Best Bitcoin Wallets in the UK

Best bitcoin wallet in the UK: review and compare the safest bitcoin wallets for UK investors. How do I store bitcoins offline and do I need need a wallet? Digital assets such as BTC and other cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to theft and hacks online due to the lack of cybersecurity.

The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom is classing cryptocurrencies as a risky investment and they want to highlight the risks of scams and theft. With this said, it might be worth investing in an offline device to keep your assets secure. After all, they are not that expensive compared to the security they offer.

Here is our list of the best bitcoin wallets in the UK:

  1. KeepKey – Most priceworthy offline wallet
  2. Trezor – Best hardware wallet
  3. Ledger – Highest security
  4. Coinbase – Best exchange wallet
  5. Ellipal – Best for smartphones
  6. CoolWallet – Best hardware wallet app

To learn more about each one and find out which one will suit you best read each review further down. Here are some of the most important features such as storage type, price, security, fees, and how to use them. Below follows a comparison table of the listed BTC wallets where you will get a quick look at the different wallets and the details.

Best Bitcoin Wallets in the UK Comparison

Storage Type
Cold storage, Hardware wallet, Offline, Bluetooth Bitcoin wallet
Blockchain transaction fee
Very high
Quick Review
Supported Coins

Bitcoin-XRP, Tezos-Stellar-Zcash , + more altcoins


Credit Card size
Android & IOS


LCD-screen is quite small
The card is fragile

Hardware wallet, Cold storage, Offline
Blockchain transaction fee
Very high
Quick Review
Supported Coins

Bitcoin-XRP , +1020 more altcoins


Wireless Bluetooth
Built-in battery
No hacks ever recorded


Very small device
Difficult buttons to navigate

Hardware wallet, Cold storage, Offline
Blockchain transaction fee
Very high
Quick Review
Supported Coins

Bitcoin-XRP , +1600 more altcoins


Mobile and PC compatible
Proven safe track record


Small screen
Short micro USB cable

Hardware wallet, Cold storage, Offline
Blockchain transaction fee
Very high
Quick Review
Supported Coins

Bitcoin-XRP , +36 more Altcoins


Most priceworthy
Access trades offline
Big screen interface


Requires cables
Not smartphone compatible

Online, Desktop, Mobile app
Quick Review
Supported Coins

Bitcoin-XRP , +53 Coins


Safest Online Exchange wallet
Regulated Money Transmission Service
Mobile App


Hot wallet – lower security
Higher transaction fees
Slow customer support

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How do I store Bitcoins offline in?

bitcoin offline wallet explained

There are several ways to keep your BTC stored safely in an offline storage device, out of reach for online thieves.

If you are thinking of buying bitcoin in the UK for the first time, you might want to consider a way to store your digital assets.

These are the most common ways to store bitcoins offline:

  • Hardware
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

While the hardware option is the most secure, there are some mobile wallets, and desktop wallets worth mentioning.

At the top of this article, we’ve listed the best wallets for each different device.

There are some differences between the wallets like:

  • Speed of transaction
  • Wireless connection
  • Security
  • Price
  • Fees
  • Ease of use

Make sure you know which one will suit your need best before you purchase one.

All BTC wallets are available for investors and traders living in the UK.

Before purchasing a storage unit, take a look at these bitcoin investment sites which are all checked by our team.

What is the best way to store bitcoins offline in UK?

Ellipal wallet

Ledger wallet

It’s for sure the hardware wallet which is considered to be a cold storage.

It keeps your bitcoins stored completely offline.

It’s a storage device that you connect to your desktop or sometimes smartphone, but only to transfer funds between units.

These cold-storage bitcoin wallets can be bought online by any investor living in the UK.

The promise you get is that this device will keep your funds safe, compared to keeping them locked up on an online exchange.

This is true, bitcoin hardware wallets have become very popular and it’s the best way to store bitcoins offline today.

Many new companies are creating new, better, and cheaper devices all the time so it pays to do some research into which one to buy.

To effectively store your bitcoins offline in the UK you need to find a hardware, or cold storage that suits you.

In the list above we have collected the best bitcoin wallets for UK investors.

