Best Altcoin Exchanges in 2021

What is the best altcoin exchanges to buy and trade altcoins? It’s a difficult question to answer if you have no idea which altcoin exchange to trust or what to look for.

I’ve made a very easy to follow review with a list of criteria I think an altcoin exchange should live up to.

This list of altcoin trading platforms will feature:

  • Supported Altcoins
  • Deposit Methods
  • Trading Interface
  • Trading Fees
  • Security
  • Support

All trading platforms are different and feature different funtctionalities.

So I recommend that you read through the whole article before choosing your favorite.

This review will tell you everything you need to know about the best altcoin exchange on the web.

If you are in a hurry check the comparison tabel below

Top Altcoin Exchanges compared

ExchangeCoinsPayment MethodTrading FeeInfo
Prime XBT
visa logo
mastercard logo
checkmark icon Lowest Trading Fees!
checkmark icon Trade Bitcoin with Leverage
checkmark icon Advanced Trading Interface
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo 

checkmark icon Advanced trading interface
checkmark icon Trade Bitcoin with Leverage
checkmark icon Good for Experienced Traders
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
bank logo
checkmark icon 125x Bitcoin Leverage!
checkmark icon Good for all Traders!
checkmark icon Option to Short Crypto
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logo
applepay logo
checkmark icon Buy Bitcoin Instantly
checkmark icon No Account Needed
checkmark icon A lot of Altcoins
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logo
applepay logo
checkmark icon Buy Crypto with Credit Card
checkmark icon Professional Trading Interface
checkmark icon Very good Reputation
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
bank logo
checkmark icon Best for Beginners
checkmark icon Very High Security
checkmark icon Buy Crypto with Credit Card
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo

checkmark icon Recommended Exchange!
checkmark icon CFD Crypto Trading
checkmark icon 3 Different Trading Platforms
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logo
0.0 pips
checkmark icon Bitcoin CFD-Trading
checkmark icon  MT4 Trading Platform
checkmark icon FCA-Regulated Exchange
Start Trading
bank logo
checkmark icon Good for US Traders
checkmark icon Very High Security
checkmark icon Popular Trading Platform
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logoapplepay logo
checkmark icon Many Payment Methods
checkmark icon Popular Trading Platform
checkmark icon Good for all Traders
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
bank logo
checkmark icon Trusted Platform
checkmark icon Lowest Credit Card Fees
checkmark icon Buy Bitcoin Instantly
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
checkmark icon Best for Beginners
checkmark icon Accepts Debit / Credit Cards
checkmark icon Many Payment Options
Start Trading
visa logo
checkmark icon Accepts VISA Cards
checkmark icon Very good Reputation
checkmark icon Good for Beginners
Start Trading
checkmark icon No KYC-documents needed
checkmark icon Only Crypto Deposits
checkmark icon Very low Trading Fees
Start Trading
checkmark icon 160+ Cryptocurrencies
checkmark icon Pure Crypto Exchange
checkmark icon Advanced Trading Interface
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
checkmark icon 400+ Cryptocurrencies!
checkmark icon Instant Crypto Exchange
checkmark icon Many New Coins!
Start Trading
checkmark icon Only Crypto Deposits
checkmark icon 300+ Cryptocurrencies
checkmark icon 0% Crypto Trading Fee
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
checkmark icon Accepts Credit / Debit Cards
checkmark icon Instant Crypto Exchange
checkmark icon Low Credit Card fees
Start Trading

Best Altcoin Platforms for day trading

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. Changelly
  4. Coinmama

This list will be followed with a step by step explanation to why these exchanges have earned a spot on the list.

You will be able to select the best altcoin exchange depending on your own preference. 

Some of these altcoin exchanges might interest you due to the variety of cryptocurrencies they provide. Others might attract you thanks to the security features or user-friendliness.

Some of them have better trading interfaces and some have focused on very low trading fees.

No matter what you are looking for, I’m sure you will find one of the best altcoin exchange for you.

What are the safest Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

There are many good crypto excanges but the safest cryptocurrency exchange today is Coinbase.

There is no other altcoin exchange that have the same security features.

What makes them the best place to buy altcoins and trade altcoins is the fact that they are registered as a Money Transmission Service.

Take a look at the regulation statement from the exchange.

coinbase regulation

This says that that Coinbase is obligated to keep back up funds to a certain limit depending on their customer base.

That’s something that every Money Transmission Service have to do.

So in any case that your coins gets stolen or in any way comprimized, Coinbase will have funds to back you up.

I’ve written a whole article about crypto exchange safety and about the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges for 2021.

Feel free to read up on the specifics about why Coinbase i the most secure altcoin exchange.

There are also four other altcoin trading platforms that I consider very safe that I have included in this article.

What is the best platform to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency?

This completely depends on what you are looking for?

Most crypto trading platforms will let you buy and sell cryptocurrency, but there is also more to it.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges have specialized in different styles of trading and depending on how you trade or invest, you need to know which platform to use.

