Best Altcoin Exchange 2021

What is the best altcoin exchanges to buy and trade altcoins? It’s a difficult question to answer if you have no idea which altcoin exchange to trust or what to look for. I’ve made a very easy to follow review with a list of criteria I think an altcoin exchange should live up to. This … Continued

Are Crypto Exchanges safe?

Blockchain might be one of the safest new technologies out there but the question still remains, are crypto exchanges safe?  There is a feeling of uncertainty around crypto trading in general and you probably still don’t know if your exchange is safe at all? To answer this question you need to know what to look … Continued

Are Altcoins worth investing in?

The bitcoin bubble peaked in late 2018 and everyone is asking the same question now, are altcoins worth investing in? A lot of altcoin traders made small fortunes during this massive bull run, but that’s history now. We all want to know where altcoins are heading next? The answer to this question is more exciting … Continued

Why Altcoins follow Bitcoin

If you didn’t already know, altcoins follow bitcoin, almost all the time. But why is this happening? Is the crypto market completely rigged?  Only by knowing this you can become a better trader, and yes believe me, it is predictable! I will give you one quick answer and a more in depth explanation. I will … Continued

The reason why Crypto crashes all the time

The reason why crypto crashes is easier than you might think, you just haven’t analyzed the market the right way. Anyone who ever tried crypto trading have faced the reality of a large drop in the markets. You wake up to find your favourite altcoins down -25%. Why is this happening so often in the … Continued