simply enter the amount in your fiat currency, choose token and then Bank Card.

That’s it.

Very straight forward and we thank Binance for that.

Binance Trading Fees

The standard trading fee on Binance is 0.10%.

trading fees on binance

When they mention Taker fee, they are talking about the fee for traders who are using Market orders when they trade.

If you use market orders, you are taking orders from the order book and therefor reducing liquidity on the platform.

If you use Limit orders, you are adding orders to the order book and therefor you are a market maker.

Market makers often have a lower fee.

You can do two things to lower your trading fees on Binance.

Firstly, if you increase your monthly trading turnover, your fees gets reduced automatically.

The second way is to trade with the native cryptocurrency of Binance, the BNB token.

When you trade on the BNB market, your fees are reduced with 25% instantly.

The more BNB you hold in your wallet the more your fees gets reduced.

So if you want to trade cheap on Binance, make sure to own a lot of BNB tokens and trade on the BNB market.

Binance Credit Card fees

The basic fee is 3.50%.

This is very low for being a custodial exchange.

altcoin exchange reviews of credit card fees on binance

Rember that this fee will always will be higher than the trading comission.

This is because you use this option less frequently.

You might deposit one time with your Credit Card, but you may trade in and out of the market 200 times per day.

Binance Trading interface

I really like the trading interfaces on Binance.

First they have their basic exchange function.

basic exchange interface on binance

This can be use to trade token to token or from bitcoin to token.

It’s a very easy way of swapping coins.

The next option is the classic trading interface.

Take a look at this.

altcoin exchange reviews of trading interfaces on binance

This is very good for beginnger altcoin and crypto traders.

At the top you have your time frames.

To the right all the different markets you can trade if you want to swap while trading.

In the middle, below the chart you have the order selection where you can use Limit orders, Market orders and Stop-limit orders etc.

There are two pre set indicators for this interface.

MACD and Volume.

There are also three moving avarages as overlay.

Pretty good to for crypto traders starting out with and is interested to day trade or swing trade crypto.

Next up is the Advanced trading interface on Binance.

It looks like this.

advanced trading interface on binance

I can tell that this is a more advanced interface immediately by looking on the right side.

What Binance have done is interesting and very smart.

They have bunched up the order selection (market orders/limit orders) with the order book.

Why would you do this?

The answer is that many traders use the order book to trade with order flow.

If they keep the order book far from the order selection box, it might be difficult to react to changes in the order book quick enough.

It makes perfect sense to keep them together.

This interface is perfect for crypto scalpers and very active altcoin day traders.

Also notice that there are more indicators to choose from at the top of the chart.

There is also an Open Orders tab here where you get to see all your open orders with profits and losses while you trade.

Very good reputationTakes longer time to signup
Advanced trading interfaces
Margin trading
Option to short altcoins
Very low trading fees

If you would like to trade on Binance, click here to visit the exchange.

4. SimpleSwap

simpleswap altcoin exchange

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Supported Altcoins on SimpleSwap

In this altcoin exchange review we take a look at SimpleSwap.

SimpleSwap is another instant platform I’ve added to this altcoin exchange reivew.

SimpleSwap currently supports trading in over 300 altcoins.

That’s a lot of coins.

They have an asset list on their site where you can search for coins and find new coins.

altcoin exchange review of simpleswap coin lsit

This is very good because you will have a quick look at the infor about the coin price.

But you will also discover new tokens that you never saw before.

I’ve personally found a lot of good investments on SimpleSwap just by going through this list.

Of course, you need to do some research before buying the token but it’s a great way to find them.

Deposit methods on SimpleSwap

SimpleSwap only lets you deposit with cryptocurrency at the moment.

But if you have ever done a blockchain transaction between crypto wallets.

This is exactly like that.

It’s fast and very easy.

This is how the owners of SimpleSwap explain their service.

altcoin exchange review of simpleswap service

SimpleSwap Trading Fees

SimpleSwap doesn’t have any trading fees.

Yes, you read that correctly.

0% trading fees.

I will explain how this is possible.

First let me show you what the owners of SimpleSwp are saying.

simpleswap comission

The simple explanation to this is that SimpleSwap makes money when ever they can find a better than expected price.

