Best Crypto and Bitcoin Exchanges of 2021

Which are the best bitcoin and crypto exchanges for day trading and buying coins of 2021?

If you are out looking for an exchange to either buy or day trade cryptocurrency and bitcoin you have landed on the right page.

In this article we will break down what’s important to know when choosing your new exchange.

Here is our list of the top Crypto & Bitcoin Exchanges of 2021:

  1. Phemex
  2. Prime XBT
  3. Bitforex
  4. Changelly
  6. KuCoin
  7. Coinfield
  8. Coinbase

You will also learn how these cryptocurrency and bitcoin platforms work before you start trading or investing.

They are all different but we have highlighted all the best features for each exchange in the quick review below.

Here are some of the most important features we will take a look at:

  • Trading fees
  • Trading interface
  • Payment providers
  • Account security
  • Regulation
  • Customer support

Depending on if you only want to buy or if you want to day trade cryptocurrencies, there are different options in the list below.

Some have higher leverage for active day traders and some have lower fees for longer-term crypto & bitcoin investors.

Take your time and go through all the reviews to find your favorite, then register an account and start trading.

List of the Top Crypto & Bitcoin Exchanges

This is a comparison list where you will be able to compare all exchanges in this article.

Here we have listed the amount of coins, payment providers, and trading fees.

Below you can read more information about each exchange.

PlatformCoinsDeposit MethodsTrading FeeInfo

High Crypto Leverage
Buy Crypto with Credit Card
✓ Simulated Trading
Visit Exchange
Prime XBT

 Lowest Trading Fees!
 Trade Bitcoin with Leverage
✓ Advanced Trading Interface
Visit Exchange

Metatrader 5
Social trading
Perpetual Leverage contracts
Visit Exchange

 Buy Bitcoin Instantly
 No Account Needed
 A lot of Altcoins
Visit Exchange
Crypto ETF's
Short term Options
397 Altcoins
Visit Exchange

 Advanced trading interface
 Trade Bitcoin with Leverage
 Good for Experienced Traders
Visit Exchange

High deposit and withdrawal limits
OTC Desk
✓ Available in 193 countries
Visit Exchange

✓ Best for Beginners
 Very High Security
 Buy Crypto with Credit Card
Visit Exchange

Phemex – Best for Day Trading


100x Max Leverage No trading education
Crypto Demo Account + App Non-regulated
Registered Money Service Business – MSB

Phemex fees

Standard users on Phemex will pay a 0.1% trading fee on normal spot trading while premium users have a 0% fee.

The minimum fee for leveraged contracts is 0.075% taker fee and -0.25% maker fee.

If you decide to add liquidity to the order book you are essentially getting paid for using Phemex, that’s pretty neat if you are doing a market-making strategy.

Day trading on Phemex

The reason I’ve chosen to include this crypto exchange is thanks to their ultra-fast executions and intuitive trading platform.

They brand themselves as the fastest crypto exchange and futures trading platform.

Through their trade interface you have access to all necessary tools like technical indicators, market depth through the order book, recent trades, and a professional charting package from Tradingview.

This is a great setup if you are a day trader and is looking for a very responsive trade interface.

Phemex payment providers

All of these payment providers are available on Phemex:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • China UnionPay
  • Bank Transfer
  • SEPA
  • Apple Pay
  • POLi
  • Bpay
  • Payld

Phemex security

Phemex is a newly founded exchange but they have a very professional approach to everything they do.

With backgrounds from Wall Street, Jack Tao, the founder, saw the lack of professionalism and trustworthiness in the industry and set up a great team to build Phemex.

Their goal is to become the most trustworthy cryptocurrency and derivatives trading platform.

It’s not a regulated platform but it’s registered as a Money Services Business, click here to read more about the registration.

2FA google security verification is of course an option to protect your account.

You can also add the email verifications to always keep track of your logins to your account.

