Best Exchanges to Trade Altcoins 2021

This review will outline the best exchange to trade altcoins. No matter if you are a day trader or swing trader, these altcoin platforms will have something for you.

You will get a quick look at how many supported coins there are, the fees, and the most important part, the trading interface.

These altcoin trading platforms are handpicked thanks to their trading interfaces. When you are looking for a good charting package, the best indicators, and drawing tools for altcoin trading, these exchanges will have it all.

I’ve also included some of the most important features for a trading platform, such as:

  • Supported Altcoins
  • Trading Fees
  • Trading Interface
  • Leverage
  • Option to short Altcoins
  • Deposit Methods

These altcoin trading platforms are very similar, but they do have different qualities. Some might have more coins to trade, others have better security, some will provide high leverage for altcoins, and others just look and feels better. No matter how you like to trade, this list of exchanges will bring value to you.

There will also be pros and cons for each platform.

Take your time to read through the whole review if you want a more in-depth look at each exchange. If you are in a rush to find the best place to trade altcoins, take a look at the comparison table below to quickly see which one might suit you best.

Best Altcoin Trading Exchanges compared

ExchangeSupported AltcoinsTrading feeTrading interfaceLeverageOption to short AltcoinsDeposit methodsRating
250+0.10%Basic + Advanced10xYesCredit Card
180.50%Basic + Advanced3xNoCredit Card
Bank Transfer
180+0.10%Basic + Advanced125xYesCredit Card
Bank Transfer


Best overall – KuCoin

kucoin best exchange to trade altcoins

Supported Altcoins on KuCoin

Which crypto exchange is best to trade altcoins?

When you are looking to trade altcoins for profit you need an exchange that can support your trading.
Sometimes you also need a lot of coins to choose from.

Today, KuCoin supports over 250 cryptocurrencies.

This is very impressive considering this is a centralized exchange and it’s not connected to any other platform.

This is their own list of coins.

When you browse KuCoin you can head over to the crypcurrency page to check all the avalable altcoins to trade.

Here is a quick look at the page.

kucoin cryptocurrency list

In my opinion, this is what makes an altcoin trading platform stand out.

I like to have the variety to trade new coins but also some of the more heavy traded coins.

Trading fees on KuCoin

KuCoin is one of the altcoin trade platforms with the lowest fees.
The basic taker trading fee is 0.10%.

When I say taker fee, I’m speaking about the fee when you take orders from the order book.
Most traders are using market orders when they trade and by doing this, you are taking orders from the order book.

This is why it’s called a taker fee.

If you are using limit orders, you will be a market maker.

Here is a fee table from KuCoin.

best exchange to trade altcoins kucoin fees

You can reduce your trading fees on KuCoin by increasing your monthly trade volume.

Or by holding their native cryptocurrency KCS.

The more you own the lower your fee will be.

Trading interface on KuCoin

This is the interesting part of the review, where you get to have a look at what the trading interfaces looks like.

Trading interfaces on KuCoin are really made to trade altcoins for profit.
You have all the tools you need and more!

KuCoin has two different interfaces depending on your level of experience.

One for beginner crypto traders and one for more advanced traders.

Let’s take a look at the first trading interface, it’s called Lite.

best exchange to trade altcoins kucoin trading interface

To the right you have your Long and Short market orders.

As you can see it is possible to short and margin trade altcoins on KuCoin.

This means that you can short sell altcoins with leverage if you have enough experience and you feel comfortable doing that.

The chart is also very responsive which makes things easier.
It’s possible to change time frames if you would like to zoom in or analyze longer term movements.

Here is a quick look at the Pro interface on KuCoin.

pro trading interface on the best exchange to trade altcoins kucoin

Now this is a different beast.
KuCoin has made this interface very suited for crypto day traders.

To the left you have Limit, Market and Stop orders to help you really trade altcoins for profit.

The order book is bunched up together with your order selection to make it easier for traders who are trading with order flow.

The chart is from tradingview which immediately tells me this is quality. All the possible indicators you need will be in this package.

Open positions can be seen at the bottom and this is an option that not many altcoin trading sites will have.
It’s perfect because you can see all your open profits and losses.

In my opinion, KuCoin is the number one best exchange to trade altcoins.

It has plenty of coins, there are two different interfaces to use.

I’ve had a good year on KuCoin thanks to the leverage and the option to short.

If you would like to trade on KuCoin, click here to visit the exchange.

Advanced trading interfaceLonger signup process
Low trading fees
Leverage trading
Option to short
Massive list of coins

Best for security – Coinbase

best exchange to trade altcoins coinbase

Supported Altcoins on Coinbase

What is the best place to trade altcoins?

At the moment Coinbase is supporting trading in 18 coins.

It might be a little bit confusing when they are showing around 50 coins on their website.
This is only because of pricing and not all of the cryptocurrencies are up for trading.

coinbase best exchange to trade altcoins crypto page

If you can see the Trade button on the right side of the cryptocurrency, you are able to trade it.

This was a snapshot for the cryptocurrency page, you can check it out for yourself to see if your favourit coin is here.

If not, there might be a new coin you haven’t seen before.