Thats when they make a small cut of the transaction.

SimpleSwap Trading interface

Since this is an isntant altcoin exchange they don’t have a developed trading interface with charts and indicators..

What they do have is very easy way of swapping cryptocurrencies.

Here is a quick look at the exchange function.

altcoin exchange review of simpleswap exchange function

All you need is the cryptocurrency wallets and that’s it.

If you have this, you are free to swap Bitcoin to any of the 300 altocins on this platform.

That sounds pretty good to me.

Massive list of altcoinsNo fiat payment
0% trading feeNo trading interfaces
SupportNo leverage
No signupNo option to short tokens
Trusted exchange

If you would like to trade on SimpleSwap, click here to visit the exchange.

5. KuCoin

kucoin altcoin exchange

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Supported Altcoins on KuCoin

In this altcoin exchange review we take a look at KuCoin.

I absolutely had to include KuCoin in this altcoin exchange review.

Today KuCoin supports trading in over 250 altcoins.

That’s a big number for a normal custodial exchange.

cryptocurrency page on kucoin

As many other exchanges they have a token page where you can scroll to infinity almost in search for the next big altcoin.

Make sure you have eaten before you start because there are a lot of tokens here.

Deposit methods on KuCoin

The available deposit methods on KuCoin are:

  • Credit Card
  • Cryptocurrency

Another platform that makes depositing funds very easy.

Personally I never use the bank transfer option so for me I don’t mind if a platform doesn’t support that.

KuCoin is using the same payment vendor as Changelly for credit cards.

payment vendor on KuCoin

KuCoin Trading Fees

KuCoin has made it very cheap to trade on their platform and they are really competitive with fees.

The standard taker fee on KuCoin is 0.10%.

altcoin exchange review of kucoin trading fee

This can be reduced by increasing your monthly trading volume or holding the native token of KuCoin, called KCS.

The more KCS tokens you hold the cheaper it gets and it starts off with a reduction of 25% while trading with their own cryptocurrency.

This is amazing for traders who are very active or trade a lot of size.

Some altcoin traders I know use crazy size and they need to find a platform that can support their trading.

If that’s you, then give KuCoin a try.

KuCoin Credit Card fees

The basic fee on KuCoin for paying with your cerdit card is 4%.

This is very good rates in my opinion.

Not many platforms other than Coinbase and Binance has this low fees.

A very good reason to try KuCoin if you are just starting out if or if you use this payment option very often.

KuCoin Trading interface

KuCoin has two different tradin interfaces, Lite and Pro.

Lite is a basic trading interface and Pro is an interface for more experienced traders.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Lite version.

altcoin exchange reviews of kucoin trading interfaces

I really like how this one looks.

To the right you have your Long and Short market orders.

Below the chart you can see that current market sentiment on KuCoin.

At this time 56% were shorting the market.

Above the order selection to the right you have your leverage bar.

This bar is free to move as you like it and on Bitcoin you can enjoy up to 100x leverage.

Here is the Pro trading interface.

pro trading interface on kucoin

As you can see, this one is more developed.

The order selection with the order book is on the left side, together.

This is to make it easier for traders using the order book to see incoming orders.

The chart is from Tradingview and that tells me it’s quality.

At the bottom of the page you have your position tab.

Here you can see open orders and closed order.

Also your stop orders and fills fro the day together with complete order history.

Order history is important if you take trading seriously because you will be able to go back anad analyze your trading day.

All possible indicators and available to this interface and of course all the standard orders you need.

Very low trading feesTakes longer time to signup
Margin trading
Option to short altcoins
Advanced trading interface
Huge list of coins

If you would like to trade on KuCoin, click here to visit the exchange.

6. CoinSwitch

coinswitch altcoin exchange

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Supported Altcoins on CoinSwitch

Altcoin exchange review of CoinSwitch:

This is another instant exchange I brought to this altcoin exchange review.

CoinSwitch currently supports over 400 altcoins to trade.

This is absolutely crazy.

If you can’t find what you are lookin for on other trading platforms, you need to try CoinSwitch.

