Cheapest Bitcoin Exchanges with the Lowest Fees

The cheapest bitcoin exchanges with the lowest fees on the market are growing every month with increased demand from investors.

Not only do you need to use a secure platform, but you also need to look for low fees when you choose a Bitcoin exchange.

Bad actors might try to steal your money by adding insanely high fees.

This is why I’ve decided to help you out with this article.

We will take a deeper look at thes most important fees:

  • Trading fee
  • Deposit fee
  • Withdrawal fee

Below is a list of what I think are the cheapest bitcon exchanges for 2021.

Keep in mind that they have different fees depending on if you want to send a blockchain transaction, day trade bitcoin, or buy bitcoin with a credit card.

This list is for all purposes and I’m sure you will find what you are lookin for, so take a minute to scroll through to find your exchange.

Cheapest Bitcoin Exchanges compared

ExchangeCredit Card FeePayment MethodTrading FeeInfo

Trusted Platform
Lowest Credit Card Fees
Buy Bitcoin Instantly
Visit Exchange
Rate set by sellers
+335 more

 Recommended Exchange!
343 Payment Methods!
Trusted platform
Visit Exchange

Buy Crypto with Credit Card
Professional Trading Interface
Very good Reputation
Visit Exchange

125x Bitcoin Leverage!
Good for all Traders!
Option to Short Crypto
Visit Exchange

Best for Beginners
Very High Security
Buy Crypto with Credit Card
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Advanced trading interface
Trade Bitcoin with Leverage
Good for Experienced Traders
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Buy Bitcoin Instantly
No Account Needed
A lot of Altcoins
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 Regulated Exchange Not great for day trading
 Cheapest Card payments

Trading fee

Taker trading fee on is 0.25%.

Maker trading fee on is 0.16%.

Deposit and withdrawal fee

With exceptionally low card fees, is one of the cheapest bitcoin exchanges of 2021.

Payment methodDeposit feeWithdrawal fee
ACHNot available0%
Domestic Wire Transfer0Not available
Faster Payments0No fee
SEPA0No fee



Buy Bitcoin for free Active trading not available
Low transactions fees
Trusted platform

Trading fee

For sending bitcoin on the Paxful platform you pay between $0 and $20 depending on the size of your transaction.

Incoming transactions to your account are free of charge.

Deposit and withdrawal fee

The main reason to use Paxful is thanks to the 0% fee when you buy bitcoin.

This makes it esentially free to buy BTC.

Payment methodDepositWithdrawal
Bank Transfer00.5%
Credit/Debit Cards01%
Online Wallets01%
Goods and Services01%
Gift Cards03%



Strong security Non-regulated
Big Exchange
Great trading interface

Trading fee

When you start trading at OKEX you begin with 0.15% taker fee and 0.10% maker fee.

This makes OKEX one of the cheapest bitcoin exchanges to actively day trade on.

Remember that his scales up and the more you trade the lower your fees get.

Deposit and withdrawal fee

Payment methodDepositWithdrawal
Credit/Debit Card3.55%NA
Bank Transfer0NA
Cryptocurrency0Depends on currency



Large platform Not for US investors
Great for beginners
Great for day trading

Trading fee

If you trade on the normal spot exchange you will pay 0.10% per trade.

If you use the BNB coin you will pay 0.075% per trade.

This is a scalable fee structure where a higher trade volume will give you cheaper trading fees.

Binance is currently one of the cheapest crypto and bitcoin exchanges on the market.

Deposit and withdrawal fee

For a full list of cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal fees, click here.

Payment methodDepositWithdrawal
Bank Transfer0No fee
Credit/Debit Card3.50%3.50%
CryptocurrencyDepends of coinDepends on coin



Safest Bitcoin Exchange Not for active traders
Licensed platform
Very good reputation

Trading fee

The standard trading fee on Coinbase is 0.50%.

Deposit and withdrawal fee

Coinbase is not only the most secure BTC cryptocurrency platform, it is one of the cheapest bitcoin exchanges with a full license.

Payment methodDepositWithdrawal
Credit card3.99%2%
Debit Card3.99%2%
Bank Transfer01.5%



Professional trading interface Non-regulated
P2P Fiat Trade
Futures trading

Trading fee

To open a position on KuCoin you have to pay a fee of 0.10%.

If you decide to trade with the native token KCS your standard trading fee will be 0.08%.

These fees are scalable and in order to trade even cheaper, you need to increase your trade volume each month.

This makes KuCoin one of the cheapest bitcoin exchanges for large traders.

Deposit and withdrawal fee

Full list of all cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal fees can be found on this page.

