Crypto Exchanges with the most Coins in 2021

In this review you will the number one crypto exchange with most coins. I’ve also listed other cryptocurrency platforms with a lot of coins for you to choose between.

This list consist of both custodial trading platforms and instant cryptocurrency platforms.

If you are looking for a platform to trade many different coins, I can guarantee that yuo will find value in this article.

Special features reviewd:

  • Supported coins
  • Deposit methods
  • Trading fees
  • Trading interface

Make sure you read through the entire review before you pick your winner.

Some of these platforms are for pure trading while others are for buying or exchanging.

Maybe you will find your new favorite platform.

Best Crypto Exchanges with most coins compared

ExchangeSupported coinsDeposit methodsTrading FeesTrading InterfaceRating
400+Credit Card
180+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
0.10%Basic + Advanced⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
150+Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
250+Credit Card
0.10%Basic + Advanced⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Which Crypto Exchange has the most coins?

The crypto exchange with most coins on this list is for sure CoinSwitch with over 400 coins listed.
And the list keeps growing all the time.

When you are looking to buy a special coin but you can’t find it on any exchange you get very frustrated.
This review is meant to solve your problems for ever!

This list combined has more than 1000 supported cryptocurrencies.

You will find what you are looking for.
If not on the first platform, go to the next.

The cryptocurrency exchange with most coins is not always the best place for day trading.
As you will see in this list, 3 of these platforms are instant crypto exchanges.

They don’t have a standard trading interface and some of them don’t even require you to register before you trade.

But they have one thing in common.

A LOT of cryptocurrencies!

When I’m looking for a special coin to invest in, not to day trade, I go to these platforms.

They have most of the exotic altcoins I need for my portfolio.

One more thing to take notice of.

Instant cryptocurrency platforms with a lot of coins doesn’t have a normal account like any traditional platform.

The way you store coins is in your own wallet.

So you will need be your own security guard for your coins.

In some occasions this is actually more safe.

If you are good att storing and protecting your coins, you can do a better job than most centralized exchanges.

But now, enough dewlling, lets take a look at the top crypto exchange with most coins 2021.

What are the largest crypto exchanges?

The top 5 largest cryptocurrency exchanges are:

  1. Binance
  2. Coinbase
  3. KuCoin
  4. Okex
  5. Bitfinex

These exchanges have been around for some time now and have millions of active traders.

With reputation also comes safety and these platforms are considered to some of the most secure exchanges to store and trade cryptocurrencies on.

If you are looking for the largest cryptocurrency exchange you should definitely check some of them out.

They all have a good variety of coins, margin trading, and they’ve got very low fees.

They are centralized which means that they have their own order books and of course very developed trade interfaces.

1. CoinSwitch

coinswitch crypto exchange with most coins

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Supported coins on CoinSwitch

The number one cryptocurrency exchange with most coins is for sure CoinSwitch.

At the moment they are supporting 400+ cryptocurrencies

This is the search page for all their coins.

Feel free to head over to the platform to look for your favourit altcoins.

cryptocurrency list coinswitch

I am very impressed with CoinSwitch and their integration with other crypto platforms.

This is an instant crypto excange which means that they have no central storage or custodial for all the coins.

When you trade cryptocurrency on CoinSwitch, you are responsible for your own wallets and coins.

This has it’s benefits and drawbacks.

The drawback would be if you don’t have very good control over your wallets, your wallet addresses can get lost and you might be frustraded over this.

The benefit is that you can trade and exchange many altcoins without signing up for an account.

So it’s a lot faster.

Deposit methods on CoinSwitch

A huge benefit on this instant crypto exchange is the possibility to deposit with Credit card.

You can of course use your personal wallets to trade cryptocurrencies if you feel like doing that instead.

This is what the purchase page looks like and here you can choose your currency and the coins you want to buy.

coinswitch crypto exchange with most coins payment page

If you however want to trade with crypto.

Simply paste your receiving crytocurrency wallet address and follow the instructions.

To buy crypto with a credit card is a little bit faster.

Since this is the cryptocurrency exchange with most coins it’s a huge plus to have this payment option.