Are you looking to?

All of these features and can be found on different cryptocurrency trading platforms, there for it’s very difficult to only choose one.

I’ve made a very comprehensive crypto exchange comparison of 2021 for you to select your favorite.

Here is a list of all the platforms listed in the comparison:

  1. Changelly
  2. SimpleSwap
  3. KuCoin
  4. ChangeHero
  5. Binance
  6. CoinSwitch
  7. Okex
  8. FixedFloat
  9. Bitfinex
  10. ByBit
  11. Prime XBT
  13. Coinmama
  14. Coinbase
  15. Bitmex

When you are done reading this article I would suggest that you head over to this guide to learn even more about exchanges.

It’s a very good way of getting to understand the different mechanics there is in the world of crypto.

Binance best overall

binance exchange screenshot

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Binance facts

Something very interesting about Binance is the company was born during the Bitcoin bubble that peaked in late 2018.

Binance was established in July 2017 in China but is now based in Malta.

With roughly 3 years in the game this crypto newcomer has definitely managed to do two things right.

They opened the doors to their trading during the most insane crypto bull run ever and they have managed to stay in business through the following crash.

Binance has even managed to expand rapidly and has become one of the best altcoin exchanges out there.

The average daily trading volume on Binance beats many of the other altcoin exchanges in the game.

As of writing this article in April 2021, the daily trading volume is over $2,000,000,000.

They are also processing over 1,400,000+ transactions per second.

With high levels of trading volume and super rapid execution speed, Binance definitely impresses me when it comes to their trading infrastructure.

Binance also has their own altcoin

binance trading screenshot

As you can see, their native BNB coin has its own market to trade, that’s how popular it is.

The list of coins traded with BNB is much longer, this is only a snapshot.

BNB is a cryptocurrency that powers the BNB market on this altcoin exchange.

You can trade this cryptocurrency or invest long term if you believe that Binance will continue to grow.

What’s even cooler about their own token is that when you trade other altcoins on the exchange using the BNB token, your trading fees are cut by 25%

Yes 25% less trading fees when trading other altcoins with BNB.

That’s a big plus for any crypto trader out there and looking for an altcoin exchange for day trading.

Number of Altcoins traded on Binance Exchange

The list of altcoins traded on Binance gets updated almost every week.

At the moment 184 tokens are listed and traded.

binance altcoin screenshot

This is why Binance is one of the biggest altcoin exchanges out there.

It’s also ranked as one of the best altcoin exchanges due to their diversity of altcoins.

This list of altcoins traded was sent out on the 31st of December 2019.

I’m sure this number will keep increasing further into 2021.

You will most likely not run out of altcoins on this exchange.

Considering the number of altcoins Binance has, it’s definitely one of the best altcoin exchanges out there.

Deposit Methods on Binance Altcoin Exchange

Binance gives you several options to buy altcoins.

You can either buy altcoins with:

  • Credit card

This is a huge plus for an altcoins exchange.

It makes it very easy for users to buy their altcoins directly on the exchange and start trading.

The number of altcoins currently available to buy with a credit card is limited to:

  • BTC
  • BNB
  • BUSD
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • BCH
  • BAT
  • ATOM
  • DASH
  • EOS
  • LTC
  • NANO
  • PAX
  • TRX
  • TUSD
  • USDT
  • XLM

You are also able to buy altcoins with US Dollars or Euro through TUSD or PAX stablecoins.

These stablecoins are cryptocurrencies with the same value as US Dollars.

For example, 1 TUSD is equal to 1$.

Remember that you need to own these altcoins first and then start using them.

You can buy these stablecoins with US Dollar or Euro.

Binance has made it super easy for you to choose your own currency and then choose which altcoin you want to buy.

Just enter the amount of your currency and then choose which altcoin you want to buy.

For me Binance is one of the top altcoin exchanges thanks to the variety of deposit methods.

Now, remember that you can also deposit your own altcoins to this exchange.

It is just as easy as transfering your altcoins to any wallet.

All you need to do is to register an account at Binance and copy the wallet address for your specific altcoin.

Or scan the QR code if you are on your mobile phone using their app.

binance crypto deposit screenshot

Buying altcoins with a credit card or convert altcoins is very easy on Binance.

The same goes for depositing altcoins from other wallets.

Trading interface Binance

One reason to why Binance is on this altcoin exchange list is because of its trading user interfaces.

They have 5 different ways to trade altcoins.

The first one is a very simple altcoin converter and it looks like this.

altcoin trading interface screenshot

Simply choose your current altcoin you would like to convert and then choose the altcoin you would like to convert to.

Very straight forward and easy if you are looking for an altcoin exchange and you want to keep things simple.

The next way to trade altcoins on Binance is their Classic trading interface.

altcoin trading interface screenshot binance

This interface is a basic altcoin trading interface.

You will find the regular market orders and limit orders.

