Crypto Exchange Comparison 2021

This crypto exchange comparison for 2021 will outline the best cryptocurrency platforms on the market today. The reason I’ve decided to show these exchanges is that they all have very special features that I know crypto traders and investors need.

Depending on your own preference you will be able to find the platform best suited for you.
Some traders prefer very low trading fees while others just want an exchange with a massive list of coins. No matter what you are looking for this exchange list will bring value to you.

I’ve added all the special functionalities and extra features for every platform, such as:

  • Supported Coins
  • Deposit Methods
  • Trading Fees
  • Leverage
  • Option to Short
  • Trading Interface
  • Credit Card Fee
  • Support
  • Security
  • Trading App

Before you choose a platform make sure you read through the entire article to not miss any important details.

Every cryptocurrency investor is different and for that reason, I’ve made sure to include both exchanges that are made for pure trading and other platforms that are made for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Some of the platforms are instant crypto exchanges, if you haven’t heard about them before, make sure to check them out.
If you are in a hurry to pick a trading platform, check the comparison table below.

Best Crypto Exchanges Comparison Table

ExchangeSupported CoinsDeposit MethodsTrading FeesLeverageOption to shortTrading InterfaceCredit Card FeeSupportSecurityTrading App
Changelly150+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
0.25%NoBasic5% – 10%YesGoodYes
250+Credit Card
0.10%100xYesBasic + Advanced4%YesVery GoodYes
100+Credit Card
Debit Card
0.50%NoBasic2.95% – 3.95%YesGoodNo
180+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
0.10%125xYesBasic + Advanced3.50%YesVery GoodYes
400+Credit Card
0.49%NoBasic5% – 10%YesGoodNo
60Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Cryptocurrency Apple Pay
0.15%100xYesAdvanced3.5%YesVery GoodYes
160+Cryptocurrency0.20%5xYesAdvancedYesVery GoodYes
6Credit Card
0.05%100xYesAdvanced5% – 10%YesGoodYes
9Credit Card
Bank Transfer
10Credit Card
Debit Card
5.90%NoBasic5.9% – 10.9%YesGoodNo
20Credit Card
Bank Transfer

Which Crypto Exchange is best?

Are you a crypto investor or crypto day trader?
It all depends on what your style of trading is. If you are only investing long term I would recommend that you check out some of the instant platforms in the review. These platforms generally have more coins available and more exotic coins as well.

On most instant platforms you don’t need to sign up or send in KYC documents unless you are going to use your Credit Card. So the best crypto exchanges for investors only looking to find really good cryptocurrencies for buy and hold are definitely some of these platforms.

Another good thing about investing in cryptocurrencies through an instant cryptocurrency exchange is that you will receive all your coins into your own wallets. All the coins you buy or trade on the platform will go directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. There is no account on the exchange to store the tokens. This is all up to you and you can put the coins where ever you want after purchasing them.

Best cryptocurrency exchange for investing long term

  1. Changelly
  2. SimpleSwap
  3. ChangeHero
  4. CoinSwitch
  5. FixedFloat

This crypto exchange comparison would not be fair if I didn’t include some of the best custodial cryptocurrency platforms. These platforms all have their own order books, they store all the coins on the exchange and often they have more functionalities.

If you are going to actively trade cryptocurrencies I would recommend that you use one of these platforms. Their trading interfaces are more developed and you will be able to enjoy faster execution with market orders directly from the order book.
Centralized cryptocurrencies exchanges are also good at storing coins but they are always running the risks of getting hacked thanks to the centralized server systems.

Best cryptocurrency exchange for short term trading

  1. Binance
  2. KuCoin
  3. Coinbase
  4. Okex
  5. Bitfinex
  6. Prime XBT
  7. ByBit
  9. Bitmex

All of these cryptocurrency trading sites have very good trading interfaces and you will be able to trade most of their coins with indicators and good charting tools.
These sites are also good if you are looking to invest in crypto long term but first, you will have to sign up and send in KYC documents. The signup process is a little bit longer.
How you trade cryptocurrencies once you are on the platforms is very easy. All of these platforms have very well designed trading interfaces.

What is the cheapest Crypto Exchange?

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies very cheap you need to find a platform with low trading fees. I recently wrote an article on cryptocurrency exchanges with very low fees where I compare the cheapest crypto exchanges.
Changelly is the only instant cryptocurrency trading site in that exchange comparison and I highly recommend that you check them out.

Another instant platform that I didn’t mention back then was SimpleSwap. This is one of the only exchanges where you can trade crypto for free. That’s right. You can trade cryptocurrency without fees and they have a very special system to get around it. Since they are connected to so many other exchanges they rely on prices from different cryptocurrency trading sites. SimpleSwap has a price algorithm that scans the market for the best prices and when they find a better than expected price, they make a small fee.

Cheapest cryptocurrency exchange for trading

  1. SimpleSwap
  2. Prime XBT
  3. ByBit
  4. KuCoin
  5. Binance
  6. Okex
  7. Bitfinex

All of these trading sites have very low cryptocurrency trading fees and on some of them, you can reduce the fees even further. So if you want to trade cryptocurrencies cheap, I recommend that you check them out.

I’ve also listed the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange when it comes to Credit Card fees. This is another very important aspect of your trading or investing. When you transfer fiat money to a platform it has to be done with a Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or any other online wallet. These cryptocurrency trading sites have the lowest fees on Credit Card payments and if you are thinking of depositing funds with fiat money I highly recommend them.