What is a Bitcoin wallet used for?

bitcoin wallet

The short answer: A bitcoin wallet is used to store your digital asset and protect your cryptocurrency funds.

Also, online wallets are used for transacting BTC from person to person.

Without one, you will not be able to receive or send crypto assets to pay for goods or as an investment.

More commonly they are used to store your assets for long-term investing purposes.

They are protected with secret keys that only you have access to and if you are using cold storage, it’s protected from internet intruders.

That is the simplest explanation of what it is used for.

Which wallet should I use for Bitcoin?

best bitcoin wallet uk

best bitcoin wallet uk

What is the safest wallet for Bitcoin in the UK?

Depending on the level of security you want you may use different storage devices, such as:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Hardware

The desktop and mobile version has a faster transaction speed and it’s easier to access your bitcoins.

The hardware unit is kept offline and is the best for security reasons but transactions take a lot longer since you have to start it, plug it into your pc, and then start a transaction.

The price differs a lot between all storage devices whereas the cheapest is the desktop and mobile, while the hardware is more expensive.

So, which one should you use for bitcoin?

The choice is yours.

If you are not bothered by longer transaction times and want more security for the money, go with the hardware option.

If you want quick access to your cryptocurrency or BTC, go with a desktop, or mobile wallet.

What are the different types of bitcoin wallets in the UK?

Which wallet should I use for Bitcoin?

These are the most common types:

  • Hardware
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Online

They are categorized as:

  • Hot (online)
  • Cold (offline)

The online version like desktop and mobile brings less security while it has more flexibility when it comes to usage.

You will be able to transfer funds much faster and have access to your coins almost instantly.

There are some very good hot wallets for BTC so don’t rule them out.


KeepKey wallet

One very good example of a bitcoin hardware unit is the KeepKey.

It’s a very price-worthy bitcoin storage device where you will be able to access your funds very quickly, even though it’s an offline unit.

The price is $49 which is less than half of many other popular hardware wallets out there.

It’s a perfect choice for people living in the UK.



If you want rather quick access to your coins and a very cheap option you can use a desktop wallet.

They are compatible with your PC and works as an extension in your browser.

A good example is Exodus.

Here you will be able to log in and transfer your funds in seconds while keeping them stored safely on your desktop.



The best online wallet is Coinbase.

They have the best security out of all online exchanges and are also regulated as a Money Transmission Service.

It’s one of the most secure exchange wallets today and it doesn’t require more than a login and a 2FA verification code.

It’s available to all UK bitcoin investors.


Ellipal wallet

One of the best mobile bitcoin wallets is Ellipal.

It is available for both Android and IOS users.

It’s one of few that acts as a cold storage for your funds.

The mobile app alone acts as hot storage but if you connect it to the Ellipal Titan version you have the best of both worlds.

Fast transactions with offline cold storage.

To sum up, there are four practical types of BTC wallets.

You choose what level of security you need and how often you need to transfer your funds.

The most secure version of bitcoin storage is the hardware wallet, also known as the offline version.

It brings much higher security for your funds as the device is kept offline, far away from potential intruders.

What is Bitcoin cold storage?

bitcoin cold storage

Bitcoin cold storage is a way of storing your coins offline on a device that is not connected to the internet.

You could also ask, what is a BTC cold wallet?

That is the same thing, it’s a way of protecting your digital asset from online hackers.

The reason you keep your storage offline is that it’s the safest way to do it.

In order for anyone to steal your funds, they would have to physically enter your house and steal the wallet.

Then, of course, they would need to have access to your private keys.

Here is a list of the best bitcoin cold storage in the UK:

  1. KeepKey
  2. Trezor
  3. Ledger
  4. Ellipal
  5. CoolWallet

They come with different functionality and security, you choose what is best for you.

As you can see, BTC cold storage is one of the most secure ways to store your BTC.

The opposite is hot storage, where you keep your digital assets on an exchange or mobile.

If you are interested in some of these devices but don’t own bitcoin yet.

What is the best Bitcoin wallet in the UK?

Where should I store my bitcoin if I live in the UK?

Below follows a quick review of the best and safest bitcoin wallets available in the UK.

Here you will find a mix of:

  • Bitcoin Hardware wallet
  • Mobile App cold storage
  • Online desktop storage

Take your time to read through all the different versions of cold storage for your digital assets before you decide which one to buy.