In the right upper corner you will be able to choose your altcoin trading pair.

It comes we pre set moving avarages and volume indicators.

If you are a altcoin day trader and follow the orderbook you will have all the latest orders coming through on the right side.

This is definitely a very good basic trading interface and a good choice if you are looking for a clean trading interface on your altcoin exchange.

The list of altcoins on the right side seems endless and I think you will find most of your favorite altcoins here.

Overall a great interface for an altcoin exchange and it’s well suited for beginning altcoin traders.

The next trading interface is the advanced platform.

binanace trading chart screenshot

The reason why Binance put this on their altcoin exchange is very obvious.

They have added more indicators and a whole section for the trading orders.

If you are a more advanced altcoin trader this trading interface will be a better choice.

You will be able to keep track of your orders and look at your trading history while going through the day of trading.

The selection of indicators is also better.

You can choose from all the popular tradin indicators.

binance trading interface screenshot

Another huge plus for this altcoin exhcange.

If you are a more advanced trader you will need to combine some of these indicators to find the right signals.

The last trading interface Binance is providing for its altcoin traders is a new one.

It is called the OTC interface.

binance otc screenshot

OTC stands for Over The Counter.

The OTC interface is a very good feature on any altcoin exchange and I’m very happy to see Binance exploring the OTC world.

This trading interface is for altcoin traders who want to buy altcoins in bulk.

Sometimes the normal altcoin trading interfaces are for not enough when you want to buy a lot of coins.

This is one of the only altcoin exchanges I know about that gives you the option to buy large amounts of altcoins at the same time.

If you are looking for an altcoin exchange with a good trading interface, Binance is definitely one of the top choices.

Fees on Binance Altcoin Exchange

Binance is very competetive with their altcoin trading fees.

I really like to trade on Binance because they let me trade in and out of the altcoin market frequently without eating up my account through fees.

This is the alcoin trading fee table for binance.

binance fee screenshot

I know, it looks a little bit messy at first glance but the only thing you have to focus on in the beginning is the “taker” fee.

If you are a normal trader and not a market maker you are always a taker.

What this means is that you are taking orders from the altcoin exchange order book.

Whenever you are using a market order you are taking someone else’s order in the order book.

Therefore you are a market taker.

Very easy.

When you start trading you are also at a VIP level 0 and when your altcoin trading turnover increases every month your VIP level increases.

When your VIP level increases your altcoin trading fee goes down.

I really like this feature because I think very active altcoin traders should get rewarded.

And this altcoin exchange makes a very good job at that.

I mentioned before that you will get reduced fees by trading altcoins with Binance’s own token BNB.

Here is a table of the trading fees while trading altcoins with BNB.

binance bnb fee screenshot

As you can see your trading fees are cut by 25% while trading your favorite altcoin with BNB.

This is only when you are taking orders from the order book.

It doesn’t affect market makers.

Now for the BNB balance it’s very easy.

The more BNB you have on your account the higher your VIP level.

So if you want to get to VIP level 5, just carry 2000 BNB in your altcoin wallet and your trading fees have been reduced!

Regarding deposit fees and withdrawals from the altcoin exchange it depends.

ALL deposits are free.

binance deposit fee screenshot

This is a huge plus for an altcoin exchange and I really like that Binance has slashed all the deposit fees on altcoins.

The list of coins is of course longer but all of them are free to deposit.

The withdrawal fee is different and it’s different for every altcoin.

If you want to know how much your altcoin withdrawal fee is, head over to Binance and search the list:

Binance is definitely one of the best altcoin exchanges when it comes to low trading fees.

The BNB trading fee structure makes it even more favourable.

Security on Binance Altcoin Exchange

Security on Binance is considered to be good.

Remember that no altcoin exchange is 100% secure and they don’t have the same security features as traditional stock exchanges.

Binance does not ask for KYC for customers outside of the US which is questionable.

One good thing about Binance is that you can activate 2FA verification.

binance 2FA screenshot

2FA verification is a must for any altcoin exchange to protect your account wallets from hacks.

Binance recommends you use the YubiKey as 2FA verification but Google Authentication and SMS Authentication are also very good options.

You have the option to do your own KYC for more protection.

If your account ever gets compromised you can verify who you are by sending in documents like

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • ID + face verification

You can find this option in the same security tab where you active your 2FA verification.

binance idetification screenshot

I would recommend any altcoin trader to activate this feature for the safety of your trading account and wallet.

Security on this altcoin exchange is definitely good but I would like to see a mandatory KYC in the future.

Support on Binance Altcoin Exchange

Binance customer support is open 24/7 to answer your questions.

To be the best altcoin exchange you need to have good customer support.

They have an automated live chatbot that will answer your immediate questions and redirect you to the answer.

binance bot screenshot

I tried by typing in withdrawal fee and I got a link to their fee structure page.

Pretty good!

