Best Cryptocurrency Brokers of 2021

The best cryptocurrency broker of 2021 in USA, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia is listed in this review.

If you are looking to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card for investment purposes, or if you only want to trade cryptocurrencies, you will find what you are looking for here.

This article will cover the best crypto trading platforms of 2021 and their special features, such as:

  • Supported Cryptocurrencies
  • Deposit Methods
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Trading Fees
  • Trading Interface
  • Option to Short
  • Trading App
  • Leverage

You will get a quick look inside the brokers listed below so take your time and read through the whole article before you select your winner.

All of the platforms have been handpicked thanks to the variety of coins, low trading fees, or a very good reputation in the crypto community.

If you are in a hurry, check the crypto comparison table below for a quick look at all the stats.

Best Cryptocurrency Brokers Compared

ExchangeCoinsPayment MethodTrading FeeInfo
Prime XBT
visa logo
mastercard logo
 Lowest Trading Fees!
 Trade Bitcoin with Leverage
✓ Advanced Trading Interface
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
 Recommended Exchange!
 CFD Crypto Trading
 3 Different Trading Platforms
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logo
0.0 pips
 Bitcoin CFD-Trading
MT4 Trading Platform
 FCA-Regulated Exchange
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
bank logo
 Trusted Platform
 Lowest Credit Card Fees
 Buy Bitcoin Instantly
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
 Best for Beginners
 Accepts Debit / Credit Cards
 Many Payment Options
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logo
applepay logo
 Buy Bitcoin Instantly
 No Account Needed
 A lot of Altcoins
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo 

 Advanced trading interface
 Trade Bitcoin with Leverage
 Good for Experienced Traders
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
bank logo
 125x Bitcoin Leverage!
 Good for all Traders!
 Option to Short Crypto
Start Trading
visa logo
mastercard logo
bank logo
✓ Best for Beginners
 Very High Security
 Buy Crypto with Credit Card
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logo
applepay logo
 Buy Crypto with Credit Card
 Professional Trading Interface
 Very good Reputation
Start Trading
bank logo
 Good for US Traders
 Very High Security
 Popular Trading Platform
Start Trading
visa logomastercard logo
bank logoapplepay logo
 Many Payment Methods
 Popular Trading Platform
 Good for all Traders
Start Trading
visa logo
 Accepts VISA Cards
 Very good Reputation
 Good for Beginners
Start Trading
 160+ Cryptocurrencies
 Pure Crypto Exchange
 Advanced Trading Interface
Start Trading
Only Crypto Deposits
300+ Cryptocurrencies
0% Crypto Trading Fee
Start Trading

Best overall Binance

cryptocurrency broker binance

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What is the best cryptocurrency broker over all?

First on the list of the best cryptocurrency brokers is one of the largest trading platforms in the world, Binance.

Binance is a very popular and trusted platform used by millions of traders around the globe, primarily in the UK, USA, India and Australia.

It’s a host for traders looking to buy cryptocurrency with credit card, trade crypto, or invest in different new start up coins.

Binance Trade Fee

On Binance you will enjoy some of the lowest fees while you trade.

The basic taker trade fee on Binance is only 0.10% of your position size.

Here is a fee table of the trade fees on Binance where you can compare the different fees depending on your trade volume.

binance fee table

Click here to learn more about exchanges with low trading fees

The trade interface on Binance is very impressive and that’s one of the reasons the platform has gotten so popular.

It’s perfect for cryptocurrency day traders and swing traders thanks to their strong charting packages packed with indicators and other charting tools.

Binance Trade Interface

There are two different interfaces to use when you trade on Binance.

  • Classic Interface
  • Advanced Interface

Let’s take a look at the Classic versions which is more suited for beginners.

cryptocurrency trading interface binance

In the top right corner you have the different crypto trading pairs where you can choose which market you want to trade.

You can use Limit, Market and of course Stop Loss orders, which I highly recommend that you use.

This interface let’s you trade cryptocurrency with margin and also short sell crypto on Binance.

It’s perfect for traders who are just starting out and is ready to trade with a chart.

The market is full of cheap cryptocurrencies to invest in, so take your time and go through the coins carefully.