Of course they have a token page where you can scroll until you get old.

altcoin exchange review about coinswitch cryptocurrencies

What’s really cool about this pagge is that you can get a complete analysis with rates, charts and price predictions.

You can also learn more about the technology behind the coin and it’s potential.


I can tell you that you will have to spend more than one afternoon on this page once you start going.

Deposit methods on CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch supports deposits with Credit Card and Cryptocurrencies.

This makes it very easy to deposit funds on the platform and start exchanging tokens.

They have a nice first page and here you can easily find the Bank Card tab.

altcoin exchange reviews of coinswitch payment methods

Click here and it will take you to the payment page.

CoinSwitch Trading Fees

When you are exchanging tokens on CoinSwithc there is always a comisson.

Today their trading fee is 0% – 0.49%.

This is how the platform explains their fee structure.

coinswitch trading fee

So, if you are lucky with the trade, you might not have to pay any fee at all.

This is pretty cool and the way they make money is if the transaction is better than expected and they take a small cut of the extra profit.

CoinSwitch Credit Card fees

The Credit Card fee on CoinSwitch is 3.5%.

They are using the same payment vendor as Changelly called Simplex.

It’s a very common payment processor on instant platforms and it’s also very trusted

CoinSwitch Trading interface

I haven’t seen an instant trading platform with a fully developed trading interface.

And CoinSwitch is no different than that.

Here is a quick look at the swap function on the platform.

exchange interface on coinswitch

It’s very basic but that’s all we need to swap from token to token.

It’s very fast and nothing can go wrong with a simple interface like this.

In my opinion, instant platforms have become very popular thanks to the simplicity for the user.

And of course the long list of coins from the aggregated exchanges.

Most coins on the marketNo trading interface
Very user-friendlyNo option to short coins
Low trading feesNo leverage
Credit Card option
Trusted platform

If you would like to trade on CoinSwitch, click here to visit the exchange.

7. Prime XBT

altcoin exchange reviews of prime xbt

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Supported Altcoins on Prime XBT

Altcoin exchange review of Prime XBT:

Prime XBT currently supports trading in 5 altcoins.

prime xbt altcoins

The special part about Prime XBT is not the amount of coins becuase there are many platforms with more tokens.

On Prime XBT you will be able to enjoy leverage up to 100x on all cryptocurrencies.

This is very special.

I don’t think I know of any exchange that offers this kind of leverage for altcoins.

Deposit methods on Prime XBT

Prime XBT accepts deposits with Credit Card and Bitcoin.

What’s cool about depositing on Prime is that you get redirected to Changelly for a minute while you fill in your card details.

altocin exchange review of prime xbt payment methods

It’s just a quick visit and you will be back to the platform in no time.

This is because they are using the payment system from Changelly.

The Bitcoin deposit is just a normal blockchain transaction and it takes betwee 5-30 minutes.

Prime XBT Trading Fees

Now here is one of the reasons why I put Prime XBT on this altcoin exchange reivew.

Prime XBT has some of the lowest trading fees of all altcoin platforms.

0.05% trading taker fee.

prime xbt trading fees

That’s very impressive.

Imagine that you are trading with 100x leverage and you know that you will not waste most of your capital on fees.

That’s a big advantage and a good reason to choose Prime XBT if you are going to trade altcoins with leverage or short sell tokens.

Prime XBT Credit Card fees

Since they are using the payment system of Changelly the Credit Card fee is 5% – 10%

A little higher than most platforms but you know you will get quality transactions and a safe way to use your capital.

Prime XBT Trading interface

The trading interfae on Prime XBT is up to standards and I really like the looks of it.

Let’s take a look at the functionality.

altcoin exchange review of prime xbt trading chart

The outlined area on top of the chart is where the order selection, time frames and chart drawing tools are.

They are all the same place and easy to locate.

You can add any indicator you want and customize it the way you like it by changing colors and sizes.

Another really cool aspect of this trading interface is the 4 chart mode.

Take a look at this.

4 charts on prime xbt

This is awesome.

I haven’t see any exchange with this feature and you can literally trade 4 different coins at the same time.

You can short one, long the other and hedge yourself with various strategies.

That’s something you have to check out.