Trading Fees on CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch has very competitive trading fees.

The basic fee is 0.49% and sometimes you don’t have to pay any fee at all.

coinswitch crypto exchange with most coins fee table

Here they explain that you might have a 0% fee depending on what platform you get during the transaction.

Coinswitch is an instant crypto platform and they are integrated with several traditional exchanges.

Sometimes you will get prices from one exchange and another time a different exchange.

So therefor the trade fee will be different.

Trading Interface on CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch is the cryptocurrency exchange with most coins, but since it’s an instant crypto platform, they lack a proper interface.

The platform itself is not made to be traded on.

It’s made to swap currencies and that’s why they have such a massive list of coins.

Here is a snapshot of the simplified exchange interface.

coinswitch exchange interface

You have the option to trade crypto to crypto or click Buy with Bank Card to use your cerdit card.

They also have a more in depth exchange interface.

It looks like this.

coinswitch exchange interface

Here you can actually see the exchanges which you will be transacting with.

In this example we have OKEx, Binance and HitBTC.

In my opinion it’s pretty cool to trade with other exchanges without creating an account.

CoinSwitch Rating

I absolutely love the fact that Coinswitch is the crypto exchange with most coins on the market.

400+ coins and the list keeps growing.

Very imprssive.

Here I’m quite sure you will find what you are looking for.

At least I do when I’ve heard about a new coin I want to invest in.

I always check with CoinSwitch first.

If you would like to trade with CoinSwitch, click here to visit the exchange.

Most coins on the marketNo trading interface
Very user-friendly
Very low trading fees
Credit Card option

2. SimpleSwap


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Supported coins on SimpleSwap

Which crypto exchange has the most coins?

SimpleSwap is on the second spot of crypto exchanges with most coins.

This beast has 300+ cryptocurrencies traded and the list keeps growing.

SimpleSwap is another instant cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of coins.

This is not a traditional platform where you log in to your account and trade with charts etc.

No, you come here in search for those weird coins that you didn’t find anywhere else on the web.

SimpleSwap has an crypto asset search page where you can either scroll to infinity or search your coins.

simpleswap cryptocurrency search page

Deposit methods on SimpleSwap

Depositing on SimpleSwap is not like on traditional crypto exchanges.

Here you can only trade coins from your wallets, so cryptocurrency is your way to go.

They’ve put a nice explanation for how it works when you are exchanging cryptocurrency to crypto.

simpleswap crypto exchange explanation

It’s not more difficult than that.

I find it very easy to exchange cryptocurrencies on SimpleSwap.

Trading Fees on SimpleSwap

Something very interesting about this platform is their fee structure.

This is what they say about their comissions.

simpleswap crypto exchange with most coins fee table

What it basically means is that you will not pay any fee.

The way SimpleSwap will earn money from the trade is if the transaction is finished with a better rate than expected.

So you as a crypto trader does not get affected by this.

You can trade without fees.

Trading Interface on SimpleSwap

Since SimpleSwap is an instant crypto exchange they have no integrated trading interface like normal centralized exchanges.

Therefor, you can’t trade in and out of the market with market orders or limit orders.

The option you have is to trade cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency.

Here is a snapshot of the exchange section.

It’s very basic and all you have to do is to choose the crypto you want to pay with.

Then choose the coin you want to receive.

In this case I wanted to pay 1 Bitcoin to get the equal amount in DigiByte.

The next step is to fill in the DigiByte address and boom, the trade is made.

SimpleSwap Rating

SimpleSwap doesn’t have a fancy interface or leverage trading options.

But to be honest, that’s not the reason we would use this exchange.

This is one of of the crypto exchanges with most coins out on the market.

Here you will pretty much find any coin you are looking for, unless it’s brand new or totally unknown.

So if you are looking to trade, you might look elsewhere.

But if you are in the need of an platform with many cryptocurrencies, you are in the right place.

I’ve been very happy with my investments found here.

If you would like to trade in SimpleSwap, click here to visit the exchange.

Massive list of coinsNo fiat payment option
0% trading fee
No signup

3. Binance

binance crypto exchange with most coins first page

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Supported coins on Binance

How do I find the crypto exchange with most coins?