Now, let’s take a look at the advanced interface, which is better suited for more experienced crypto traders.

advanced trading interface binance

This charting package is for more advanced traders that prefer to trade with order flow or more sophisticated indicators.

To the right you have the order selection like Market orders, Limit orders and Stop loss orders.

As you can see the order selection is grouped up with the order book to make it easier to day trade crypto with order flow.

In the bottom left you have your open orders tab.

Here you can see all your daily profits and losses and you can also go back in your trade history to analyze your trading day.

How to use Binance to buy and trade cryptocurrency

Binance is an excellent cryptocurrency broker where you have the option to buy cryptocurrency with credit card, invest in crypto long-term or day trade if you prefer that.

Binance has very low trade fees which makes it great for traders who like to trade big or very actively.

To buy cryptocurrency with Credit Card on Binance, you simply click Buy Crypto in the top left corner of the first page.

buy crypto on binance

From here you can choose which coin you want to invest in and also the amount.

After you have bought your coin you can head over to the trading platforms which are also located in the top left corner of the screen.

When you have selected the trading interface you like you have the option to short cryptocurrency, trading crypto with leverage or trade futures on Binance.

All of these option will be available after you open your margin wallet and your futures wallet.

This only takes a moment.

To open your margin wallets, simply click your Wallet button in the top right corner and choose the wallet you would like to open.

binance crypto wallet

When this is done you are free to try out all the markets and coins available on this exchange.

Also, remember that you can lower your trade fees on Binance by increasing your monthly volume or by trading on the BNB market.

Binnce has their own coin “BNB”.

If you trade on this market, your fees are reduced by 25% immediately.

It’s a good way to avoid high fees.

Dont forget to check out the Binance crypto trading app aswell while you are trying out this cryptocurrency broker.

If you want to learn more about crypto apps, click here.

Binance Pros and Cons

Very good trading
Longer sign up process
Low trading fees
Most payment methods
Option to short
Cryptocurrency margin

Best in the USA – Coinbase

coinbase crypto broker

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Which is the best cyrptocurrency broker in the USA?

Coinbase is one of the best cryptocurrency brokers when it comes to security and good reputation.

It’s one of the safest platforms to store and trade your coins.

Coinbase has the biggest customer pool and millions of traders use the platforms every day to profit from the markets movement.

It’s one of the few crypto platforms that is regiestered as a Money Transmitting Service.

What means is that it is a regulated exchange and in case of any theft or hacks to the exchange where you might your coins, Coinbase will back your coins up with their own funds.

Coinbase Trading Fee

The basic trading fee on Coinbase is 0.50%.

This is for traders who are using the market orders which means that you are taking orders from the order book.

It’s an American platform and it’s one of the most popular cryptocurrency brokers in the USA.

They offer trading and investing in around 22 coins and you can purchase almost all of them with a credit card or with your bank account.

All coins with the “Trade” symbol is available to buy and trade on Coinbase.

cryptocurrency page on coinbase

After you have bought your coin you can either store it as an investment long-term or you can use it to trade against other cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Trade Interface

The trading interface on Coinbase is called the Coinbase Pro.

Here you can use a more developed charting package and you can trade more markets against other coins.

What I suggest is that you first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and trade these major coins against other smaller altcoins.

The reason is you can trade most of the coins on Coinbase Pro against Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Let’s take a look at the interface.

Coinbase pro interface

Here you can trade crypto with more indicators, market depth, full order book and order history.

Coinbase offers margin trading up to 3x leverage.

Unfortunately you cannot short sell Bitcoin or other coins on this platform.

The fee to trade is 0.50% per trade, which is very low compared to many other platforms.

There are roughly 22 coins to trade on Coinbase Pro.

Also, Coinbase has a crypto trading app if you want to take your crypto trading to the mobile phone.

How to use Coinbase to buy and trade cryptocurrency

Coinbase is famous for it’s user-friendly interface and I’m sure you will be able to buy crypto here without any problems.

To start buying cryptocurrencies, simply click the “Trade” button in the top right corner.

trade crypto on coinbase

This will take you to the order selection window where you can choose how much of each coin you would like to buy.