You can also talk to a real customer support agent if you are not satisfied with the answer from the bot.

binance live chat screenshot

There were only 14 people before me in the queue which is not too bad.

If you don’t have time to wait but still need help to resolve a problem.

You can send the support teem a request and explain your problem.

They will contact you with a solution as soon as they can.

binance support screenshot

Customer support on Binance is at the highest level.

I truly recommend Binance as one of the best altcoin exchanges when it comes to customer support.

They are friendly aswell!

If you would like to trade on Binance, click here to visit the exchange.

Coinbase Best for security

coinbase landing page screenshot

Visit Exchange

Coinbase facts

Coinbase was established in 2012. Only 4 years after bitcoin was created.

This altcoin exchange is well known for its trustworthiness, size, and its userfriendly interface.

It’s located in San Fransisco, California, and is the biggest and most known altcoin exchange in the US.

They have over 30 million active users and over $150B has been traded on this top altcoin exchange.

The mission of Coinbase is to be the most trusted and the easiest altcoin exchange to use.

In my opinion they have achieved both of their goals.

Some interesting facts about Coinbase are that their mobile App was the number 1 downloaded app during the peak of the bitcoin bubble back in 2018.

This caused huge congestion on their data servers and the app was even shut down a couple of times due to overload.

They manage to survive the flood of new altcoin traders and probably had to upgrade a few servers to support their current userbase.

Coinbase has also got some over the biggest investors to back up its reputation like New York Stock Exchange and Andressen Horowitz.

screenshot of coinbase investors

This adds a lot of credibility to this top altcoin exchange.

Number of altcoins traded on Coinbase

The number of altcoins on Coinbase might not be the same amount as any other top altcoin exchange.

At the moment they have 18 of the biggest and most popular altcoins available for trading.

This list keeps growing and I’m sure they have plans to expand their altcoin portfolio during 2021.

altcoin list coinbase screenshot
altcoin list coinbase screenshot

If you are looking for a very exotic altcoin, Coinbase might be the best pick.

But if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy platform with a very good reputation. Coinbase is definitely a top altcoin exchange for you.

It’s worth considering the reputation Coinbase has got from its userfriendly interface and the number of users.

So don’t judge this book by the wrong cover because Coinbase.

If your favorite altcoin is traded on Coinbase I would not think twice about choosing this altcoin exchange.

Deposit methods on Coinbase

Coinbase has made it super easy to buy altcoins using

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency

To buy an altcoin you simply click the Trade button to the right and fill in your credit card details.

trade function on coinbase screenshot

It could not be easier to buy altcoins with your credit card.

You can also sell and covert to other altcoins if you feel like.

sell and convert altcoin on coinbase screenshot

Once you start making profits it’s very easy to have your altcoin profits returned to your own bank account.

This is a huge plus for this altcoin exchange.

I’ve sent profits to my personal bank account several times and it normally takes between 2-3 days to receive the cash.

Remember that you also can send altcoins from different exchanges to Coinbase.

It is just as easy as any other wallet transfer on the blockchain.

Make sure though you are sending the right altcoin to the right address.

You don’t want to mess this up.

To send altcoins to Coinbase, simply click your portfolio, choose altcoin, and press receive.

Use the copy button to copy your wallet address and then post it on your other wallet.

Dead simple.

altcoin section screenshot coinbase

Coinbase makes it very easy for users to buy altcoins with a credit card or deposit altcoins from their other wallets.

It’s safe and quick.

The ease of use combined with the trust is why I regard Coinbase as one of the best altcoin exchanges out there.

I’ve used them for many years and I will keep using them.

Trading interface on Coinbase

Coinbase has two options when it comes to altcoin trading.

The basic buy and sell function and Coinbase Pro.

The first option is the basic buy and sell function on their main platform.

Here you can buy, sell and convert between different altcoins.

There is no trading function here but Coinbase didn’t intend to keep crypto traders on this platform.

To trade altcoins on their basic interface, go to your portfolio, choose altcoin, and click buy.

The basic buy and sell function looks like this.

coinbase portfolio screenshot

As you can see it’s straight forward and very user friendly.

Coinbase Pro is a different beast.

Here you can use charts and trade market orders, limit orders, and stop orders.

This platform is desgin for more advanced altcoin traders.

If you thought the first option was too basic, you will definitely like this trading interface.

coinbase trading interface screenshot

To the left you can see your order options and the size you want to trade.

Under the chart you can follow the profits and losses of your open position.

This is a very good feature for an altcoin exchange because you need to be able to see your open positions in order to make good decisions.

In the top right corner you can see all the latest orders coming on the platform.

This is good for altcoin day traders that use order flow to engage with the market.

You will get all the information about the current orders executed from this tab.

In the top left corner you will be able to choose which market you want to trade.

coinbase trading interface screenshot

You can choose from altcoins against BTC, stablecoins, or currencies.

This function is something I really like about this altcoin exchange.