Binance supports 180+ cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Here is a takeout from their blog that was posted on the 31 December 2019.

binance cryptocurrencies count

I’m sure this list has grown since then and we have to look for the latest updates when they come out.

But still.

Binance is a traditional centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Here you need to create an account before you start to trade.

And they got real trading interfaces with professional charting tools.

Deposit methods on Binance

Binance supports these deposit methods:

  • Credit Cardd
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency

It’s dead simple to pay with credit cards on Binance.

All you need to do is to hover over the Buy Crypto button in the top left corner of the first page and click credit card.

Then this page will show up.

binance pay with credit card

Choose your amount and your cryptocurrency and click Buy!

To pay with Bank transfer you click the Local Vendors button and follow the instructions.

If you however want to transfer your own cryptocurrencies to the platform you need to go to your wallet page.

On the right side you will see a Deposit button for every cryptocurrency you have.

wallet page on biancen crypto exchange with most coins

Go ahead and click that and follow the instructions.

It’s just like any blockchain transaction.

Trading Fees on Binance

Binance has two options when it comes to their trading fees.

Trade on the normal market or trade on the BNB market.

The normal market has a basic fee of 0.10%.

crypto trading fees binance

If you choose to trade with their own cryptocurrency BNB, your fees are immediately cut but 25%

The basic trading fee on the BNB market is 0.075%

binance bnb market fees

So if your cryptocurrency is on the BNB market, there is no reason not to trade here.

You will still enjoy the same trading interfaces, leverage and you can even short cryptocurrencies on the BNB market.

Trading Interface on Binance

In my opinion, Binance has the best crypto trading interfaces on the market.

Combine that with a lot of coins and you understand why they are so popular.

Binance has a classic interface and an advanced interface.

This is the classic interface.

On top to the left you have the time frames.

To the right you have the market where you can choose coin.

Further down you have you order selections.

There are a lot of functionality on this interface and you have to check it out.

Here is the advanced trading interface.

This interface is more suited for experienced crypto traders.

On the right side you can see how they have bunched together the order selection with the order book.

This is to make it easier for cryptocurrency day traders to navigate and trade.

On the lower left side you will find your open orders and trade history.

This trading interface also comes with a lot more indicators for more experienced crypto traders.

Binance Rating

If you are looking to trade your cryptocurrencies and not only invest, then Binance is the best choise.

The chart package that comes with this exchange is incredible.

The fact that it’s a centralized platform with over 180 coins is very impressive.

I can really see why they are growing in popularity so fast.

When ever I’m looking to day trade och swing trade my cryptocurrencies, I always choose Binance.

If you would like to trade on Binance, click here to visit the exchange.

All payment methodsTakes longer to sign up
Advanced trading interfaces
Margin trading
Very low fees
Option to short coins
Very good reputation

4. Changelly

changelly crypto exchange with most coins

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Supported coins on Changelly

Where do I find the crypto exchange with most coins?

Changelly is another instant crypto exchange and they are supporting 150+ coins.

coin page on changelly

Not as many as the other instant exchanges but this one has a solid reputation on the market.

I’ve only heard good things about Changelly and in fact, other platforms use their payment system to transact coins.

On their coin search page they also have a nice feature where you can read a short description about any coin.

coin page with description on changelly

This is nice and I use it quite often when I scroll through the new coins that comes out.

If you spend 10 minutes reading these descriptions you’ve learned a lot about some of the new coins.

Deposit methods on Changelly

One reason Changelly has become so popular is their variety of payment methods.

These are the payment methods accepted:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Apple Pay
  • Cryptocurrencies
changelly crypto exchange with most coins payment methods

It’s amazin to see these new innovations getting integrated and accepted by new payment vendors.

This makes Changelly one of the most trusted instant crypto exchanges today.

Trading Fees on Changelly

Changelly has very competitive trading fees.

The basic trading fee is 0.25%.

Most instant platforms has a floating and a fixed rate but Changelly only has a fixed rate of 0.25%.