Deposit methodDepositWithdrawal
Credit Card4%NA
Debit Card4%NA
CryptocurrencyDepends of coinsDepends of coins



Instant Exchange Non-regulated
Several payment options
Trade from other platforms

Trading fee

If you trade in the spot market the starting trading fee on Changelly i 0.25%

Changelly is one of the cheapest instant bitcoin exchanges of 2021.

Deposit and withdrawal fee

Deposit methodDepositWithdrawal
Credit Cards5 – 10%5%
Debit Cards5 – 10%5%
Bank transfer0NA
CryptocurrencyDepends of coinDepends of coin

Bitcoin exchanges with the lowest trading fees

If you are a day trader looking for a cheap BTC exchange with low trading fees this guide will help you find what you are looking for.

Here is my top 5 list of the cheapest bitcoin exchanges for active traders:

  1. Prime XBT – 0.05%
  2. ByBit – 0.075%
  3. Binance – 0.10%
  4. KuCoin – 0.10%
  5. Phemex – 0.10%

These exchanges are also great if you are looking to short bitcoin or trade bitcoin with leverage since the low fee structure will stay for margin trading as well.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between the fees on a platform, there are two main fees:

  • Taker
  • Maker

Taker fees are generally the most common type of fees amongst traders and it is the fee you pay when you use market orders to take liquidity from the order book.

Maker fees are often cheaper and will sometimes even give you a cashback on your trades. Maker fees are the fees paid for adding liquidity to the order book.

Some platforms will even pay traders for adding liquidity to the order book and therefore the maker fee is very attractive in some cases.

Bitcoin exchanges with the lowest deposit and withdrawal fees

If you are a cryptocurrency investor and are looking for a cheap BTC exchange where the deposit and withdrawal fees are low this list below will help you out.

These are the top 5 cheaepst bitcoin exchanges in terms of deposit and withdrawal fees:

  1. – 2.99%
  2. Paxful – Rate set by sellers
  3. Binance – 3.50%
  4. OKEX – 3.50%
  5. Coinbase – 3.99%

If you are looking to deposit or withdraw digital currencies the platforms usually have a page to display all the different fees for each coin.

So head on to the platform and do some research if you are going to deposit a specific coin.

What’s great about these BTC platforms is that they offer a great variety of payment methods which makes them suitable for all traders around the globe.

Can I buy Bitcoin without an exchange?

Yes, it is possible but you will need a bitcoin wallet to make the transaction.

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are the tokens of the blockchain and they are transferred between wallets, online.

In order for you to buy BTC without an exchange, you need to create a wallet, click here to read more about bitcoin wallets.

Then you need to find a seller that is willing to sell you their Bitcoin without an exchange.

Once you’ve got a seller you can deal which price you want to pay and then send the money through your bank accounts or PayPal for example.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to buy bitcoin without an exchange since there is no security.

That is why I always recommend that you find a trusted bitcoin investment site if you are looking to invest.

Can I invest $100 in Bitcoin?

Yes you can invest $100 or less in BTC.

Many of the exchanges I’ve recommended in this guide will accept very small investments.

You do not need a big bank roll to invest in BTC, you can start with as little as $25.

Start by finding an exchange that offers your payment method and follow these steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Secure the account
  3. Invest in bitcoin

To keep your bitcoins safe you can activate the 2FA verification or the Google Authentication code with your mobile phone.

Here are some bitcoin exchanges that will accept $100 or smaller investments:

Have a look and see which one suits you best, then make your investment.

Good luck!

Which Bitcoin wallet has the lowest fees?

Trying to find a cheap bitcoin wallet can be tricky, but this guide will help you along the way.

Here is my top 6 this list of bitcoin wallets with the lowest fees:

If you need more information about BTC wallets, please head over to this article.

There you will be able to read about everything you need to know about these wallets, such as:

  • Fees
  • Price
  • Security
  • Storage type
  • Pros
  • Cons


In this guide, I list the cheapest bitcoin exchange with the lowest trade fees, deposit fees, and withdrawal fees.

There are many great platforms to choose from and these are the best of 2021.

You will be able to see tables with all the fees listed for each exchange.

In regards to cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal fees, I’ve linked to the fee page on each exchange.

Good luck with your investing!


What are the best Bitcoin exchanges?

In regards to low fees and high security, I would recommend either Binance, Coinbase, or Changelly. Trade or buy BTC with low fees and very good security.

Which Bitcoin exchange has the lowest fees?

In terms of Credit Card fees, it is If you are looking to day trade BTC with low fees it’s Phemex.

Can I buy Bitcoin for $1?

Yes on some exchanges you can buy Bitcoin for as little as $1.

What is the cheapest Bitcoin exchange?

If you want to invest with a credit card, is the cheapest with a 2.99% card payment fee.

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