If you own crypto on Coinbase you can choose to sell it aswell or convert it to other coins if you have found a good investment.

buy coins on coinbase

Coinbase is also one of the few platforms that let’s you cash out crypto to cash.

All you have to do is to link your bank account to the platform with a first deposit, then you sell crypto for cash to your account.

In my opinion, Coinbase is one of the best cryptocurrency brokers on the market today

You can trade safely and it’s also very cheap.

Coinbase Pros and Cons

Safest cryptocurrency
Not many altcoins
Low trading feesNo option to short
Advanced trading
Low leverage
Very user-friendly
Most payment

Best for day trading – KuCoin

best cryptocurrency broker kucoin

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What is the best cyrptocurrency broker for day trading?

KuCoin is a well known cryptocurrency broker from Hong Kong and they have over 5 million users today.

The reason people trade on KuCoin is thanks to their incredibly good reputation.

This is one of the few platforms I would trust to keep my coins stored on except Coinbase.

KuCoin has a very wide range of functionality on their platform, such as:

  • Short-selling Crypto
  • Leverage Cryto Trading
  • Futures Cryptocurrency Contracts
  • Buy Cryptocurrency with Credit Card
  • Instant Exchange

There is also the possibility to earn crypto on KuCoin with their staking protocols.

Over all, KuCoin is definately on of the best cryptocurrency brokers on the market today and it gets my recommendation.

KuCoin Trading Fee

Fees on KuCoin are pretty low compared to other trading platforms.

The basic taker fee for trading crypto is only 0.10%.

kucoin trading fee

You can of course aim for a lower trading fee if you trade larger volumes or more actively.

With a higher average monthly trade volume your fees gets reduced significantly.

This is perfect for traders who are looking to take their size to the next level and want to trade with almost no fees.

KuCoin Trading Interface

KuCoin is well known for their incredible chartin packages and many cryptocurrency day traders and scalpers use the platform.

There are two interfaces on KuCoin.

  • Lite
  • Pro

First, let’s take a look at the Lite version, which is an interface for beginner traders.

kucoin trade interface

It’s a basic interface but it has everything you need when you start out to trade.

To the right you have your order selections to go Long or Short.

Yes, you can short cryptocurrency on this platform.

Above your order selecetion there is a leverage bar where you can control the margin you are trading.

That’s another huge plus for KuCoin, you can trade cryptocurrency with margin and short short at the same time.

Next time you see a good setup short you know where to go if you really want to push your trade.

In the bottom left corner there is a long short ratio.

This tells you how many % of the traders are Long or Short at any given moment.

It’s a good tool to gauge the trader sentiment on KuCoin.

Next up is the Pro interface.

pro trading interface kucoin

This interface has a lot more functionality and is better suited for experienced crypto traders.

The thing that’s different here is the utility you get from the Tradingview chart and the layout of the interface.

To the left you have your order selections and it’s more developed than the lite.

Here you can use Market orders, Limit orders and Stop Loss orders.

One more thing that’s different is that they have incorporated the order book and it’s just next to the order selection.

This is to make it easier for traders to use the order book to scout large orders coming in.

How to use KuCoin to buy and trade cryptocurrency

It’s very easy to buy and trade cryptocurrencies on KuCoin.

First of all, they let you make deposits with a credit card which is the fastest way to buy crypto.

buy crypto on kucoin

In the top left corner, click “Buy Crypto” and then you will get to choose which coin you want and the amount.

There is a big variety and you can trade over 250 coins on KuCoin.

When you have bought your coins you are free to start trading.

You can short crypto, trade crypto with leverage or invest long-term if you find a good investment.

To do this you need to click the Futures button in the top left corner.

To navigate to the trade interface click the Trade button in the top left corner.

trade on kucoin

In my opinion, KuCoin is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms thanks to the low fees, great interfaces, and the incredible functionality overall.

KuCoin also has a very good reputation and is one of the safest exchanges to use in 2021.

If you want to join more than 5 million traders, click here to start.

KuCoin Pros and Cons

Advanced trading
Longer sign up
Margin trading
Option to short
A lot of coins
Low trading fees

Best for beginners – Changelly

changelly cryptocurrency broker

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Which is the best cyrptocurrency broker for beginners?