Cheapest crypto exchanges compared for investors

  1. ChangeHero
  3. Okex
  4. Coinbase
  5. Binance
  6. KuCoin

Choose any of these crypto trading sites if you want cheap credit card fees. Later when you have bought your coins with fiat money you can transfer the tokens to the platform you want to use.
This is a good way of escaping expensive fees.

Which Crypto exchange has the most Coins?

This would not be a true crypto exchange comparison if I left out the platform with most coins. Everyone want’s to know where to find a lot of tokens to trade or invest. I recently did a review of the top 5 cryptocurrency trading platforms with most coins on the market. Together all of these trading sites have over 1000 coins. That’s very impressive and I guarantee that you will find some new coins that you didn’t know existest before. I have certainly found a lot of new gems on these platforms.

Actually, 3 of these 5 platforms are instant platforms, how about that.

Cryptocurrency exchanges with a lot of coins compared

  1. CoinSwitch
  2. SimpleSwap
  3. Binance
  4. Changelly
  5. KuCoin

What I generally do is I go to one of these trading sites to look for new coins that no one else has discovered yet. This is a very good way to buy some great cryptocurrencies with a lot of potential for 2021.
It might take some time but if you buy very cheap cryptocurrencies and hold them for a while, they might generate a good return.

What is the largest Crypto Exchange?

Today the largest crypto exchange is Binance and that’s calculated by the actual trade volume.
As of writing this article, Binance has:

  • A trading volume of $2.0bn per 24 hour
  • A transaction capacity of 1,400,000+ transactions per second
  • Cryptocurrency Futures trading
  • Cryptocurrency Margin trading
  • Cryptocurrency Short trading
  • Spot trading
  • OTC trading
  • Crypto Savings account
  • Crypto Staking account
  • Mining pool
  • Crypto loans
  • Crypto derivatives trading

The list of functionalities on Binance goes on and on. It seems like they are adding a new cryptocurrency trading feature every month. It’s very impressive.

Binance also has a lot of foreign currencies and languages supported for traders all over the world.

Fiat currencies supported on Binance

  • USD
  • EUR
  • RUB
  • CNY
  • VND
  • TRY
  • ARS
  • AED
  • AUD
  • BRL
  • BGN
  • BDT
  • CHF
  • COP
  • CAD
  • CZK
  • DKK
  • EGP
  • GBP
  • HUF
  • HKD
  • INR
  • ILS
  • IDR
  • JPY
  • KES
  • KRW
  • KZT
  • MYR
  • MAD
  • MXN
  • NOK

  • NGN
  • NZD
  • PEN
  • PHP
  • PKR
  • PLN
  • RON
  • SAR
  • SGD
  • SEK
  • TWD
  • THB
  • UAH
  • UGX
  • VES
  • ZAR

As the largest crypto exchange today I would expect nothing less from Binance.

Supported languages on Binance

  • English
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Portugues
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian

You can of course combine your language with any of these the fiat currencies available on Binance.

So without any doubts, I will say that Binance is the largest crypto trading platform out there today and if you would like to give them a try, click here to visit the exchange.

What’s the safest Crypto Exchange?

The winner of this competition is definitely Coinbase.

And this is why.

Coinbase is regulated as a money transmission service, which basically means that they are obliged to keep back up funds for all their customers.

Here is what Coinbase said about their regulation.

So when you invest or buy cryptocurrency on Coinbase, all of your funds will be backed up in a safe bank deposit.

Take a look at this post from Coinbase.

crypto exchange comparison of coinbase

This perfectly says that your funds are held in banks, or if you are a foreign investor, in dedicated custodial accounts.

But this is not everything Coinbase has to offer when it comes to safety.

Whenever you invest or buy coins through the platform, all your digital currencies are stored offline is a so-called “cold storage”. These are wallets that are kept offline and out of reach for any hackers.

This is one of the reasons why Coinbase is the safest crypto exchange on the market today.

Here is what the Coinbase said about this security question.

crypto exchange comparison of coinbase storage

If I were to tell you one cryptocurrency trading platform that is safe to store crypto on, it would be Coinbase. I don’t know of any other platform that goes this far when it comes to cryptocurrency security.

This is why Coinbase has become so popular over the years and I believe they will keep growing with the crypto community for years to come.

Crypto Exchange Comparison – Conclusion

This crypto exchange comparison is meant for traders trying to find the right crypto trading platform. You might be a long term cryptocurrency investor or a very active cryptocurrency day trader. No matter what your style of trading is, you will be able to find the best exchange for your style of trading.

I’ve also mentioned the cryptocurrency platforms with most coins, cheapest trading fees, and also the safest cryptocurrency trading exchange I know of.

Go through the crypto exchange comparison table at the top to pick your favorite.

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What is the most secure Crypto Exchange?

Coinbase is regulated as a money transmission service.
Coinbase is keeping customer digital currency in safe offline cold storage as well as fiat currencies in real bank deposits.

Which is the biggest Bitcoin exchange?

Today Binance is the biggest Bitcoin exchange with over $2.0bn average daily trading volume.

What is the most trusted Bitcoin exchange?

Coinbase is the most trusted Bitcoin exchange today.

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