Trading fees on Coinbase

Coinbase charges a 0.50% fee on the buy and sell transcations.

coinbase trading fees

Something to take in mind is the spread of the market.

Sometimes the market is very volatile and you might not be able to get the price you are looking for.

In this case the spread will widen and you are paying a little extra.
But the Coinbase comission stays at 0.50%

Trading interface on Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the best exchanges to trade altcoins thanks to the Coinbase Pro interface.

They also have a very basic buy and sell function but that is not what we are looking for in this review.

Coinbase Pro is a fully developed semi-professional trading interface.

Let’s take a quick look to see what we are talking about.

coinbase trading interface

The reason I know this was made for crypto day traders is because how they have arranged this interface.

On the left side you have your order placement with market, limit and stop orders.
They have been bunched up together with the order book.

This is professional because many traders rely on the order book to trade with order flow.

By doing this, they don’t have to take their eyes far from their order selection.

On the right side you have a full list of trade history.

You will have a lot of time to scout big orders coming through, either for the sell or the buy side.

This is very helpful, especially if you want to margin trade altcoins on Coinbase.

One more thing to take notice of is the open orders section in the middle of the screen.
This section is here to keep track of your open profits and losses.

All of this together makes Coinbase the top 2 best place to trade altcoins for profits.

Here comes a quick look at the market selection at the top left side of the screen.

coinbase pro trading interface

This is a good advantage because you can change market in an instant if you hear about action else where.

Everything here is suited for very active trading.

I always liked trading on Coinbase.

It’s one of the most trusted and safest cryptocurrency exchanges out there.

Now when the allow margin trading on the Coinbase Pro platform I’m even more active here.

Trading has gotten more interesting with leverage aswell and my profits has increased a little.

If you would like to trade on Coinbase, click here to visit the exchange.

Very safe exchangeDoesn’t support many altcoins
Altcoin margin trading
Advanced trading interface
Low trading fees

Best for beginners – Binance

binance best exchange to trade altcoins

Supported Altcoins on Binance

Where can I find the best exchange to trade altcoins?

Binance is another centralized exchange which offers a lot of altcoins to trade.

Today there are 180+ coins on the platform and I’m sure this list will keep growing into 2021.

Here is the latest updated blog post from Binance.

binance coin list

I actually started out on Binance back in 2017 when it first launched.

I still remember how impressed I was with the user interface and the amount of coins there were.

Now everything is upgraded and this has become one of the best to trade altcoins.

They also offer to margin trade altcoins which is a good reson to try Binance.

Trading fees on Binance

Trading fees on Binance are very flexible and you can do a lot to lower your fees.

The standard taker fee is 0.10%

best exchange to trade altcoins binance fee table

Remember that the fee starts at 0.10% but the more you trade, the less fees you need to pay.

So the first step to lower the trading fees is to increase your monthly trading volume.
This is wonderful for very active day traders or heavy hitters with a lot of volume.

The second way to lower your fees is to trade on the BNB market.

The BNB market is traded with the native cryptocurrency of Binance, the BNB coin.

When you trade on the BNB market, your fees are instantly reduced by 25%, that’s a lot!

Here is a fee table for the BNB market.

bnb trading fees on binance

Here you can see that the standard taker trading fee starts at only 0.075%.

And, it goes lower from there, all the way to 0.03%.

That’s something.

To lower your BNB fee, all you need to to is to own more of the BNB coins.

Very simple.

The more you own, the lower the trade fees.

Trading interface on Binance

Binance trading interfaces are great.

There are two options if you are really looking to trade altcoin for profits.

The Classic interface and the Advanced interface.

Let’s take a look at the Classic first.

best exchange to trade altcoins binance trading inteface

First of all, very nice layout.

I’ve outlined the time frames at the to left side and the different markets to the right.

The order selection is below the chart which I find very nice.

I like to have the orders bunched under the chart. Other variations will of course work but this feels good.

It comes with two standard indicators plotted on the chart, MACD and three different MAs.

This is the more basic version of their trade interfaces but you still have access to the order book and recent trades.

This is a quick look at the Advanced trading interface on Binance.

At the top I’ve outlined the indicator section. Here you have a lot more variety when it comes to indicators.

One more time we see the order book close to the order navigation. Very good for active order flow traders.

The have added an Open Orders and Trade History Tab to this interface which is a must if you are controlling many orders or you trade a lot of leverage.

It’s also good because you can go through your altcoin trading day after you finish.

Overall. I’m very happy that Binance has managed to pump out two different trading interfaces.

This makes Binance the best place to trade altcoins for both beginners and more experienced traders.

Trading fees are also extremely favourable, which is a must for any altcoin trade platform.

I’ve mostly traded the advanced version of the interfaces and I’m very happy with my results this year.

If you would like to trade altcoins on Binance, click here to visit the exchange.

All payment methodsTakes longer to sign up
Margin trading
Advanced trading interface
Buy Crypto with Credit Card
Very low fees

Best trading tools – Bitfinex

bitfinex best exchange to trade altcoins

Supported Altcoins on Bitfinex

What is the best exchange to trade altcoins?