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency broker and it is based in Prague.

It’s not like every other platform you have tried before, it’s special because it has a trading alorithm that scans other crypto exchanges.

Changelly doesn’t have it’s own coins or order books to trade.

It’s connected to other exchanges like Binance, Poloniex, and Bittrex with an algorithm that scans the market for best prices.

So, how does this work?

When you buy cryptocurrencies on Changelly, you might actually be buying the coins from Binance for example.

It’s a complex algorithm but in theory it’s pretty easy.

This is why this crypto broker can offer trading in so many coins that are different and unique.

You will be able to find many new cryptocurrencies that have just been launched into the market if you scout the coin page on Changelly.

Changelly Trading Fee

Changelly is charging 0.25% per trade which is very good for an instant crypto broker.

changelly fee

This fee is not applied for buying cryptocurrency with credit card on Changelly.

The fee for credit card purchase is between 5-10% depending on what payment vendor you transact with.

There is no option to lower the trading fee by having a higher average trade volume every month.

Changelly Trading Interface

Changelly doesn’t have a developed trading interface.

This broker is not meant to be used for hardcore trading, it’s a platform where you can invest and convert between coins very fast and cheap.

For example, if you scroll through the coin page on Changelly I bet that you will find a few new gems to invest in.

When you find something, simply buy it and store it in your wallet, that’s it.

Later you can swap it for other coins if you made profit or keep it for longer term.

This is what the exchange section looks like.

exchange feature on changelly

Here I’ve selected to swap Golem Coin for Doge Coin.

When you have decided to swap, it’s more or less an instant exchange.

This is one of the reason I think Changelly is one of the best cryptocurrency brokers out there today.

You will be able to find new, cheap cryptocurrencies and you can buy them in an instant.

How to use Changelly to buy and trade cryptocurrency

The first thing you need to do when you start using Changelly is to buy cryptocurrency.

You can use several different payment options, such as:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency

On the first page, choose which coin you want to buy and then select how you want to pay for it.

buy crypto on changelly

After you click Buy Now you will get redirected to different page.

Here you will be able to choose the best price, which payment method you want and also the amount.

If you change your mind and want to buy another coin you are free to do so aswell.

This are very easy and fast on Changelly as you will notice.

This is what it will look like before you buy your coins.

payment selection on changelly

Remember that you can always send your own cryptocurrencie to this crypto broker if you are only interested in swapping coins.

The swapping feature on Changelly is also instant.

Also, remember that Changelly has a crypto trading app, to learn more, click here.

Changelly Pros and Cons

Most payment
No advanced
trading interface
Low swap feesNo leverage
Trusted exchangeCan’t short
Good support
Buy crypto instantly

Best for security – Okex

okex cryptocurrency broker

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What is the best cyrptocurrency broker?

Okex is a well known cryptocurrency broker around the world and it’s based in Malta.

The exchange offers a wide range of features when it comes to crypto trading, such as:

  • Spot Trade
  • Crypto Margin Trade
  • Dex Trading
  • Swaps
  • Cryptocurrency Futures
  • Cryptocurrency Options

Along with this Okex is one of the best cryptocurrency brokers when it comes to payment options.

You can buy crypto with pretty much any deposit method you like, such as:

This is one of the reasons why Okex ahs become so popular.

Other than that it’s also a very secure exchange to trade on and store your coins.

Here are all the accepted fiat currencies on Okex:

Okex Trading Fee

Okex has some of the lowset crypto fees out of all brokers today starting at 0.15%.

best cryptocurrency broker okex trading fees

This is the basic taker fee when you trade.

The taker fee is the fee you pay for using a market order.

The reason it’s called a taker fee is because when you click buy or sell with a market order, you are automatically trading with the best order in the order book.

Both on the sell and buy side.

So you are removing that order from the book, or in other words, you take the order.

Remember that you can always redue the fees by increasin your monthly trade volume.

Check the fee table on the exchange to learn more.

Okex Trading Interface

The interface on Okex is very professional and you have all the tools you need to be successful.

okex trading interface

From here you can navigate yourself to the spot market and the margin market if you want to use leverage to trade altcoins for example.