To be able to fast switch between different markets to find where the action is important. Another reason to put Coinbase among the top altcoin exchanges.

Fees on Coinbase

Coinbase is very competetive when it comes to fees.

Thanks to their size they can keep very low altcoins trading fees.

Through the basic buy and sell function, Coinbase charges a basic fee of 0,50% of the amount traded.

coinbase buy and sell fee screenshot

They also charge a flat fee depending on the size of your trade.

0.50% fee for using their services is great in my opinion.

Coinbase has really pushed its altcoin fees to be some of the lowest in the crypto space.

They have different rates depending on which country you are trading from.

This is a table for the US customers.

coinbase fee table screenshot

As you can see, debit card deposits are at 3.99% and Wire transfers are even lower at $10 ($25 outgoing).

These fees are very competitive.

Coinbase have full disclosure about their fees and its very easy to find them on the platform.

If you are from another country and want to read up on their fees, here is a link to that section.

Security on Coinbase

When it comes to safe altcoin exchanges I think Coinbase is the number 1 in the word at the moment.

This is one of the reasons it’s ranked as the top altcoin exchange out there.

Coinbase is regulated as Money Transmitter Services.

What this means is they are keeping safety deposits on their altcoins.

This is a great safety feature for any altcoin exchange.

Here is a picture of their current regulation in the US.

coinbase regulation screenshot

Coinbase also keeps your cash balances stored in cold storage outside of their exchange.

They keep US customers deposits in American bank deposits.

This is sercurity on a high level.

cash balance screenshot on coinbase

Here is proof of how they store digital currencies or in other words, altcoins.

digital balances screenshot coinbase

Coinbase might not have the diversity when it comes to altcoin trading but I can for sure tell you their safety is on point.

Coinbase have never experienced a hack since their start back in 2012.

This is something to put on the list when you are looking for the best altcoin exchange.

Coinbase also require you to sign in with a 2FA verification code.

This is another extra safety layer on top of everything else.

This is what it looks like and you will use it when you sign in to your Coinbase account.

coinbase 2FA verification screenshot

2FA verification is a must have for any altcoin exchange.

It keeps most of the hackers out of reach from your trading account.

Coinbase Vault is one more cool thing about the security feature on Coinbase.

If you are an altcoin investor and you want to invest long term, then Coinbase has something in store for you as well.

You can store your altcoins in a vault with extra security for longer-term investors.

When using the vault you have to use multiple approvers and they have incorporated time-delayed withdrawals.

When you store your altcoins in the vault they are put in cold storage for maximum security.

coinbase vault section screenshot

You do need to create a vault with two separate email addresses and it takes a bit longer to withdraw your altcoins.

But if safety is a priority for you this feature is what you have been looking for.

Support on Coinbase

On Coinbase you can either choose to send a request through their Contact Form.

Choose your topic and what you are concerned about and fill in some details about the matter.

coinbase contact form screenshot

If you can’t explain your issue and want to talk to a support agent, Coinbase has telephone support as well.

Here is a snapshot of their phone support if you need to speak to an agent ASAP.

coinbase support section screenshot

But remember that this phone support is only for account compromises.

If you need help to change your password you can guide yourself on their help page.

I think support on Coinbase is at a very high level.

If you are looking for a top altcoin exchange and customer support is a key feature for you, Coinbase will not disappoint you.

If you would like to trade on Coinbase, click here to visit the exchange.

Changelly best for instant exchange

Changelly first page screenshot

Visit Exchange

Changelly facts

Changelly was established in 2015 by Eric Benz and is located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Eric has over 10 years of experience in Financial Technology and has been in the blockchain space since 2012.

Changelly is not like any other altcoin exchange, it’s different.

Changelly is a non-custodial instant altcoin exchange and what this means is very straight forward.

This means that no user funds are placed on a specific exchange.

They act as an intermediary between altcoin exchanges and users.

The company wants to make it as effortless as possible for everyone to invest in altcoins.

This altcoin exchange is not brand new, but it has a brand new way of making altcoin trading possible.

Number of altcoins traded on Changelly

Changelly currently offers over 150 different altcoins to trade.

They have a massive list of altcoins on their website and I wish I could show you all of them at once but it’s impossible.

changelly altcoin section screenshot

This is what makes Changelly one of the top altcoin exchanges out there.

They have A LOT of altcoins to trade.

All traders are different.

Some look for security on their exchange, some look for user-friendly interfaces and some look for a massive list of altcoins.

If you are looking for the latter, Changelly is definitely the altcoin exchange for you.

One cool feature from this altcoin list they have is that you can click the description box and they will give you a brief explanation about the altcoin.

changelly altcoin description screenshot

Deposit Methods on Changelly

On Changelly you can buy altcoins with

  • Credit cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank transfer

Simply choose the amount you want to spend in USD, EUR or GBP.

Select the altcoin you want to buy and then your payment method.

changelly depositmethods screenshot

Then Changelly will find the best price for this altcoin out there among altcoin exchanges.