Some are slimmer to store in your pocket while others are more robust and feel more steady in the hand.

There is a variety of ways to transact, such as:

  • Bluetooth transactions
  • QR-code scanning
  • Mobile app transactions

Remember to keep your seed phrase hidden in a good place.

It’s the only way for anyone to reach your digital funds once you have them stored on the device.

KeepKey – Most priceworthy Bitcoin Wallet UK

keepkey wallet

Access trades offline Non-wireless
Most priceworthy Not smartphone compatible
Big screen interface
Very easy to trade assets with Shapeshift platform
Pin protection with a physical verification button
Limitless wallet addresses

KeepKey storage type

KeepKey is a combination of an offline cold storage device and also a hot wallet.

But how does this work?

The device on its own doesn’t have an operating system, which is the most likely cause of virus or malware on a computer.

However, you can connect it to your smartphone through a USB to handle the transactions seamlessly and free of commission.

It’s the best of two worlds, the security of storing your BTC offline and handling your transactions fast through your smartphone.

KeepKey price

Right now KeepKey is on a sale and it’s a real bargain at $49.

So far there is only one model, the classic.

In my opinion, it’s the cheapest offline option and cold storage for bitcoin in the UK.

KeepKey security

The security on a KeepKey is very high since the wallet is storing your coins out of reach from internet intruders.

What makes KeepKey interesting to me is that it’s not using an operating system to handle the transactions.

This means that there is no way for viruses and malware to even latch on to the device in the first place.

Also, even if your KeepKey gets stolen or broken, you will have your 12 secret words generated to recover all your funds.

This is the reason why KeepKey is on the list for the best bitcoin wallet in the UK.

KeepKey fees

When use the Shapeshift platform to trade your digital assets with KeepKey there is a 0% commission.

This goes for all the available coins on the device including BTC.

These are some of the lowest fees on the market.

How to use KeepKey

When you receive your KeepKey there are 4 steps connect the device to the Shapeshift platform and create the 12-word recovery phrase.

These are the steps:

  1. Login to the Shapeshift platform
  2. Connect the wallet
  3. Pair the device with the Shapeshift platform
  4. Download updates

When you open the box there is a web address that takes you to the KeepKey “get started” web page.

This will take you to the support page of KeepKey where they have a step-by-step guide on how to setup up the device.

Go through each step starting at the top of the page.

When you have done this you are ready to start storing your bitcoins with KeepKey.

Overall KeepKey is a very priceworthy device with cold storage and it’s available for investors living in the UK.

Trezor – Safest Bitcoin Wallet in the UK

Beginner-friendly Relatively small screen
Best bitcoin hardware wallet in the UK Short micro USB cable
Mobile and PC compatible Non-wireless
Encrypted storage on cloud
Proven safe track record
Very easy to use

Trezor storage type

Trezor is a pure hardware device, or cold storage if you prefer that.

It has a proven track record to be one of the best bitcoin wallets in the UK that keeps your assets safe.

Also, this is a device that’s easy to use and is very beginner-friendly thanks to the

Trezor works with both PC and mobile, of course, both Android and IOS.

Trezor price

Today Trezor sells for $69.

It’s a little bit more pricy than the KeepKeey but it’s definitely worth the spend.

You will not find hardware cold storage for your digital assets that are easier to use.

Trezor Security

This unit is designed for one thing, to keep your coins safe.

They have a proven track record of being one of the safest bitcoin storage for UK investors.

Some of the features you get with a Trezor:

  • 12-24 word recovery phrase
  • Complete offline/cold storage
  • Personal PIN-authentication
  • Hackproof

When choosing a Trezor you can sleep well at night knowing that online threats are far away from your digital assets.

Trezor fees

When you transact with Trezor you only pay the blockchain transaction fee.

You can choose to pay the extra fee to have your transactions done faster.

This is great and Trezor does not charge you any extra fees for sending and receiving coins.

How to use Trezor

The reason why Trezor has become so popular is because of its ease of use.

It’s connected to a computer or a mobile phone through a micro USB cable.