On the left side at the top you will find all the different crypto pairs that’s available to trade.

Okex has also made it very easy to see the open profits and losses by adding the Open Orders section at the bottom.

This is crucial for any cryptocurrency day trader that is moving a lot of size and needs to keep track of the daily gains.

Okex has all the standard orders like Market orders, Limit orders and of course Stop Loss orders to protect your down side.

Here is a screen shot of the interface in full screen and in dark mode.

best cryptocurrency broker okex full screen trading interface

How to use Okex to buy and trade cryptocurrency

Okex has made it very easy to get start with crypto trading.

Before you get going just click the Buy button in the top left corner to invest in your first coin.

It’s always smart to start with Bitcoin since you can trade it against all the other coins.

When you have clicked here you will see this page pop up and here you can change the amount and payment method if you like.

buy crypto on okex cryptocurrency broker

After you have bought your coins just head over to the trade section on Okex.

This is where the fun starts.

You can choose between:

  • Spot
  • Crypto Margin
  • DEX
  • Cryptocurrency Perpetual Swaps
  • Cryptocurrency Futures
  • Cryptocurrency Options

They have a very good variety of functionalities and there is a lot to learn.

The good thing though is it’s very easy to get started.

Before you start to trade I would recommend that you check the Account Security page to make sure your coins are stored properly with the right security features.

When it comes to versatility and functionality, Okex is definitely one of the best cryptocurrency brokers in 2021.

Okex Pros and Cons

All payment optionsNot many altcoins
Leverage trading
Option to short
Low trade fees
Trusted Exchange

Best for instant exchange – SimpleSwap

best cryptocurrency broker simpleswap

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Which is the best cyrptocurrency broker?

SimpleSwap is another instant crypto broker and it is based in in UK and it’s one of few platforms where you don’t need to sign up to trade.

Another thing that’s pretty amazing about SimpleSwap is that you can trade cryptocurrency for free, but more on that in a minute.

With over 300 coins available to trade it is a very interesting crypto platform to try out for the first time.

When you are looking for new cheap coins to invest in, SimpleSwap is a very good place to start.

Since this is an instant crypto broker, it doesn’t work like a normal trading platform.

It doesn’t have an interface with charts where you can trade with indicator and such.

What it does have is a very intelligent algorithm that scans other platforms for prices and coins to give you the best offers on the market.

It’s pretty cool actually.

If you trade coins on SimpleSwap you might be trading them from another exchange thanks to this algorithm.

To put it in context, SimpleSwap is connected to other brokers to give you the option to trade over 300 cryptocurrencies.

SimpleSwap Trade Fee

Now, something that makes this platform one of the best cryptocurrency brokers in the UK is their fee structure.

SimpleSwap doesn’t charge any fees for your trades and swaps.

Yes, thats correct, no fees.

Take a look at what the exchange it self says about this.

simple swap comissions

In order for SimpleSwap to earn money on the transaction, they need to find a better than expected price.

This means that you will be able to trade crypto without fees.

SimpleSwap Trading Interface

Since this is an instant exchange, the do not offer any sophisticated trading tools like indicators and charting packages.

What they do have instead is a very user-friendly exchange interface where you can convert your cryptocurrencies.

best cryptocurrency broker simpleswap exchange interface

You can scroll through the coin list to find new investments and then swap between any coin you like.

As I mentioned before, instant exchanges are not created for the purpose of day trading or swing trading cryptocurrencies.

The benefit you get from an instant platform is the option to swap between hundreds of different new coins instantly.

Also, you can trade coins from 10 other brokers without signing up.

If you want to know more about instant exchanges, click here.

How to use SimpleSwap to buy and trade cryptocurrency

It’s very straight forward to swap and exchange crypto on SimpleSwap.

You can do pretty much everything you want from the first page and the swap function.

Just select the coin you have and the coin you want to swap to.

If you don’t know yet which cryptocurrency you are interested to invest in, there is a very handy coin page on SimpleSwap that lets you read up on all the coins.

It will show you the price of course, the market cap and daily gains.

