Best place to Buy Altcoins

The best place to buy altcoins depends on what you are looking for.
Are you going to purchase a lot of altcoins to invest or do you want to buy altcoins with a credit card and then trade?

No matter what style of investing or trading you prefer, these platforms has something for everyone.

The exchanges featured in this review is a mix of centralized exchanges and instant crypto exchanges.

I’ve included the most important features of each platform such as:

  • Supported Altcoins
  • Deposit Methods
  • Trading Fees
  • Leverage

They all have different functionalities.

Some are specialized in trading and others only have massive lists of coins where you will find any coin you are looking for.

Best Exchanges to Buy Altcoins compared

ExchangeSupported AltcoinsDeposit methodsTrading feesLeverageRating
150+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
180+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
400+Credit Card
250+Credit Card
100+Credit Card

Best way to buy altcoins for traders and investors

The best way to buy altcoins is through a platform that serves your need.

If you are looking to day trade you might want to choose Binance or KuCoin since their trading interfaces are more advanced.

If you want to know where to purchase for investment purposes, then Changelly, CoinSwitch, and Changehero are better choices.

These instant exchanges do not have any fancy trading interfaces, but they do have a lot of coins available that no other exchanges have
Here you will find most of the new coins and tokens that are not yet recognized by the more popular exchanges.

While buying altcoins on an instant exchange, you are in control over your coins.

Yes, thats right.

You don’t need an account on an instant platform.
You simply trade from wallet to wallet.

This way you can keep all your coins safely stored in your own wallets.

If you have never bought altcoins before this will be a good start for you.
You will learn the basics of the platforms and how to navigate.

If you are more experienced and you already know how to purchase cryptocurrency, maybe you will find some new features that you haven’t seen before.

No matter what your end game is, I’m sure this review will bring value to you.

How do I buy Altcoins

This review will also feature how to buy altcoins on each platform.
Some platforms have made it very easy for you to purchase your coins while others have a longer signup process.

There will be step by step guides for each exchange from signup to purchase.

On some of the platforms in this review you don’t even need to signup for an account before you start buying altcoins.

The traditional centralized exchanges will require you to create an account before you start though.
But this generally only takes a few minutes so it’s a small bump on the road.

When you have created an account it’s time to use the platform.

As you will, the platforms have different user interfaces and there will be some that you will like more.
That’s why I picked this mix, it has something for everyone.

My personal opinion is that instant exchanges have the easiest way to purchase altcoins.
You don’t need to sign up, and you can use your credit card.

I will show you how to do this aswell.

Where to Buy Altcoins

It’s a difficult question to answer if you don’t know where to look or which platforms to compare.
I’ve made it very easy for both crypto traders and crypto investors to navigate using the compare table at the top.

If you have decided where to buy cryptocurrencies and still want to know more knowledge about the platform.
Read the review below where I go more in-depth.

When you choose where to buy altcoins you should consider what your plan is.

Are you an experienced crypto trader or are you just beginning to test out some of the platforms.

If you have been in the game for a while it’s easier to choose because you have seen the exchanges before.

For those of you with less experience in investing I recommend that you read the full review.
This will give you a look at the exchanges and how they work.

Let’s get started.

Best overall – Changelly

changelly platform first page

Supported Altcoins on Changelly

Changelly is an instant crypto exchange and supports 150+ cryptocurrencies.

This is the cryptocurrency search page on changelly.

best place to buy altcoins changelly coin page

The reason this platform has so many coins is becuase it’s connected to many other exchanges.

The way it works is like this.

Changelly has an algorithm that scans other trading platforms for prices.

By doing this, you are ensured to get the best prices available on the market.

Pretty cool, I know.

Deposit methods on Changelly

On Changelly you have to option to use these payment methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrency
changelly payment options

This is on of the reason why I think Changelly is the best place to buy altcoins.

They have a lot of cryptocurrencies and they offer plenty of payment methods.

This will for sure suit most traders out there.

How to buy Altcoins on Changelly

I’m now going to explain step by step how to purchase altcoins on Changelly.

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. Click Buy on the exchange section buy altcoins
  3. Choose a payment method and click Buy Now payment method
  4. Click Buy Now buy now changelly
  5. Enter your wallet address
  6. Enter your Credit Card details
  7. Click Continue!

That’s how you buy altcoins on Changelly.

It’s fast, easy and secure.

Exactly how we want it to be.

If you would like to try Changelly, click here to visit the exchange.

All payment optionsNot many fiat currencies
A lot of cryptocurrencies
Low trading fees
Live Support

Best for traders – Binance

best place to buy altcoins binance exchange

Supported Altcoins on Binance

Binance is a centralized exchange and they support trading in 180+ cryptocurrencies.

That’s a lot more than most custodial platforms.

It’s also one of the reasons why Binance has become so popular over the last few years.

Here is a blog post from Binance where they tell the amount of coins on their platform.

best place to buy altcoins binance coin page

This blog post is from 31 December 2019 so I’m sure they’ve already updated this list.

In my opinion, Binance is still one of the best places to purchase alts thanks to their variety of coins and the deposit methods which you will see in a second.

Deposit methods on Binance

The best way to buy altcoins on Binance is with a Credit Card, but you can use Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrencies aswell.

It’s very straght forward and anyone who ever made an online payment before will know the drill.

Binance is also one of the most trusted platforms on the market.

This is why I always recommend to check them out before you start buying altcoins.

How to buy Altcoins on Binance

Here is the step buy step guide how to buy altcoins on Binance:

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. Hover over Buy Crypto binance credit card
  3. Click Credit / Debit card.
  4. Click Buy
  5. Add Card details and click next!

Congratulations, you’ve bought coins on Binance!

