How To Buy Penny Cryptocurrencies

If you are looking to buy the best penny cryptocurrency you need to find the right exchange that supports trading in undervalued cryptocurrencies. This guide will list the top 5 exchanges on the market with the best cryptocurrencies under a penny.

The next top penny cryptocurrency is out there somewhere and it’s probably getting ready to take off soon.

We all know how the crypto market works. The smallest penny altcoins can grow 1000x in a few months and if we find them early we can enjoy very handsome profits.

To find the best penny cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023 it’s all about the exchanges and what coins they support. I will take you through some of the crypto platforms that support a lot of penny altcoins to invest in.

How to buy penny cryptocurrencies – a step-by-step guide

  1. Choose a platform that has your coin listed.
  2. Sign up with an account.
  3. Identify yourself with your KYC documents (passport, driver’s license, or ID card).
  4. Find the “Buy Crypto” section in the main menu.
  5. Select your coin and choose the amount.
  6. Find your local fiat currency.
  7. Click Buy Now to proceed.
  8. Add your wallet address where you want to receive the coins.
  9. Continue by clicking Confirm/Buy Now.

Congrats, you’ve successfully invested in a penny cryptocurrency and it is now stored in your wallet. If you wish to find some of the best cryptocurrencies on the market with a low valuation, see our guide on crypto exchange with the most coins, or choose a platform from the table below.

ExchangeNumber of coinsAccepted fiat currenciesPayment methodsLocation
BitMart370+USD, EUR, CADVisa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Gift CardUnited States
BitYard230+USD, CNY, VND, EUR, HKD, JPY, IDR, KRW, RUB, BRL, RHB, GBP, PHP, SGD, INR, MYR, TRY, CAD, CHF, AUD, NOK, DKK, ZAR, NZDVisa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, PayId, Osko, SEPA, Sofort, Klarna, Interac e-transfer, iDEAL, Faster Payment System (FPS)Singapore
Indacoin60+USD, GBP, CAD, PLN, RUB, AUD, CHF, CZK, NZD, EUR, SEK, DKK, NOK, BRLVisa, MastercardUnited Kingdom
CoinSpot310+AUDPayId, B-pay, POLi, Osko, Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit (instant)Australia
Anycoin Direct30+EURiDEAL, SEPA, Giropay, Sofort, MyBank, Visa, Mastercard, EPS, BancontactNetherlands
EXMO30+USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, TRY, ZAR, JPY, ARS, AUD, AZN, BRL, BGN, CAD, CLP, COP, CRC, CZK, DKK, DOP, GEL, HKD, HUF, INR, IDR, ILS, KZT, MYR, MXN, MDL, MAD, NAD,TWD, NZD, NGN, NOK, PEN, UYU, PHP, PLN, QAR, RON, SGD, KRW, SEK, CHF, UAH, AED, UZS, VNDVisa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, ADV Cash, Yandex Money, Qiwi, Payeer, SEPA, Faster Payment System (FPS), Bacs, Chaps, Bank FrickUnited Kingdom
ChangeNOW340+USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, RUB, JPY, AUD, CHF, CZK, DKK, NOK, NZD, PLN, SEK, TRY, ZAR, HUF, ILS, KRW, CNYVisa, MastercardSeychelles
SimpleSwap640+USD, EUR, GBP, TRY, RUB, UAHVisa, MastercardUnited Kingdom
SwapSpace750+USD, EUR, GBP, GHS, ZAR, IDR, JPY, KES, MXN, NGN, RUB, TRY, TZS, UAH, UGX, BRLVisa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, CryptocurrencyMarshall Islands

1. SimpleSwap

buy penny cryptocurrency on simpleswap exchange

Supported penny cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap

One of the reasons I brought SimpleSwap to this review is the fact that they are supporting 300+ penny altcoins.

Since you won’t have an account on SimpleSwap you are in control of your undervalued cryptocurrencies in your own wallets.

That’s right. You need to keep them safe because the platform will not store them for you.

This is in some ways safer than traditional exchanges. If you are really good at keeping your coins in cold storage, you might take better care of the coins than any exchange out there.

Here is a quick look at the penny crypto search page on SimpleSwap.

simpleswap exchange coin list buy enny cryptocurrency

This list is full of penny cryptocurrencies to invest in and you can also sort them by price.

The only downside to this is that you might have too many coins to invest in at the end of the day.

Deposit methods on SimpleSwap

The only small downside to SimpleSwap is that you can’t invest in penny cryptocurrencies with a credit card.

But if you have ever traded crypto to crypto before you will have no problem doing it here.

I found it very easy to transact on SimpleSwap.

Here is an explanation SimpleSwap where they tell you how the exchange works.

buy penny cryptocurrency on simpleswap explanation

It’s not more complicated than a normal blockchain transaction where you have two wallets.

You need to have both wallets under control to make the exchange.

How to buy cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap

Here you are swapping crypto to crypto.