Pretty cool!

They have made their exchange interface very userfriendly and I like it a lot.

The way this works is Changelly has an integrated trading algorithm connected to some of the largest altcoin exchanges out there.

Binance, Poloniex and Bittrex are a few of them.

When you choose what altcoin to buy. Either with a credit card or any other payment method. The algorithm sends out orders to these exchanges in milliseconds and finds the best rate for you.

This is a feature I haven’t seen before and it’s very competetive.

Changelly is definitely worth a spot on the list of top altcoin exchanges thanks to this.

Trading interface on Changelly

Changelly doesn’t yet have an advanced trading interface and that’s because this altcoin exchange doesn’t focus on trading.

Changelly is all about scanning other altcoin exchanges for the lowest fees for you through their trading algorithm.

Now I think this is an awesome feature and I will certainly use Changelly when I want to invest in a specific altcoin.

Here an image of how the exchange interface looks.

It’s very basic and I kind of like it that way to be honest.

They don’t have a trading interface so why should their exchange interface be advanced?

changelly exchange screenshot

You will find the exchange by clicking the Exchange button in the top left corner.

Then fill in your recipient address below.

Super easy but very robust.

It’s a simple way of exchanging altcoins, and this list of altcoins is pretty impressive.

Fees on Changelly

I think Changelly may have some of the lowest altcoin fees in the altcoin game.

They have a flat fee of 0.25% on altcoin to altcoin swaps, no matter if you are a taker or a maker.

changelly about page screenshot

The withdrawal fee on bitcoin is 0.00025 BTC for bitcoin withdrawals and this is 3 times less than the actual standard.

Another huge plus for this altcoin exchange.

That’s pretty much it.

Low altcoin exchange fees are what many traders and investors are looking for.

If this is important to you, Changelly will be a good place for you to start trading altcoins!

Security on Changelly

Security on this altcoin exchange is different but definitely up to standards.

You don’t’ have to file KYC documents upon registration which makes the registration go faster.

What Changelly is doing is pretty cool.

They have a risk scoring system that scans all the transactions coming in and going out.

If anything looks suspicious, their AML system will flag the account and you will be asked to file a KYC report.

KYC info on changelly screenshot

They do this to keep any kind of scamming or suspicious activities away from the exchange.

It’s something we are not used to seeing in the altcoin exchange world but they seem to have nailed this security feature.

I would say that Changelly is safe to use. It might seem a little weird to not file a KYC when you register but they take care of this issue with their scoring system.

Of course you have the option to activate a 2FA verification on your account. This adds an extra layer of security.

Go to your account settings and click Enable to enable your 2FA verifcation on your mobile device.

2FA verification on changelly screenshot

I’ve only heard positive things about the security on Changelly.

To stay in the game for over 5 years and keep hackers and scammers away is something they should be proud of.

That’s something to appreciate and also one more reason to be on the top list of altcoin exchanges.

Support on Changelly

I am very impressed by the customer support on Changelly.

They have a 24 hour live chat and I put it to the test.

I opened the chat window and asked about their withdrawal fees.

Within seconds I was talking to a customer support agent and he/she gave me the answer I was looking for.

changelly live chat screenshot

Out of all the altcoin exchanges I have tried, Changelly definitely earns the number 1 spot for the fastest response time from their customer support.

Another reason to put them on the list of the best altcoin exchanges!

Changelly also has an email address if you have a question to ask but you are not in a hurry.

Send them an email and see if their response time is as fast as their live chat.

I would not be surprised if it was.

Changelly also has a support center if you want to find a guide for different topics.

Head over to if you are not in a rush and have time to send a ticket or go through their FAQ section.

It looks like this and it’s very easy to use.

changelly support page screenshot

There are also video guides which is a huge plus.

Over all I think support on Changelly has met all my criterias.

I’m very impressed with their live chat and if you ever need help on this altcoin exchange they will sure be there to back you up.

If you would like to trade on Changelly, click here to visit the exchange.

Coinmana bet for high limits

landing page on coinmama screenshot

Visit Exchange

Coinmama facts

Coinmama has been around since 2013 and is based in Israel and is growing very fast.

This altcoin exchange is all about easy and fast.

Some of their top values are simplicity, innovation, and customer focus.

Their CEO is called Sagi and he is a true hardcore bitcoin believer and he’s got over 20 years of hi-tech experience.

Coinmama doesn’t believe in middlemen, they believe that the power should be in the hand of every human and that’s very inspiring.

I’m impressed to see such a good mix of both men and women on their staff force. Normally, fin-tech business is dominated by men but this altcoin exchange doesn’t care about the norms, they just go!

Number of altcoins on Coinmama

Coinmama currently offers 9 altcoins to choose from.

The altcoins traded are:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Cardano
  • Litecoin
  • Qtum
  • Ripple
  • Tezos
  • EOS

It might not be the longest list of altcoins but these are definitely some of the biggest and most popular altcoins traded today.