Considering the variety of cryptocurrencies and payment methods on this platform, I rank them very high.

I usually come here to day trade altcoins or to swing trade cryptocurrencies in general.

If you would like to try Binance, click here to visit the exchange.

All payment methodsLonger signup process
Advanced trading interfaces
Leverage trading
Very low trading fees
Option to short altcoins

Best instant exchange – CoinSwitch

Supported Altcoins on CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is another instant crypto exchange and they support over 400 altcoins!

That’s very impressive.

They have a cryptocurrency page where you can search though all their coins.

best place to buy altcoins coinswitch crypto page

I use this platform a lot when I can’t find what I’m looking for elsewhere.

Escpecially if I’m looking for a new altcoin that’s not recognized yet.

Deposit methods on CoinSwitch

On CoinsSwitch you have the luxury to purchase your alts with a Credit Card.

That’s another reason for this exchange to be listed in this review.

They have the biggest list of coins I’ve seen so far by a trusted exchange and there is an option to buy cryptocurrency with credit card.

payment page coinswitch exchange

This platform is actually using the same payment vendor as Changelly.

This tells me that I can trust them.

It’s incredibly easy to use CoinSwitch and it’s absolutely the best place to buy altcoins when you are looking for exotic coins.

How to buy Altcoins on CoinSwitch

Here is a step by step guide how to buy altcoins on CoinSwitch:

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. Click Buy with Bank Card
  3. Enter your Altcoin Wallet Address and click Continue
  4. Enter your Credit Card details and click Pay Now

Wonderful, that’s how you buy altcoins on CoinSwitch!

As you can see, it’s very basic and super fast.

I also like how user-friendly the interface is, that’s always a plus.

If you would like to use CoinSwitch, click here to visit the exchange.

Most coins on the marketNo trading interface
Credit Card payments
Very low trading fees
Trusted Exchange

Best for day traders – KuCoin

kucoin best place to buy altcoins

Supported Altcoins on KuCoin

KuCoin is a centralized exchange and supports more than 250 coins.

That’s even more than Binance.

They have become very popular in the last few years and really started to bloom during the latest Bitcoin bubble.

Take a quick look at the coin page on KuCoin.

kucoin cryptocurrency page

Don’t forget to head over to this page when you are on the platform.

There are a lot of new coins and very special coins that you won’t find on other popular exchanges.

Deposit methods on KuCoin

You will be happy to hear that KuCoin also let’s you pay with credit card.

You will also have the option to use cryptocurrency if you feel like.

Here we see the Simplex payment vendor.

One of the most popular and secure payment vendors on the crypto market at the moment.

Another reason why I trust KuCoin with my credit card payments.

How to buy Altcoins on KuCoin

It’s very easy to buy altcoins with credit card on Kucoin.

Here is a step by step explanation:

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. Hover over the Buy Crypto button
  3. Click Buy with Credit Card.
  4. Choose your Altcoin, the amount and click Buy Now
  5. Fill in your Credit Card details and click Pay Now


That’s how easy it is on one of the best places to purchase altcoins.

If you have made an online payment before, it’s exactly the same.

I’ve bought some of my best investment this year on KuCoin.

If you would like to buy on KuCoin, click here to visit the exchange.

Advanced trading interfacesLonger signup process
Very low trading fees
Leverage trading
Option to short altcoins
Huge list of coins

Best for swaps – ChangeHero

changehero best place to buy altcoins

Supported Altcoins on ChangeHero

ChangeHero is the third instant crypto exchange on this list and they support 100+ coins.

This platform has become more popular recently and is expanding fast.

They don’t have a coinpage but it’s very easy to scroll on their exchange section.

best place to buy altcoins changehero coin list

You will find most of the popular cryptocurrencies here.

Some of the cryptocurrencies on this platform has not been recognized by the majority of traders.

That’s a good reason to try them out if you have heard about any new coin with potential.

Deposit methods on ChangeHero

ChangeHero is also supporting payments with Credit or Debit card and of course cryptocurrencies.

This is the purchase or exchange section on the platform.

They have made it very easy to navigate and you will never have any problems buying crypto on this exchange.

So choose if you want to exchange, buy or sell crypto.

How to buy Altcoins on ChangeHero

Let me take you through the process of buying on ChangeHero, step by step:

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. On the first page, choose your Altcoin, your amount and click Buy
  3. Enter your wallet address and phone number and click Buy
  4. Enter the SMS-code
  5. Enter your Credit Card details


That’s how easy it is.

Very straight forward and nothin can go wrong here.

I’ve been very happy with the newer cryptocurrencies I bought on ChangeHero.

If you would like to buy on ChangeHero, click here to visit the exchange.

Credit / Debit card paymentsNo trading interface
Low trading fees
Live chat
No signup needed
Very user-friendly


The best place to buy altcoins is on the exchange that suits you best, wether you are a crypto trader or investor.
This review will show you the best of both worlds with instant crypto exchange and normal centralized exchanges.

They are all different. Some have better trading interfaces and some have more cryptocurrencies to choose from.

It’s all up to you now to choose where you want to buy altcoins.

If you are in a hurry, check the compare table at the top.

Or read more about the exchange review you think will fit you best.

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Are Altcoins worth investing in?

Where can I buy altcoins?

You can buy Altcoins on any of these exchanges, Changelly, Binance, CoinSwitch, Kucoin, and ChangeHero.

What are the best Altcoins?

Some of the best cryptocurrencies are the newest cryptocurrencies on the market.
Visit any of these exchanges to find new altcoins, Changelly, CoinSwitch, and ChaneHero.

How do I buy Altcoins with US Dollars?

Most of the exchanges in this review accepts US dollars.

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