This means that you either swap Bitcoin to Altcoin or Altcoin to Altcoin.

It’s very easy and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to buy penny altcoins on SimpleSwap:

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. On the first page, choose cryptocurrency and the amount.
  3. Enter the wallet address where the new cryptocurrency will land.
  4. Send the cryptocurrency you want to exchange to the provided wallet address.
  5. Confirm the exchange.
  6. Done!
A massive list of coinsNo fiat payment option
0% trading fee
No signup
Trusted Exchange

2. KuCoin

buy penny cryptocurrency on kucoin exchange

Supported penny cryptocurrencies on KuCoin

KuCoin is a centralized crypto exchange and is currently supporting more than 250 altcoins.

That’s impressive.

I think KuCoin is one of the more trusted platforms out there with most cryptocurrencies today.

Penny crypto trading on KuCoin is probably very interesting considering they have very good trading interfaces.

You can even enjoy leverage on KuCoin.

If you are lucky you might be able to trade undervalued cryptocurrencies with leverage.

Here is a quick look at the crypto page on KuCoin.

kucoin cryptocurrency page

This list seems endless and I can really imagine that the best cryptocurrency under 1$ might be here.

The best penny cryptocurrencies to invest in are not always the most hyped coins.

And I found a lot of new altcoins on KuCoin that have not been recognized by the public yet.

So I recommend that you head over there and take a good look.

If you are lucky you will find some of the next top cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Deposit methods on KuCoin

On KuCoin you can deposit with Credit Card and Cryptocurrency, it’s up to you to decide.

Not all of the penny altcoins will be available with a credit card so you might need to buy Bitcoin first or transfer Bitcoin to your account before you start investing.

buy penny cryptocurrency kucoin credit card page

KuCoin is using the Simplex payment vendor and it’s very trusted in the crypto space.

It’s fast and the fees are very good.

I think KuCoin is one of the more trusted trading platforms out there and that’s one good reason to use them.

So when you are looking for the best cryptocurrency under 1$, sometimes you have to take an extra step to be able to buy it.

How to buy cryptocurrencies on KuCoin

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy a top penny cryptocurrency on KuCoin

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. In the top right corner, hover over the Assets button and click Buy Crypto.
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency, and the amount, and click Buy Now.
  4. Agree to the Terms of Use and click Confirm.
  5. Fill in your Credit Card details and click Pay Now.
A massive list of coinsLonger sign up process
Option to short crypto
Advanced trading interface
Credit card payments
Low trading fees

3. Changelly

buy penny cryptocurrency on changelly crypto exchange

Supported penny cryptocurrencies on Changelly

Here is a quick look at the cryptocurrency page on Changelly.

They will also give a short description of the coin itself.

I’ve found so many new coins by reading these short lines. To find even more projects read our guide on how to find new crypto coins and projects.

coin page on changelly

This is another instant crypto exchange and it has gotten one of the best reputations in the crypto community.

The way Changelly and other instant platforms is through integration with other platforms.

Changelly has a trading price algorithm that scans several traditional exchanges all the time for the best prices.

So instead of signing up 5 different accounts on different platforms, you can get access to all the coins through Changelly.

Pretty awesome right.

Another thing about instant exchanges is that you are in control of your own coins.

There is no signup on Changelly and you don’t need an account.

The only thing you need is cryptocurrencies and wallets.

That’s it!

If you are good at keeping your coins safe, you don’t have anything to worry about.

The best altcoins under a penny will be just as safe in your possession as on an exchange if you know how to store them.

Deposit methods on Changelly

The good thing about Changelly is that you have all the payment options you will ever need.

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrency

This is one reason why Changelly has become so popular, everyone has a payment option.

When you have found your penny altcoins to invest in you simply head over to their exchange page, which looks like this.

buy penny cryptocurrency on changelly exchange page

In this case, I picked Nano just for demonstration.

On the left side, you get to choose your preferred payment method and the number of altcoins you want to buy.

On the right side, you will see all the different prices that the trading algorithm found on the other exchanges.

You will also see the payment method options for each exchange.

Just click Buy now and proceed to payment.

How to buy cryptocurrencies on Changelly

Let’s take a look at how you would buy one of the best penny altcoins on Changelly, step by step:

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. On the first page, choose the Buy option.
  3. Select your Fiat currency, the altcoin, and the amount, and click Buy Now.
  4. On the exchange, choose the best price offer and click Buy Now.
  5. On the next buy, the page double-checks the amount and click Continue.
  6. Enter your cryptocurrency wallet address and click Confirm.
  7. On the last page enter your Credit Card details.
Many payment optionsNo trading interface
Very low trading fees
Trusted Exchange
User-friendly interface

4. Binance

buy penny cryptocurrency on binance exchange

Supported penny cryptocurrencies on Binance

I’m pretty sure that Binance has added a few coins to the exchange this year so this is only a good estimation.

The interesting thing about new coins on exchanges is that they have the possibility to be the best penny cryptocurrencies to invest in.