Trading Interface on Changelly

Since Changelly is not centralized they’ve not focused on the trade interfaces.

This is an image of their trade section.

Very basic and simple and to be honest, nothin more is needed when you are only investing in crypto.

This is an exchange function and not a trading function.

I think it’s a wonderful feature.

Changelly Rating

Changelly is on of the most trusted instant crypto exchanges and it’s also one of the crypto exchanges with most coins out there.

This combined with several payment options makes it a very good choice for most cryptocurrency traders.

They have a very good reputation on the market and that’s actually the reason I found them.

Someone recommended them by word of mouth and thats very powerful in my opinion.

Trading has been very profitable on Changelly and I can’t wait to see what the summer market looks like.

If you want to trade on Changelly, click here to visit the exchange.

Pros Cons
Several payment optionsNo trading interface
Very low trading fees
Very user-friendly

5. KuCoin

kucoin crypto exchange with most coins

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Supported coins on KuCoin

KuCoin is another centralized trading platform with a lot of coins.

At the moment they support 250+ cryptocurrencies.

Here is the asset page when you can look for your favourit coins.

kucoin crypto exchange asset page

There is a search function you don’t have to scroll through all of them to find what you are looking for.

This list is very impressive to for a centralized platform.

It’s one of the biggest coin lists of all trusted centralized trading platforms today.

Deposit methods on KuCoin

On KuCoin you have the optoion to either buy crypto with a credit card or transfer your own crypto to the exchange.

To buy cryptocurrency with a credit card, click the Buy Crypto button in the top left corner.

kucoin crypto payment method

Once you have entered the amount, the coin you want to buy and your currency, click Buy Now.

The rest is very easy.

If you have ever made a purchase online you know how to fill in the card details.

Trading Fees on KuCoin

The basic trading fee on KuCoin is 0.10% as a market taker.

kucoin exchange trading fees

A market taker is a trader who is using market orders to trade.

This is called taking orders from the order book.

On KuCoin you have the option to lower your fee by increasing your monthly trade volume.

You can also lower your fees by holding their asset KCS.

The more KCS you have the lower your trading fee gets.

Trading Interface on KuCoin

KuCoin has two trading interfaces, Lite and Pro.

The Lite interface is more for beginner crypto traders and it looks like this.

kucoin exchange trading interface

As you can see, its very basic and it has what every beginner cryptocurrency trader needs.

Long and short market orders to the right.

You can change to a line chart if you like.

You also have a leverage bar above your order placements if you want to increase the order size a little.

The Pro trading interface looks like this.

kucoin exchange trading interface

This is a fully integrated professional interface.

The charts are from Tradingview.

To the left you have order placements and order book together.

This is to easier use the order book when day trading.

You also have a position tab at the bottom of the page to see your open profits and losses.

KuCoin Rating

KuCoin is a great trading platform, especially if you are looking for a lot of coins plus a good trading interface.

They have everythin for beginner crypto traders and more experienced traders.

Their fees are incredibly low.

There is also an option to use leverage and short trade on KuCoin.

If my coins are not on any of the other cryptocurrency exchanges with most coins I go straight to KuCoin.

Trading has been very profitable on KuCoin, and even more so with the leverage they have.

If you would like to trade on KuCoin, click here to visit the exchange.

Advanced trading interfacesLonger signup process
Very low fees
Leverage trading
Option to short coins
Massive list of coins


When you are looking to trade a lot of coins, all you want is a comparison of exchanges.

It is finally here.

This review will take you through the exchanges with most coins on the market 2021.

There are both centralized platforms where trading is more developed and instant platforms where simple exchanges are focused.

What ever you are looking for you will find in this review.

If you are in a hurry, check the comparsion table at the top.

Otherwise, read through the whole review to find your favourit.

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Which Crypto Exchange has the most coins?

SimpleSwap, followed by CoinSwitch and KuCoin.

What is the best crypto trading platform?

If you are looking for a lot of coins you should check out any of the platforms in this review.
SimpleSwap, CoinSwitch, Changelly, Binance, and KuCoin.

Which coin exchange is best?

When it comes to having most coins, SimpleSwap is the winner.

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