There are some steps to pass to pair your Trezor:

  1. Confirm the matching serial number
  2. Setup PIN
  3. Setup recovery seed phrase


That’s all there is to it to start.

Follow each step starting from connecting the device and confirming the serial number to double-checking your recovery seed phrase.

Ledger – Most popular Bitcoin Wallet UK

Ledger wallet

Wireless Bluetooth Small device
PC & Mobile compatible Difficult buttons to navigate
Built-in battery First time set up is difficult and takes a long time
Offline/Cold hardware wallet Expensive
Upgraded larger and clearer screen
No hacks ever recorded

Ledger storage type

Ledger Nano X is their latest version and it is one of the most used BTC hardware wallets in the UK.

This is another hardware device that stores your digital assets offline even though it uses Bluetooth.

All transactions require you to physically verify them using the device buttons.

It is compatible with both Android and IOS, as well as PC, Mac, and Linux.

Ledger price

The Ledger Nano X is the latest release and also the most expensive, priced at $159.

This is a bigger price tag than for example the much cheaper option KeepKey.

Some people still think it’s worth paying a little extra for the Bluetooth solution and all the extra coins.

But if you only need to keep your coins safe it might be a lot, it’s up to each person to decide.

Ledger Security

The Bluetooth option on the Ledger Nano X doesn’t make it less secure since all the verifications are done with the physical buttons.

It is safe to say that Ledger has managed to make this BTC cold storage one of the safest on the market and that’s why people pay up a little to have one.

There has never been a hack to any Ledger device and that says everything.

If you are ready to pay a little extra it’s well worth the spend to buy one of the best bitcoin wallets for UK investors.

Ledger fees

When you transact with a Ledger device you are only paying the blockchain fees.

You can increase the fees to get faster verifications from the blockchain.

Here are the 3 different speeds of transactions:

  • High: Your transaction will be included in the next BTC block (10 min)
  • Standard: Your transaction will be included in the next 3 BTC blocks (30 min)
  • Low: Your transaction will be included in the next 6 BTC blocks (60 min)

There are no other hidden fees on this device.

How to use Ledger

The Ledger Nano X comes with a Bluetooth connection which makes it easy for you to use it when you are away from the computer.

Connect it to your smartphone (Android, Apple, IOS) or your laptop.

One downside to this device is the setup time when you first create your recovery seed phrase.

It’s a lengthy process since you only have two buttons to navigate and confirm each word.

Here are the 4 steps to get started with your Ledger:

  1. Get Ledger live to set up your device
  2. Choose a PIN code and write down the recovery phrase
  3. Install applications on your device
  4. Add an account to manage your Bitcoin

Overall, the Ledger Nano X is one of the safest and best bitcoin hardware wallets available for the UK.

Coinbase – Best Desktop Wallet


Safest Online Exchange Wallet Hot wallet – lower security
Regulated Money Transmission Service Higher transaction fees
Vault storage option Slow customer support
Very user-friendly platform
Free to use
Mobile App

Coinbase storage type

Coinbase is one of the best online bitcoin wallets for UK investors today and also one of the most trusted crypto exchanges in the United States here you get all the security money can buy.

Your BTC will stay in your Coinbase account which the company keeps offline for the most part.

coinbase cold storage explained

So, your active coins will be in hot storage while the exchange keeps the digital assets locked up in cold storage.

It’s the best of two worlds, speed and security.

Coinbase price

The best part about using Coinbase is that it’s free to use.

You can use Coinbase on your computer, laptop, Android, Apple, Mac, IOS, etc.

Just head over to the exchange or download the app.

It’s available to almost everyone in the world and has served over 30 million crypto investors so far.

Coinbase Security

The reason why everyone says Coinbase is so safe is due to two things:

  • Regulated & Licensed Money Transmission Service
  • Digital assets are stored offline
  • Cash balances are kept at U.S. banks and custodial accounts

So what does this mean?

First, let’s take a look at what the exchange says about its regulation.

coinbase regulation explain

This is one of the only exchanges in the world with this license and there is a reason why they’ve got it.

They can prove that they will keep customer funds safe and also return any lost balances if there were to be a hack.

Next, how do they keep all the cash stored on the exchange?