Super low trading feesNot many tokens to trade
Option to short
Margin trading
4 chart mode
Credi Card payment

If you would like to trade on Prime XBT, click here to visit the exchange.

8. ChangeHero

altcoin exchange review of cange hero

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Supported Altcoins on ChangeHero

In this altcoin exchange review we take a closer look at ChangeHero.

ChangeHero is also an instant crypto exchange and they support trading in 100+ coins.

It’s very common for instant platforms to support trading in a lot of coins because they are connected with so many other platforms.

ChangeHero doesn’t have a coin page to search your coins, but they do have a search function on the first page exchange tab.

altcoin exchange review of changehero cryptocurrencies

Here you will find more popular tokens but also many new gems that you can’t find on many other platforms.

So make sure you go through this list before you start investing.

Deposit methods on ChangeHero

Available deposit methods on ChangeHero are Credit / Debit Card and Cryptocurrencies.

This is the good thing about instant platforms.

They make it very easy to access coins.

This is what it looks like when you buy coin with your Debit or credit card on Change Hero.

buy altcoins with credit card on changehero

Just choose the amount in your fiat currency, select token and click buy.

Very straight forward and no crazy extra features.

ChangeHero Trading Fees

The ChangeHero trading fee is 0.50%.

altcoin exchange review of changehero trading fee

This combined with a lot of coins is what any altcoin investor out there wants.

This is not the same fee structure as Binance or Prime XBT but it’s definitely now high.

ChangeHero Credit Card fees

ChangeHero is charging a fee of 2.95% – 3.95% on Credit Cards.

This is in line with other major centralized crypto excanges like Coinbase and Binance.


ChangeHero Trading interface

ChangeHero doesn’t have a developed trading interface since they don’t have their own trading order books.

They rely on other exchanges for orders and liquidity.

What they do have is a very simple exchange function.

altcoin exchange review of changehero trading interface

I really like the look of their interface.

It’s super clear and it’s made for anyone, both beginners and advanced traders.

Think about these instant platforms like gateways to very good investments.

You will find more tokens here than anywhere else and that’s what makes them so good.

Credit / Debit Card optionNo leverage trading
Very low trading feesNo trading interface
Live ChatNo option to short coins
Trusted Exchange

If you would like to trade on ChangeHero, click here to visit the exchange.

9. Bitfinex

altcoin exchange review of bitfinex

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Supported Altcoins on Bitfinex

This altcoin exchange review is about Bitfinex.

Bitfinex is another custodial exchange and today they support trading in 160+ altcoins.

This is a lot for a big exchange with their own order books and trading interfaces.

To learn more about the coins on Bitfinex you can head over to the Help Center and see what they have in store for you.

help center on bitfinex.

Deposit methods on Bitfinex

The only small downside to Bitfinex is that they only support deposits in Cryptocurrencies.

To be honest, it’s not a big downside.

If you have ever transacted with cryptocurrencies before and you know how the blockchain works, you will have no problem depositing here.

I personally don’t mind, it’s the same thing when I trade on Bitmex for example.

All of their trade are done in BTC and that’s no problem for me.

Bitfinex Trading Fees

Standard taker trading fee on Bitfinex is 0.20%.

trading fees on bitfinex

However, if you hold their native cryptocurrency you will instantly be rewarded with a 25% reduction in fees.

Yes that’s true.

If you want to lower your trading fees even further all you need to do is keep trading and increase your monthly trading volume.

Bitfinex will adjust your trading fee automatically when you trade.

Bitfinex Trading interface

The trading interface on Bitfinex is very advanced and it’s best suited for experienced traders.

Take a look at this.

altcoin exchange review of bitfinex trading interface

This is a fully developed trading interface.

At the top you will find your indicators and time frames.

And yes, they do have any indicator you can dream of.

To the left you will find your order selection and markets.

Limit orders, Market orders and Stop orders etc will be available.

One extra feature that’s good with Bitfinex is that you can trade with 5x leverage and there is an option to short crypto as well.

A lot of coinsNot very high leverage
Very good trading interface
Low trading fees
Option to short altcoins
Margin trading

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10. Okex

altcoin exchange review of okex

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Supported Altcoins on Okex

This is the last out of all altcoin exchange reviews, OKEX.