Phemex special features

Some extra features you can find on the Phemex platform is:

  • Contract trading
  • Cryptocurrency demo account
  • $80 welcome bonus
  • Premium membership (0% fees)
  • Crypto savings account

Prime XBT – Lowest fees for trading

Prime XBT

One-click trading Few deposit methods
Copy trading Non-regulated
Long / Short turbo trading

Prime XBT fees

Leverage trading on Prime XBT is especially great due to some of the lowest fees on the market.

The flat fee for opening a position is only 0.05%.

Day trading on Prime XBT

Prime XBT is one of the most popular platforms for active day trading cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

The one-click trade option gives you full flexibility of when to enter and when to exit the market.

This makes for great cryptocurrency and bitcoin scalping.

The trade interface is very responsive and the charts are customizable.

Prime XBT payment providers

One downside to this exchange is the amount of payment options.

Here is a full list of Prime XBT payment options:

  • Bitcoin
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • SEPA

However, if your goal is to day trade bitcoin or any of the top altcoins you will be able to make a blockchain transaction to your wallet.

Prime XBT security

Google Authenticator is an option when you create an account and it’s a great way of keeping any intruder away from your funds.

This platform is not regulated by any governmental body.

However, they are working on a regulation for their margin trading which will be interesting to see when reay.

Prime XBT special features

The platform is not packed with extra features but the ones they have stand out:

  • One-click trade
  • High crypto leverage
  • Turbo platform
  • Covesting copy trade
  • Quick registration
  • Crypto Trading app

Bitforex – Metatrader 5 for Cryptocurrency

Metatrader 5 Few deposit methods
Social trading Non-regulated
Insured crypto assets

Bitforex fees

The fee to open a position on Bitforex is 0.1%.

This goes for both Maker and Taker fees.

The perpetual, or leverage trading fee starts at 0.06%.

Day trading on Bitforex

On Bitforex you have the unique opporunity to trade with Metatrader 5 for cryptocurrency.

It’s one of few exchange that allow you to day trade crypto with MT5.

Even though it might look outdated, Metatrader 5 is one of the fastest trade interfaces for day traders.

If you choose to use the standard interface the charts from Tradingview will give you access to all technical indicators needed.

Bitforex payment providers

The only two deposit methods on Bitforex are:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard

Bitforex security

Bitforex is employing the standard Google Authenticator to keep user accounts safe.

You can also add your mobile phone to verify when you log in, withdraw money, or changing anything on the account.

You have the option to add a trading password for trade verifications.

Bitforex is not a licensed or regulated crypto exchange.

Bitforex special features

Some extra features available on Bitforex are:

  • Metatrader 5
  • Social trading
  • Insured cryptocurrencies
  • EazySwap
  • Perpetual leverage contracts

Changelly – Best for beginners and instant purchases


Vey user-friendly Non-regulated
Buy cryptocurrencies from other exchanges through an algorithm
Many diffeent altcoins

Changelly fees

Changelly has a fixed fee of 0.25% for all exchanges.

If you buy cryptocurrency with a credit card, for example, the fee depends on which payment vendor you use. The fee will vary from 5% – 10% per purchase.

Day trading on Changelly

You can day trade on Changelly through the PRO interface.

It is a Tradingview backed charting package with market orders and limit orders.

All necessary indicators for techinical day traders are available for both spot and margin contracts.

Since recently, Changelly has made it possible to trade their coins with leverage through this platform.

Follow the market depth or base your trade on news, no matter how you make your decisions, Changelly PRO is suitable for all traders.

Changelly payment providers

On Changelly you can choose between these payment options:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Transfer

Changelly security

2FA verification is an option to secure your account on Changelly.

The site it self has an SSL encryption to protect all your data.

Changelly is not licensed or regulated by a government.

Changelly special features

There are some good reason why to use Changelly, here are the extra features available:

  • Instant crypto exchange
  • Leverage
  • Many different altcoins
  • Buy cryptocurrency
  • Trade coins from other crypto exchanges – Best Crypto ETF and Lending platform

Crypto ETF / Futures / Loans Non-regulated
397 Altcoins
Short term Options fees

0.2% is that standard taker fee on when you are entering the spot market.