They are new, they have been accepted by a trusted exchange, which tells me some things about the project.

This is a good opportunity to scout new coins before they grow up.

Deposit methods on Binance

Binance is also one of those exchanges you can rely on when it comes to depositing funds.

Today you can choose between Credit Card, Bank transfers, and of course Cryptocurrencies.

This is the Buy page you will see if you click the Buy Crypto button.

buy penny cryptocurrency with credit card on binance

For my part, I tend to use Credit cards more often.

Sometimes if I have Bitcoin to spare I transfer them for trading.

One more thing to remember is that you can trade almost all other coins against Bitcoin so it’s good to keep some spare BTC.

How to buy penny cryptocurrencies on Binance

I will now explain step by step how to buy your best penny cryptocurrency on Binance:

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. On the first page, hover over the Buy Crypto button in the top left corner and click Credit / Debit card.
  3. Choose your Fiat currency, choose your coin and the amount, then click Buy.
  4. Enter your name and fill in your Credit Card details and click next.
A lot of payment methodsLonger sign up process
Leverage trading
Option to short altcoins
Very low trading fees
Good reputation

5. CoinSwitch

buy penny cryptocurrency on coinswitch exchange

Supported penny cryptocurrencies on CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is an instant crypto platform and they are very special because they offer trading in over 400 coins.

cryptocurrencies on coinswitch.

Here you can see all the altcoins they offer for trading, plus a complete analysis with rates, charts, and price predictions.

This is service!

It’s also a very trusted exchange, which makes them even better.

Always when I see an exchange with a huge list of coins I get a little skeptical, but not with CoinSwitch.

They have a good reputation and I really like the exchange functionalities.

Deposit methods on CoinSwitch

On CoinSwitch you have the luxury of choosing between over 400 coins and pay with a Credit Card.

buy penny cryptocurrency with credit card on coinswitch

You can of course transact crypto to crypto if you like.

Since this is an instant altcoin exchange you will be in control over your wallets and your coins.

So what you do is, you buy penny cryptocurrency first and then you store it in your own wallets.

This is sometimes even safer than keeping them on the exchanges since most centralized platforms are at risk of hacks.

How to buy penny cryptocurrencies on CoinSwitch

Let’s go through how to use CoinSwitch, step by step.

  1. Visit the exchange!
  2. On the first page, click Buy with Bank Card.
  3. Choose Fiat currency, choose your altcoin + the amount and enter the wallet address then click Continue.
  4. Enter your Credit Card details and the billing address and click Pay Now.
Mot altcoins on the marketNo trading interface
Very user-friendly
Low trading fees
Credit Card option
Trusted exchange

Where to buy penny cryptocurrencies

The list of exchanges in this review has been selected for a special reason. Many altcoin platforms out there lack the coin selection to satisfy most crypto traders. These 5 crypto exchanges are safe and will help you find what you are looking for.

The best-undervalued cryptocurrencies are usually pretty new and it might be hard to find them, and even more hard to buy them.

I have selected three instant crypto exchanges, SimpleSwap, Changelly, and CoinSwitch. What’s special about these platforms is that you don’t need to sign up for an account before you buy or trade. The only thing you need is to have wallets for all your altcoins and that’s it.

Some of the exchanges will even help you out if you are missing some of the wallets for any new coins you might find.

The best penny altcoins are sometimes hard to find. However, if you are looking at the best exchanges you have a better chance of catching them before they bloom and make the 100x or sometimes even 1000x.

The two other exchanges to buy penny cryptocurrencies are KuCoin and Binance. These are traditional custodial platforms where you need to create an account before you start buying. This is sometimes better because the exchange will control and store your altcoins for you.

The benefit of trading on a traditional exchange is that you sometimes can trade with leverage or even short sell penny cryptos that you think might be overvalued.

So, after you have read all the reviews or the one you find most interesting, head over and start looking for the next penny crypto.

Do your homework and analyze the market.
One good thing about the market is that it has gotten bigger and there are a lot more altcoins to choose from so you will have many coins to bet on.


This review is for anyone who is looking to buy penny cryptocurrency but doesn’t know where to look.
These exchanges will bring you over 1000 coins together and I’m pretty sure you will find what you are looking for.

Some of the best investments are made in coins that have not been recognized but the public yet.

And to find them you need to look a little deeper. This is exactly why this review brings value to you.
You will be able to find coins you will not find anywhere else.

So if you are in a hurry, take a quick look at the comparison table above.

If you have more time, read through the specific exchange review that might seem most interested to you before you start investing.

The cheapest cryptocurrency is found on any of the exchanges in this review.
Check out these Cryptocurrency Exchanges, SimpleSwap, Binance, KuCoin, Changelly, and CoinSwitch.

If you are looking to invest with fiat, the answer to this is in any of the exchanges in this review.
Together they support trading in over 1000 Altcoins.

Try any of these exchanges, SimpleSwap, Binance, KuCoin, Changelly, and CoinSwitch.