The best way to start your long-term cryptocurrency portfolio is to buy a fraction of Bitcoin on a trusted Bitcoin investment site and keep re-investing at set intervals. Small but regular investments have proven to be very successful among retail investors since a commitment of large amounts of money can seem scary and it often puts a lot of stress on the individual.

Use our exchange tool below to start your Bitcoin investments at your own pace.

how to buy a fraction of bitcoin

You don’t need to buy a whole Bitcoin, buy a fraction!

How to buy a fraction of Bitcoin

Use our exchange tool and follow these steps:

  1. Select your fiat currency.
  2. Choose the amount you want to buy.
  3. Agree to the T&Cs.
  4. Click Buy.
  5. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address.
  6. Click Continue.

This will take you to our partner page to buy Bitcoin safely on the Changelly website. Changelly might ask you to go through the KYC process where you will need to send in your passport or driver’s license.

You can keep your coins in your Changelly wallet or your own wallet.

buying a fraction of a bitcoin

Can you buy a fraction of Bitcoin?

The smallest amount of Bitcoin you can buy is called a satoshi which is a fraction of a Bitcoin. Use our tool below to buy satoshis to the minimum value of $30. Our exchange tool is provided by our partner Changelly who is a leader in bitcoin to fiat transactions.

This is a great way to get started with cryptocurrency investing if you can’t afford to buy a full Bitcoin or just want to divide the investments into smaller parts.

So, yes, you can buy a fraction of a bitcoin when using the correct exchange platform. We recommend that you use our tool at the top of this page but if you want more operators to choose from we have made a list further down in this guide.

What is a fraction of a Bitcoin?

A fraction of a Bitcoin is any amount that is less than a whole BTC, also called a satoshi. Satoshis were created to streamline the Bitcoin blockchain and enable smaller transactions.

Most members of the blockchain do not have enough capital to own a full BTC and that is why the fraction was created. An average BTC transaction is much less than 1BTC and therefore it only makes sense to divide the coin into smaller pieces so everyone can benefit.

Fractions are used for many other purposes than just transactions and investments. Payments are made in BTC daily and if you want to buy a coffee with Bitcoin you need to be able to pay the equivalent dollar amount of the coffee in BTC.

Other investors also ask

Yes, that is possible. Simply navigate to our exchange tool above and select the amount you wish to purchase. Follow the instruction given above.

A 10th of a BTC is measured in satoshis which are the smaller units of the coin.

Yes, you can. Our exchange tool at the top of the page allows for fractional purchases of Bitcoin. Buy for example 0.1BTC or less with your credit card.

No, you do not. It is possible to buy BTC in smaller units such as 0.2BTC, 0.05BTC, or even 0.0005BTC.

This is possible and in fact, it is very common for traders and speculators to buy less than a full BTC. This is because one coin is worth more than $20.000 and that is a lot of money for the average investor.

Yes, Coinbase offers fractional shares of Bitcoin as investments. You can choose how much you want to buy of each coin once you are inside the platform. Once you are getting ready to purchase, select the amount you want to buy in dollars or euros. Once you have completed the purchase, your satoshis will be available in your Coinbase wallet.

Buying small units of BTC is a great way to get started with crypto investments. Bitcoin is the most popular with the highest market value. BTC has been the strongest performing cryptocurrency since 2009.

What is the smallest amount of Bitcoin you can buy?

With our partner Changelly you can buy as little as 0.000051BTC which translates into roughly $30 depending on the current BTC market value.

However, the smallest amount of Bitcoin that exists today is 0.00000001 BTC which is worth around $0.0001959 counting today’s price.

Most exchange operators do not offer these low transactions or purchases because their payment vendors have limits on how low payments or transactions can be. This has to do with the lower exchanges not being profitable for the vendors.

There are some platforms that offer smaller units but most of these platforms are off-shore cryptocurrency exchanges which I would not recommend.

Do you need to buy a whole Bitcoin?

No, you do not need to buy a whole Bitcoin. Instead, you can choose to buy a smaller unit of the coin. It is possible to buy lower amounts such as $200, $100, and even $30.

A BTC is made up of 100,000,000 satoshis and if you want you can buy 10,000 satoshis if you can’t afford more than that.

As a beginner investor, it is not wise to spend all your savings trying to buy a whole BTC when you can buy it in smaller parts.

So, next time you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies in general or the BTC coin, use our tool above to buy partial units.

Should you buy a fraction of a Bitcoin?

It is a great way to get started in cryptocurrency investing and benefit from this emerging technology with a smaller amount.

Even students or low-income families can buy their favorite coin.

If you use our dollar-cost averaging crypto guide it will guide you on how to buy fractions of Bitcoin with a pre-set interval of once per week, once every two weeks, or even once per month.

This will ensure that you invest a small amount of your savings at a steady pace.

Keep in mind that when you invest in a smaller amount of BTC the fees can start to eat up your investments if you go too low.

A safe amount would be at least $30 per transaction.

Is it possible to sell fractions of bitcoins?

Yes, you can both buy and sell satoshis easily through our exchange tool at the top of this page. This lets you invest at lower prices and sell your coins for profits when the prices rise.

Another reason why you would like to sell only parts of your BTC is if you want to withdraw cryptocurrency to cash for some reason. You might want to pay for a trip or even pay your rent with parts of your Bitcoin.

Then it’s a good option to only sell a fraction and keep the remainder of your cryptocurrency on the exchange that you are using.

Where can you buy fractions of a Bitcoin?

Trading Browser has reviewed several Bitcoin investment sites with the option of buying smaller units of the coin. In this guide, we have recommended our partner Changelly to handle the fractional purchase of BTC.

Change NOW is a reputable exchange platform that offers safe investing from fiat to crypto at very favorable fees.

However, if you want a list of more platforms that offer the same service, here are some that we recommend:

  1. BitYard – Accepts US clients
  2. Coinbase – International exchange
  3. UpHold – Regulated in the United States
  4. Anycoin Direct – Regulated in Europe

All three of these operators are regulated and they accept both clients from Europe and the United States.

Be ready to prepare your passport or driver’s license to pass the KYC process. All investments with national currencies are subject to money laundering inspection.

Things to consider before you start

Remember that the fees stay the same even for transactions as low as $30 and depending on the exchange operator that you choose you will pay a commission of around 3% if you choose to pay with a credit card.

Some operators have a flat fee that can quickly eat up your investments. However, if you use our exchange tool at the top you are in good hands with a trusted provider.

Once you have made a deposit, you will receive your satoshis in your Bitcoin wallet. It is your job to protect your coins while they are in your own custody.

Remember to always use a trusted wallet provider, we recommend Trustee Wallet. This wallet has a very user-friendly interface which makes transacting seamless right from the start.