If you are interested in the more recognized altcoins then you are at the right place.

There is a very simple drop-down tab where you choose the altcoin you want to buy.

altcoin list screenshot on coinmama

This altcoin exchange definitely deserves a spot on the list of best altcoin exchanges for simplicity.

Nothing can go wrong here, and I really like it.

Deposit methods on Coinmama

Deposit methods accepted on Coinmama are:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer

You can buy altcoins with Credit Cards which is what most traders prefer and that’s a plus for this altcoin exchange.

deposit method on coinmama screenshot

Or if you prefer to pay with bank transfer it’s just as easy.

bank account info section on coinmama

You can also change the payment currency.

They currently accept these currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • CAD
  • AUD
  • JPY

They have a very easy step by step guide how to buy altcoins with bank account.

bank account section screenshot on coinmama

If you want to check out their full guide follow this link and you will be able to read all about it.

Trading interface on Coinmama

As this is not an altcoin trading platform, Coinmama doesn’t offer a trading interface.

Coinmama is used to buy and sell altcoins so if you are an altcoin trader you have to look elsewhere.

If you however want a very robust way to buy your altcoins with credit cards, Coinmama is definitely a good choice.

buy altcoin section screenshot on coinmama

Here is their interface for buying altcoins and it could not be easier.

First, you choose the altcoin you want to buy, then you choose your currency and off you go.

You either buy a preset value of 100, 500, or 1200 USD or put your own value to the right.

I really like how they focused on simplicity.

Since they don’t have a traditional trading interface this is exactly what I want to see when I come to an altcoin exchange like this.

If you wish to sell coins, their sell function looks like this.

sell function screenshot on coinmama

Very straight forward and no questions asked.

Choos your amount, enter bank details and send your coins.

Done deal!

For simplicity I think Coinmama deserves a spot on the list of best altcoins exchanges every day.

Fees on Coinmama

Coinmamas fees are also very competitive and they have made it very easy.

For Credit Card or Debit Cards the fee is 5%.

For Bank transfers there is not fee.

If you live in the UK and use the SWIFT Bank Transfer function, they add a fee of 20 GBP per purchase on orders below 1000 USD.

All orders over 1000 USD are free of fees.

Their comission fee 5.90%

fee information screenshot on coinmama

It’s based on the 2% XBX fee together with their own fee of 3.90%

These are very low fees considering other altcoin exchanges in the game.

Overall, I’m very happy with the fee structure on Coinmama and I will for sure keep trading on this altcoin exchange.

Security on Coinmama

When you sign up with Coinmama you are asked to fill in their KYC document and send ID-verification and also a nice selfie of your self with your ID.

create an account page on coinmama

This doesn’t take very long and it’s a huge plus for this altcoin exchange.

Just keep a picture of your passport or driver’s license on your computer and then you are good to go.

The selfie doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to make.

Remember that all of this is to protect your altcoins.

The first step looks like this and it’s very straight forward.

Fill in all the details.

personal info form screenshot on coinmama

The next step looks like this and here they will ask you to choose ID-verification methid.

Basic stuff and easy to follow.

KYC form screenshot on coinmama

Coinmama also has a 2FA verification for your credit card.

It’s an extra security layer and comes with a unique password.

Remember that this is to protect your altcoins and if your account ever gets compromised, only can provide the altcoin exchange with the right details.

For security I give Coinmama a good high five and yet another reason to put them on the list of best altcoin exchanges.

Support on Coinmama

If you stumble on any issues while trading on Coinmama you have different options.

Locate the Support section in the bottom right corner and guide yourself to a solution.

support section screenshot on coinmama

Here you are able to guide yourself to a solution by searching on your own.

help section screenshot on coinmama

If you however can’t find what you are looking for you can always fill out the ticket form and send them a detailed description of your issue.

This usually makes the trick.

contact us page on coinmama screenshot

Coinmama also has a support email address if you just want to shoot out an email.

Coinmama is providing better support than most altcoin exchanges out there and I’m very happy with this.

Support is something I look for before I start trading.

If you would like to trade on Coinmama, click here to visit the exchange. best for card payments

landing page screenshot of

Visit Exchange facts was launched back in 2013 and has its headquarters in the UK.

They can brag about over 3 million happy users at the moment.

On their website they say that they are a regulated multi-functional altcoin exchange and up to date they’ve had 0% of customers funds lost.

about page on screenshot

Pretty cool stats in my opinion.

It was one of the first platforms to offer fiat to altcoin transactions by credit card payments or bank transfers. also has a large team with over 250 staff members working in the US, UK, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Gibraltar.

Their goal is to guide you into the open financial system.

Number of altcoins traded in

They currently have 8 altcoins available on their exchange and the list will keep growing.

Here is a list of the altcoins currently available:

  • ETH
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • BAT
  • XTZ
  • Matic
  • LINK

These are some of the most popular altcoins out there and also the most traded.