For futures traders, you have a 0.075% taker fee and a -0.025% maker fee. This means that you will earn a profit from entering limit orders in the futures order book.

It’s a great way of earning stable income as a crypto trader if you have a market making strategy.

Day trading on

You have two trade options on, standard or professional.

The standard UI is a regular trade interface which suits all traders.

The professional trade interface on is from Tradingview which gives you access to everything you need if you are an active scalper or day trader.

There are a ton of indicators for technical crypto traders and you can customize the UI as you like. payment providers

The only deposit method on is currently cryptocurrency.

So in order to start trading on the platform, you need to send a blockchain transaction with bitcoin or altcoins. security will ask for your KYC documents which tells me that they are doing an effort to keep your account safe.

You can also activate the 2FA verification and SMS safety setup.

This way your account will not be accessed from anyone else than the person with access to your mobile phone.

It’s a non-regulated platform which is something to keep in mind if you are looking for a 100% reliable trading platform. special features is full of extra features, such as:

  • Cryptocurrency ETF
  • Cryptocurrency Futures
  • Cryptocurrency Options
  • Cryptocurrency Loans
  • Investment plans
  • Margin trading

KuCoin – Best for advanced traders


A lot of altcoins Non-regulated
Professional and Basic trading platforms
Cryptocurrency Futures

KuCoin fees

The basic fee for opening a position KuCoin is 0.1%.

For trading futures, the starting fee is 0.02%.

For deposits and withdrawals, please find more info here.

Day trading on KuCoin

KuCoin is one of the most popular exchanges for crypto day traders and scalpers.

There are two main trading platforms, the professional and the basic, which makes KuCoin suitable for all traders.

The platform can take very large trades and also a very fast activity for those who are opening many positions per day.

Take advantage of price movements with the fast charting packages they offer.

This is the main reason why it has become one of the best crypto and bitcoin exchanges for investors and also day traders.

KuCoin payment providers

On KuCoin you can choose any of these payment methods:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • SEPA
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Interac

KuCoin security

KuCoin is a very trusted bitcoin and crypto exchange with an outstanding reputation for keeping your funds safe.

You will be asked to verify your KYC documents, which is very good in order to be able to retrieve your account if someone were to hack it.

Only you can provide the true information.

Google Authentication is of course on option to add to your log in, other than this you can choose to activate:

  • Trading password
  • Restrict login IP
  • Email Safety Phrase
  • Login Safety Phrase
  • Withdrawal Safety Phrase

All of this is to keep your account safe.

The only thing to keep in mind about KuCoin is that this is not a regulated exchange.

KuCoin special features

Some of the most popular extra features on KuCoin is:

  • P2P fiat trade
  • Fast trade
  • Instant Exchange
  • Margin / leverage trading
  • Futures for cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency lending (12%)
  • Soft staking

Coinfield – Buy Bitcoin and Crypto instantly


Quick trade mode
Regulated and licensed
Price alerts

Coinfield fees

The starting trade fee on Coinfield is 0.24% for traders who use market orders

If you use a limit order and want to add liquidity to the order book you will only be charged a fee of 0.05%.

If you want to know more about deposit and withdrawal fees, click here to read more on their deposit page.

Day trading on Coinfield

On Coinfield you have the option to use the quick trade mode that gives you access to the coins in a very fast way, however, this is only for exchange purposes.

If you want to scalp coins or day trade crypto there are two options, simple and advance mode.

Here you will be able to add price alerts to your trade setups and ideas.

You can build a personalized portfolio of cryptocurrencies you follow and with the price alerts, you will not miss setups ever again.

The charting packages on the advance trade mode is from Tradingview, one of the most respected actors in trading interfaces today.

Coinfield payment providers

On Coinfield you have several payment options to choose from:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Interac
  • SEPA
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • EFT
  • MuchBetter

With a Pro Account you can increase your daily withdrawal and deposit limit to $2 million per day.