There is also a description of the coin if you find one that you haven’t seen before.

This is a really good feature on this broker that I use very ofter to scout new cheap cryptocurrencies.

Overall, SimpleSwap definitely deserves a spot on the list of best cryptocurrency brokers for 2021 thanks to their variety of coins and the 0% fee structure.

SimpleSwap Pros and Cons

Instant crypto swapNo trading interface
0% exchange feeCan only swap crypto
Huge list of coinsNo leverage
Very user-friendlyNo option to short
Trusted broker

What is a Cryptocurrency Broker?

A cryptocurrency broker is a trading platform where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies live online.

It would not be possible to trade coins in the market without a broker.

The platform will provide coins to trade and different functionalities like charting, indicators, and other analysis tools.

It’s an on-ramp for you to get access to investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency world through various deposit methods like:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Transfer

Before you can start trading on a platform like this, you need to create an account and deposit funds.

In this review I’ve listed som of the best cryptocurrency brokers for both beginner and advanced traders.

They are all a bit differnt from each other.

For example, Binance and Coinbase are two of the biggest cryptocurrency brokers in the world and have millions of traders using their platforms.

They offer ways to buy, trade, and invest in cryptocurrencies in an easy way.

Then we have Changelly and SimpleSwap which are smaller instant crypto brokers.

On these crypto sites you will not be able to trade coins with a chart and other trading tools.

The purpose of these platforms is to find investment opportunities by scanning through many coins du to their large variety of cryptocurrencies.

So, a cryptocurrency broker is a place where you can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies through your account, exactly like a crypto trading platform.

What is the best Cryptocurrency Broker?

The best cryptocurrency broker is a trading platform that fits your style of trading.

There are different ways of investing or trading crypto, such as:

  • Scalping
  • Day Trading
  • Swing Trading
  • Investing
  • Leverage Trading
  • Short Selling

Depending on your style of investment horizon and your preferred way to trade, there are many different crypto brokers to choose from.

For example, Binance is specialized in day trading cryptocurrencies, leveraged contracts, and shot selling.

Binance features great charting tools and high levels of margin for their customers.

Then you have crypto brokers like Coinbase that offers many different investment opportunities through a regulated platform.

Coinbase is one of the safest cryptocurrency brokers in the world and is recommended as the safest place you store your coins.

Other good cryptocurrency trading platforms are KuCoin, Okex, Changelly, SimpleSwap and Kraken.

They all have very good reputation and a good variety of coins.

So, as you can see, the best cryptocurrency broker is hard to pinpoint unless you have a specific needs or a special way of investing.

Keep reading to find out more specific details about each platform in this review.

Do I need a broker to trade Bitcoin?

The short answer is yes, you do.

It’s very easy to create an account on a bitcoin broker and start trading immediately.

However, you can send and trade bitcoin from wallet to wallet if you know someone who owns bitcoin.

The safest way to trade bitcoin is through a bitcoin or cryptocurrency broker like:

These platforms are some of the best bitcoin brokers on the market in USA, EU, UK, and Australia.

They also have a very good reputation and very low trading fees.

You can buy, sell, and trade bitcoin 24 hours per day since the blockchain is online all the time.

These bitcoin brokers makes it very easy for you to deposit money and trade the very same day with:

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Transfer

So, if you are looking to trade bitcoin I would recommend that you choose any of these brokers when you first start out.


In this article I’ve shared the best cryptocurrency broker of 2021.

The list of platforms can be found at the top with a full comparison of them all.

Since every platform is a little bit differnt from the others, especially the instant platforms, I recommend that you read through the whole review before selecting a winner.

You will get to see what the broker looks like on the inside, get to know more about the trading interfaces and other functionalities.

No matter what your style of trading is I’m sure you will find the best crypto broker in this list.


What is a Cryptocurrency broker?

It’s a trading platform where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.
Read this review to learn more.

How do bitcoin brokers make money?

The main source of income for Bitcoin brokers is the trading fees paied by traders daily.

Is eToro better than Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the safest cryptocurrency platforms on the market today.
The difference between Coinbase and eToro is that Coinbase is a crypto only platform, where eToro is a platform for many different assets.

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