Read this part, taken from the exchange.

coinbase cash balances explained

So, not only are your digital assets safe but your deposited cash is also being kept in high-security bank accounts or custodial accounts.

This is why Coinbase is one of the best bitcoin wallets in the UK.

Coinbase fees

On Coinbase you pay an extra 0.50% transaction fee.

It’s not a lot for what it’s worth but it’s more than the other hardware units that only charge the blockchain fee.

Of course, this is the mother of all exchanges and to stay alive they need to take their cut.

Other than that, there is a fee for depositing funds with a Credit card and Debit card at 3.99%.

How to use Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the easiest platforms to use for both beginner and experienced investors.

You can either visit the exchange on your computer/laptop or use your smartphone to download the app.

Here are the steps to get started with Coinbase:

  1. Visit the exchange
  2. Create an account
  3. File KYC documents
  4. Store your Bitcoin

If you are going to deposit funds to buy BTC you will have to file for KYC documentation.

Here you can use your passport, driver’s license, or your national ID card.

Overall, the platform is very user-friendly and designed to make life easier for you as an investor.

Ellipal – Best Bitcoin smartphone wallet UK

Ellipal wallet

Connected to your smartphone with cold storage app Potentially weak to attacks on firmware updates
No USB-ports The titan model is expensive
Great large touch screen in color
QR-code scan for transactions
Much easier to navigate with a big interface
Compatible with Android and IOS

Ellipal storage type

The Ellipal is known to be one of the best bitcoin mobile app wallets in the UK.

The Ellipal has these features:

  • Hardware wallet
  • Cold/offline storage
  • Mobile app storage

This hardware unit stores your coins in cold storage and is also compatible with your smartphone, both Android and IOS.

How the app works with the QR-codes that are scanned with the camera from your mobile app and also with the camera on the device.

There is no Bluetooth or cables involved and it has a very large screen that feels very normal when setting up the device and collecting the recovery seed phrase in the beginning.

Ellipal price

Right now the latest version of the Ellipal Titan sells for a discount at $139 and it comes in five different colors, Grey, Gold, Blue, Green, and Turquoise.

This is now a better price than before and I would not hesitate to pick up this tamper-proof cold storage if you are looking for a device to use with the best mobile app solution.

You can buy it with cryptocurrency if you feel like it.

Simply choose the cryptocurrency option before check out and buy your hardware offline storage device with digital assets.

Ellipal Security

Ellipal Titan is at the forefront of security when it comes to mobile app cold storage.

It’s not connected to wifi, Bluetooth, or any other software that would be able to penetrate from the outside.

The unit is pretty much unbreakable and you have to destroy it to access the inside private information.

The good thing about using a mobile app for your BTC is that you are keeping your digital assets safe in cold storage, while you manage transactions and your account on your smartphones, such as Android and IOS.

You can add up to 2 passwords on the app to double protect it while you use it for transacting your coins.

Ellipal is partnered with MoonPay, a payment provider that skips all third-party middlemen so your bitcoin goes straight into cold storage upon purchase.

Also, the Ellipal app is decentralized to add to the security and keep all transactions to the blockchain without any third parties.

Ellipal fees

If you want to transact while you keep your coins safe in your offline storage, all you need to do is to use the app on your phone and make a trade.

The only fee you pay is the miner gas fee.

These are the innate blockchain fees that run the system and it’s also the only fee you pay with Ellipal.

How to use Ellipal

Ellipal is dead simple to set up, it only takes 5 minutes which is a blessing since many other hardware wallets are dreadful to setting up.

To get started with your Ellipal and connect it to your smartphone, click here to get to the setup page on their website.

Here you will find the 5 steps below in full detail.

Here are the 5 simple steps to set up your Ellipal to your mobile app:

  1. Download the Ellipal App
  2. Create an account on Cold Wallet
  3. Import accounts
  4. Recover via Mnemonics
  5. Connect cold wallet to App

Once this is done you are free to start storing your BTC in the best and safest mobile app in the UK.