Coinfield security

Coinfield is one of few regulated bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges which makes it a great choice if you are looking for a safe platform to buy or trade.

They are supervised by Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) with a license number: FVT000111.

2 Factor Authentication is an option to secure your account.

KYC is a must on Coinfield which is a healthy sign for this exchange.

Coinfield special features

Here is a list of extra features that stand out on Coinfield:

  • Instant crypto exchange
  • High deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Available in 193 countries
  • OTC Desk
  • Mobile app
  • Own Credit Card

Coinbase – Safest Bitcoin & Crypto Exchange


Regulated and Licensed Few coins
Very safe Not optimal for day traders
Excellent reputation

Coinbase fees

For exchange and trades on the standard platform, Coinbase charges a fee of 0.5%.

For full pricing on Coinbase, please click here to see the fee disclosure.

Here you can see all the fees from each country.

Day trading on Coinbase

Coinbase has a trading platform suitable for day traders and scalpers that is called Coinbase Pro.

It is one of the most trusted platforms on the market but it comes with its limitations.

There is not a lot of leverage to be offered and you can’t short sell coins on Coinbase Pro.

Other than that, the liquidity and the order placement are great.

This trading platform is also available in the Coinbase Pro App for mobile phones which allows you to trade on the go.

I must say though, that Coinbase with its focus on safety is more suitable for long-term cryptocurrency and bitcoin investors.

Coinbase payment providers

Thanks to the popularity of this exchange, they do offer a good amount of payment options for both US investors and cryptocurrency fanatics outside the US.

Here is a list of the active payment methods on Coinbase:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • iDEAL
  • Sofort
  • SEPA
  • 3D Secure Card

Coinbase security

The security on Coinbase is what sets it apart from the crowd.

Coinbase is regulated and licensed in New York and it’s registered as a Money Transmission Service.

This is one of the safest places to store your bitcoin or altcoins.

Here is a screen shot of the Coinbase Regulation:

coinbase regulated

Coinbase special features

Some of the more interesting features on Coinbase is:

  • Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies
  • Vault storage
  • Stable-coin
  • Cryptocurrency for commerce
  • Cryptocurrency custody
  • Cryptocurrency wallet

How to choose Crypto and Bitcoin exchange

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchanges come in all shapes and sizes and they offer different products.

Some specialize in card payments while other have optimized their trading interfaces for active traders.

So, before you go out and look for your next exchange you need to ask your-self what you need.

Here is a list of things to consider before choosing a Cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange:

What am I going to do?

Are you a long-term investor who is looking for low fees and a safe place to store your coins?

Or are you an active trader in need of a fast trading platform?

First, decide what you are going to do on the platform before you sign up and deposit any real money.

This is a very important step.

Now that you know what you are looking for you can start to filter out the exchanges that don’t fit you.

Can I deposit my currency?

Not all exchanges will accept your fiat currency, so make sure that the exchange accepts yours.

If they don’t, you will have to convert to another currency when depositing and this costs extra fees.

The best crypto and bitcoin exchanges on the market will have most of the major currencies available.

If not, you should look elsewhere.

How is the security?

The most important thing to consider whether you are a short-term trader or a long-term investor is the security on the platform.

The best choice is always a regulated platform but since there are not many cryptocurrency exchanges with standard licenses you need to see that they employ other safety measures, such as:

  • KYC
  • AML
  • 2FA verification
  • Email verification
  • Trade password

These are only a few of the most important security features an exchange should have.

To learn more about security, read this article on exchange safety.

Top Crypto & Bitcoin exchanges for day trading

This this article I’ve listed what I think is the best crypto and bitcoin exchanges in general.

In this list I’ve included some of the best exchanges for cryptocurrency day traders.

These are platforms with exceptionally good trading interfaces that allows for fast trading.

My top 5 list of exchanges most suitable for day trading is:

  1. KuCoin
  2. Phemex
  3. Prime XBT
  5. Bitforex

Here you will find everything you need to start day trading crypto with little money.

You can also scale up to larger trades if you are a big trader.