Okex is another very popular centralized exchange that has been around for a while.

Today Okex supports trading in 60 altcoins.

They are definitely adding coins consistently to provide a good trading platform for every trader out there.

Here is a quick look at the Coin info page. This page is almost like a gateway through the entire platform where you can select different markets and trading engines.

altcoin exchange review of okex cryptocurrencies

This is very trusted exchange and I’ve used it for many years.

One thing that has made okex one of the top players out there is their futures trading.

Okex provides up to 100x leverage and you can also short sell crypto on the exchange.

okex leverage trading

This makes Okex a very complete platform.

It tells me that Okex is really trying to become the best of the best.

Make sure that you have enough experience before you start margin trading.

It can yield windfall profits if you know what you are doing, but if you are not careful enough you might get liquidated in seconds.

Deposit methods on Okex

Okex supports these payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • POLi
  • Bpay
  • Payid
  • Blueshyft
  • iDEAL
credit card payment option on okex

When you click the Buy Crypto button in the top left corner of the home page this window will pop up.

Here you are free to select your altcoin and the quantity.

Then choose among any of these payment methods.

To be honest, I’ve never seen an altcoin exchange with that many payment options.

It certainly sticks out and makes Okex a very good choice for many traders.

Okex Trading Fees

Trading on Okex is rather cheap and you have the option to make it even cheaper as you trade.

The standard Taker trading fee is 0.15%.

This fee will include traders who use market orders to enter or exit the market.

If you are using Limit orders you are going to pay the maker fee which is 0.10%.

Take a look at this fee table.

trading fees on okex

The Maker fee is usually lower as you can see and that’s because you will get rewarded by the exchange for adding liquidity to the order book.

Altcoin trading platforms want to have a lot of volume traded on the exchange.

This is for a couple of reasons.

First, of course, they increase their revenue from fees.

Second, this allows more traders to trade on the platform as there are more orders to use.

Third, bigger traders can access liquidity on their platform.

Okex Credit Card fees

I was chatting with one of the Support agents on Okex because I could not find any fee table for the credit cards.

They said that it depends on what payment processor you get for the transaction.

Here is a snapshot of all the payment vendors on Okex and this is what it will look like before you buy altcoins.

altcoin exchange review of okex credit card fee

So it depends of which one you get.

Here is a table of those I could find online:

  • MoonPay – 4.5%
  • Indacoin – 4%
  • Koinal – 2.5%
  • Simplex – 3.5%

Okex Trading interface

The trading interface on Okex is very good in my opinion.

You can choose to view the chart in basic mode or in full screen mode.

It has most of the tools you might need.

Here is a quick look at the charting basic package.

altcoin exchange review of okex trading interface

To the left you have all your different markets to choose from if you would like to trade another coin.

All the main order types are here like Limit orders, Market orders and Stop limit orders etc.

You have a very easy to control leverage bar by your order selection.

This can be change when ever you feel like to increase or decrease the leverage.

The order book has also been moved to the right side of the order selections to make it easier to trade altcoins with order flow.

The chart has a full screen mode which makes it easier to analyze.

Take a look at this.

full screen trading interface okex

When you use this mode you have more indicators to choose from and overall it’s made for the more experienced traders.

It’s more suited for active altcoin day trading or swing trading.

It’s more developed and the chart itself is better.

There is market depth, recent trade history and of course any drawing tool you might need.

All payment optionsNot a huge list of altcoins
Very good trading interface
Low fees
Trusted exchange
Short selling
Leverage trading

If you would like to trade on Okex, click here to visit the exchange.


These altcoin exchange reviews will serve you with some of the most prominent trading platforms out there today.
They are all different and have their own special functionalities.

Some traders prefer to trade on a fully developed trading interface with all the necessary tools.
Other traders prefer a platform with a massive list of coins where they can scout new opportunities.
Or, if you are an advanced trader and looking for leverage or the option to short the market, there is something for you as well.

No matter what you are looking for you will definitely find it among these altcoin exchange reviews.

If you are in a hurry, check the exchange comparison table at the top.
I do recommend that you read through the whole review to find the exchange best suited for you.

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