CoolWallet – Best Hardware Wallet App UK


Bluetooth LCD-screen is quite small
Mobile app for Android & IOS The card might break if not handled with extra care
12 to 24 recover seed phrase
Thinnest hardware wallet
Easy to use and set up
Credit Card size

CoolWallet storage type

This bitcoin wallet is mobile cold storage connected via Bluetooth and has these features:

  • Mobile app cold storage
  • Hardware wallet
  • Bluetooth bitcoin wallet

The device itself is ultra-thin and has the same size as a credit card and it stores your digital assets offline.

All your transactions on this unit are made through your mobile phone and can only be done when the CoolWallet is turned on.

This makes it impossible for hackers to breach the device without actually stealing the physical card.

CoolWallet price

The latest version released is the CoolWallet S and it’s currently priced at $99 which is not that bad.

It is cheaper than both the Ledger and Trezor models.

However, there are cheaper alternatives for the same digital asset storage.

CoolWallet Security

CoolWallet is as secure as any other BTC hardware device.

The fact that it’s connected through Bluetooth doesn’t affect the security more than other devices since you need to have a card to use it.

I have one worry about this thin card and that’s it probably easy to break if you don’t handle it with good care.

You might accidentally break it if you forget it on your desk, bed, or any other place where it’s vulnerable to impact.

However, if you can manage to safely store it I don’t see any problem with this bitcoin wallet is one of the best in the UK.

CoolWallet fees

When you transact with CoolWallet you only pay the blockchain transaction fees required to mine the BTC blocks.

You can change the speed of transactions from Low to High and will also be charged a higher fee for faster transactions.

There are no hidden fees for using the CoolWallet.

How to use CoolWallet

The CoolWallet is very easy to set up.

The first thing you need to do is to pair your smartphone (Android or IOS) with the card through Bluetooth.

This only takes a moment and then it’s time to write down the 12 to 24 numeric seed phrases.

If you need assistance to get going with your device, click here to get to the CoolWallet starting guide.

This will take you to the official manual page of

Here are the 4 steps to get set up with your CoolWallet:

  1. Download the CoolWallet mobile app.
  2. Pair your mobile phone with CoolWallet through Bluetooth.
  3. Create a wallet and write down the seed phrase.
  4. Finally, add your seed numbers to confirm.

That’s it, congrats!

You can now start using your device.

That’s how to setup up your CoolWallet before you start storing your coins.

Overall, I think this device deserves a spot on the best bitcoin wallet for UK investors due to the ease of use and the actual cold storage protection it gives.

Good luck!

What is the best Bitcoin Wallet app in UK?

bitcoin wallet app

When it comes to the best options to store your BTC on a wallet app you have a few choices.

Our list of the best wallet apps for bitcoin storage is:

These devices have specialized in mobile (Android & IOS) to keep your funds safe.

They both have good solutions for how they connect to the smartphone.

How do I use Bitcoin a Wallet app?

It’s dead simple to start using a wallet app.

First, download the app and pair it with your wallet.

Ellipal is using QR codes to scan transactions that are kept offline.

This is a very safe way of dealing with transactions using the camera of the Ellipal and the camera of your smartphone.

CoolWallet connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

This is a very fast, easy, and safe way of sending funds in and out of your wallet.

Both of these wallet apps are available for UK investors.


In this article, you will find a quick review of the best bitcoin wallet in the UK.

You will be able to read about the best hardware, mobile app, desktop, and online bitcoin wallet for UK investors.

Take your time to read through the whole guide to learn more about each device.

All are different and only you know what’s best for you.

Some have faster transaction speed while others focus more on robust security.

All you need to know about bitcoin cold storage can be found above.

If you want a quick comparison of all wallets, please check the table at the top.

If you already have a wallet and are instead interested in the analysis we have a guide on how to analyze cryptocurrency.


There are several good cold storage devices for investors living in the UK. For example, KeepKey, Trezor, and Ledger are some of the safest wallets for cryptocurrency.

The answer is yes. To transact on the blockchain using bitcoin you first need to get a wallet and an address.

There are two great options for smartphone users, Ellipal and CoolWallet.
They both connect to your Android or IOS mobile phone and handles all transactions offline.

Any device that keeps your digital assets stored offline is cold storage.
The opposite is a hot wallet which keeps your funds stored online

There are several good options for good digital asset storage.
KeepKey, Ledger, and Trezor are three of the most famous hardware storage units available.
Read this guide to learn more.