Bitfinex is another centralized cryptocurrency exchange with a lot of coins.

They currently supports trading in over 160 coins.

This list will keep growing as time passes, trust me on that.

I went to their coinpage to check it out and I counted the coins my self.

Here is a snapshot of the coin page. You can go here your self and look through all the coins.

coins on bitfinex

I managed to find a lot of interesting new altcoins that I could not find on the other platforms.

So head over and take a look.

Trading fees on Bitfinex

The basic taker trading fee starts at 0.20% on Bitfinex.

best exchange to trade altcoins bitfinex fee table

Keep in mind that this is the taker fee. This fee is for traders who are using the market orders to enter positions.

If you however are more used to trading altcoins with limit orders you are paying the Maker fees to the left.

The same goes for Bitfinex where you can reduce your trade fees by trading more actively.

You can also hold their token LEO to reduce your fees instantly with 25%.

That’s a good option for very active crypto day traders and heavy crypto swing traders.

Trading interface on Bitfinex

Bitfinex has a very good trading interface.

The chart is from tradingview so you will never have to worry about a chart lagging ever again, it’s amazing.

Take a look at this.

best exchange to trade altcoins bitfinex trading interface

To the left you have the order selection.

There are a lot of orders to choose from, such as, Limit, Market, Stop, Stop Limit, Trailing stop loss, and more!

This is definitely suited for more experienced traders who’s been in the game for some time.

You can make all kind of creative orders on this platform.

This is one reason why Bitfinex is the best altcoin trading platform.

And, there are numerous indicators to choose from.

I decided to show you the RSI and MACD in this image, and they look very nice.

For me, Bitfinex has stepped up their trading game and I come here from time to time to margin trade altcoins.

The best way to trade altcoins is of course on the platform you feel most comfortable on.

I really like Bitfinex and last time I shorted Bitcoin, it was here and I manage to take home some nice profits.

If you would like to trade on Bitfinex, click here to visit the exchange.

A lot of coinsNot a lot of leverage
Margin trading
Option to short altcoins
Competitive trading fees
Very good interface

Best for leverage – Bitmex

bitmex best exchange to trade altcoins

Supported Altcoins on Bitmex

Which is the best exchange to trade altcoins?

Bitmex does not have the longest list of altcoins but they have something else that’s very unusual and interesting.

Here is a quick look at the coins on the platform.

The reason why I put Bitmex on this list is for two reasons.

First, they have one of the highest levels of leverage for altcoins.

Second, they have a very good trading interface, mor on that soon.

On Bitmex you can trade Ethereum with up to 50x leverage and the other altcoins up to 33.3x leverage.

This is unusual and not many altcoin trading platforms can deliver that.

Trading fees on Bitmex

The standard trade fees on Bitmex is 0.25%.

Here is the full table of trading fees on Bitmex. (You can also see the leverage for all coins)

trading fees on bitmex

(Sidenote: You can change leverage on bitmex in a trade)

Now, the special thing about Bitmex is the Maker fee.

You need to understand the difference between Maker fee and Taker fee.

If you are trade with Market orders, you pay the Taker fee.

If you trade with Limit orders, you pay the Maker fee.

Now, if you are using Limit orders on Bitmex, you are getting rebated.
This means that you get paid for trading.

That’s very interesting.

You can trade altcoins for profit by beeing a market maker aswell.

Trading interface on Bitmex

Bitmex has one interface, and I really like it.

Take a look at this.

bitmex trading interface

First of all I want to say that this trading interface is fully customizable.
You can move things exactly as you like them and you can remove or add anything you like.

So, this layout can be changed in a million ways.

On the left side you have the order selection and here you can go crazy with all kinds of different orders.

Limit orders, Market orders, Stop orders, Trailing stop losses and Take profit orders + more.

There are endless variations to your trade setups with these order types.

The chart is the inhouse chart from Bitmex and it’s super responsive.

It also has all the functionalities you might need like, indicators, all time frames and of course drwaing on the chart.

There are two other charting packages on Bitmex.

These are called Ninja Trader and Sierra Trade.

Here is a quick look at Ninja trader.

These have other functionalities and if you are really into market makin etc this is a good choise.

Here is a look at Sierra Trade.

A little bit weird but for some traders this comes very handy.

At the end of the day Bitmex is one of the best ways to trade altcoins.

Not because there are a lot of coins, but because you can short sell altcoin, trade altcoins with high leverage and use very good charting tools.

I mainly trade Bitcoin and Ethereum on Bitmex and I’ve had a very good run this winter with high leverage.

If you would like to trade on Bitmex, click here to visit the exchange.

High leverage for altcoinsNot many coins
Option to short altcoins
Low trading fees
Advanced trading interface
Good for market makers


To find the platform to trade altcoins you need to know which exchanges are best for trading altcoins and then compare them.
This review brings you the best altcoin trading sites on the market.

There is something for everyone here.

No matter if you are crypto day trader or investor, you will find the best exchange to trade altcoins for your needs.

If you want to know more about each platform, read through the whole review.

If you are in a hurry to trade, check the compare table at the top to check which exhcange suits you best.

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