These platforms are also suitable for all kinds of traders, beginners and advanced.

Have a look and see which one sticks out to you.

List of Crypto and Bitcoin exchanges for beginners

If you are new to the blockchain phenomena you need an exchange that is easy to navigate.

Blockchain transactions can be a little bit complicated to understand, but with the right platform, nothing can go wrong.

Here is my list of the best crypto and bitcoin exchanges for beginners:

  1. Changelly
  2. Coinbase

These two definitely sticks out thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and well-designed buy and sell functions.

You have the option to both buy and sell, as well as trade if you are interested in that.

The advantage of using Changelly i that you will get access to more cryptocurrencies.

On the flip side, Coinbase is a more secure platform if you are going to store your coin on the exchange.

Safest and most trusted Crypto & Bitcoin exchanges

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies safely, you need to use a platform with high security.

Most exchanges does not have what it takes to call them-selves safe.

The one and only bitcoin merchant that stands out in this field is Coinbase.

Coinbase is a licensed cryptocurrency and bitcoin platform.

It is registered as a Money Transmission Service and it has a license in New York.

Coinbase has back-up funds if anything were to happen to your coins on the exchange and they keep most of their digital assets in cold storage.

This means that if you buy bitcoin and keep them stored on the exchange, Coinbase will keep them safe outside the online platform.

List of the largest Crypto & Bitcoin Exchanges

In terms of size there are two platforms that sticks out:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase

These exchanges have been able to attract millions of traders and investors during the last years.

The reason why they are so successful is due to their intuitive platforms.

They are easy to use and they have what people are looking for.

Coinbase has a great security protocol while Binance is focusing on the more active trading audience.

This has made them some of the most popular places to exchange and trade coins since 2018.

To be able to be the biggest crypto and bitcoin exchanges for a long while says a lot.

With great interfaces and robust safety features, they will probably stay on the scene for a long time.

Bitcoin & Crypto exchanges with the lowest fees

There are two different kinds of fees:

  • Trade/exchange fee
  • Deposit/withdrawal fee

In these two categories there are different exchanges that promote low fees.

In the first category for low trade and exchange fee we have Phemex and Binance.

They both the lowest fees you can find as an active day trader at 0.1%.

This makes it very easy to keep up with costs, even if you are a trader who enjoys trading with leverage.

If you are a long-term investor and are looking to buy bitcoin or cryptocurrency cheap you should either try Changelly or Coinbase.

Here you pay roughly 3.99% – 5.00% per transaction.

This might sound a lot more than the trade fee, but remember that you only stock up on coins once in a while.


In this article I’ve listed the best crypto and bitcoin exchanges for both beginners and advanced investors.

If you are an active trader you will also find something for you.

The exchanges in this list have different features so make sure you go through the list before you choose which one to use.

I strongly recommend that you use all the safety measures while on the exchange.

Also, it’s not recommended to keep large amounts of coins on the exchange at the same time.

If you need a place to store your coins, read this article about bitcoin wallets.


What is the most secure crypto exchange?

In terms of security, Coinbase is the number one exchange for 2021. With regulation and license in New York, they stan out with the strongest security features of all platforms.

Should I keep my crypto on an exchange?

No, it is not recommended to keep large quantities of cryptocurrency on an exchange. You should store your coins in a cryptocurrency wallet.

What is the best Bitcoin Trading platform?

My top 3 picks for best bitcoin trading platforms are:
1. Binance
2. Prime XBT
3. Phemex
They have a very robust trading platform and low fees.

What is the best Cryptocurrency exchange for beginners?

I would strongly recommend that you try Changelly if you are a beginner. This is an instant platform with the option to buy and sell cryptocurrency as well as trading the coins.

Which Crypto exchange has the lowest fees?

For pure trading purposes you should try Phemex or Binance. They bot have 0.1% trading fees for active traders. If you are an investor, I recommend Coinbase or Changelly where you can easily buy cryptocurrency with several payment methods from 3.99% fee.

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