You can find their altcoins under the BUY/SELL tab at the top of the screen.

Here you can browse you choose which altcoin to trade.

altcoin buy and sell screenshot

If you go to their trade section you will find the list of altcoins to the left.

You can also choose which currency you want to trade against.

They offer these currency pairs:

altcoin exchange crypto trade screenshot on

They don’t offer the same variety as many of the bigger altcoin exchanges but they have different features that make them more attractive than most.

I’m sure the list of altcoins will keep growing on this exchange.

Deposit methods on

These are the deposit methods accepted:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer

Here is a full list of their differnt card and banktransfer selections.

altcoin exchange deposit methods screenshot on

They make it very easy to buy altcoins with credit cards as this is often the most preferred payment option.

But if you don’t feel like using your credit card online you are always free to use your bank account.

If you don’t know exactly which altcoin to buy right now you can make a deposit and choose later.

buy altcoin credit card screenshot on

This is why I like

They make it very easy to deposit funds to the platform and start trading without any problems.

You can of course deposit your chosen altcoins to the platform if you like.

Trading interface on

First you have the simple exchange function on

It is very basic and I like it because it lets you exchange altcoin without any charts or trading interfaces.

So if you are not here to trade you will definitely like their basic exchange function.

buy altcoin screenshot

There is also a timer at the bottom left corner to make sure you are always updated with the best transaction prices.

It’s a 60-second timer and if you didn’t make a trade they will automatically refresh your spreads.

That’s kind of cool I think.

Your next choice is the Trade choice and this section is for altcoin traders who are looking for a chart to use and better order selections.

trading chart screenshot

To the left you can choose your altcoin tradingpair.

This option makes it very easy for you to swap altcoin in case of anything happening elsewhere and you want to join the action.

In the middle you can either choose from a limit order or a market order.

And on top you can change the time frame.

Below this section you will find a full order book to keep track of larger orders if you are an altcoin day trader and you need to use order flow. trading platform screenshot

Here you will also find your active orders so you will always be updated on your profits and losses.

As you can see is really providing for everyone.

Altcoin day traders and long term investors will both have a choice of their own on this altcoin exchange.

These features are definitely needed to stay on top of everyone else and be one of the best altcoin exchanges out there.

Fees on

The trading fees on are very low and super competitive.

Here is a standard table of their trading fees for both market makers and takers.

trading fee altcoin screenshot on

The trading fees start at 0.25% as a market taker and get reduced as your trading activity picks up.

The more volume you trade the cheaper it gets.

This is very important to know if you are a heavy altcoin trader and like to put on size.

Remember, if you are an altcoin trader that is not making a market you should follow the left side of the fee table.

Deposit and withdrawal fees are also among the best in the game.

altcoin fee table screenshot on

The deposit fee when you buy altcoins with credit card is only 2.99% and bank transfer 0%.

Another huge plus for this altcoin exchange.

The withdrawal fees are also very low compared to other altcoin exchanges out there.

From 1.80% to 3% plus one extra commission of a maximum of $3.80 when you withdraw funds from the platform.

Security on is following a strict KYC/AML plan which is a huge plus.

KYC screenshot

I’m always very happy to deposit funds on an altcoin exchange with up to standard security. 

They also have a security tab on the account profile where they tell you how secure your account is and how you can improve it.

In this example the account is only 35% secure and they suggest that I add one more email address for verification plus the 2FA verification.

account security screenshot on

As mentioned will give you the option to add a 2FA verification security layer to your account.

This is a feature any top altcoin exchange should provide and I recommend every altcoin trader to keep it activated.

They even put a full-screen warning to let you know if you haven’t activated the 2FA.

2FA verification screen shot on

It’s dead simple to add the 2FA verification and they give you the option to either use the Google Authenticator and the SMS verification.

I prefer the Google Authenticator.

2FA verification screenshot

Security is up to standard on and this is another great thing about this altcoin exchange.

Support on

On top of the platform there is a Support button you can click if you have any issues.

support screenshot on

This button will take you to their designated Support page where you will be able to describe your issue.

They have made it super easy to guide yourself through this page and look for a solution on your own.

support screenshot on

If you however can’t find what you are looking for you can submit a request in the top right corner.

Fill in the form and you are good to go.

They also have a Zendesk support option in the lower-left corner of the Support page if you want a quicker solution. support screenshot

But if you prefer to send a traditional email to the support staff, here is the email address.

Overall, is ticking all the boxes when it comes to support and this is another good reason why it deserves a spot on the list of the best altcoin exchanges.

If you would like to trade on, click here to visit the exchange.


I’ve chosen the best altcoin exchanges I know and reviewed them. In my opinion, all of them are excellent altcoin exchanges.

They are different from each other in a few ways. Some of them have a better selection of altcoins and some have more focus on security and user-friendliness.

Read the full review to see which altcoin exchange you think is the best.

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