Crypto Exchanges With Stop Loss & Trailing Stop Loss

Crypto exchanges with stop loss (SL) and trailing stop loss are great platforms to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because you can limit your potential loss by adding a protective stop order below your purchase price. If the market falls after you have bought the digital asset, your SL will get triggered and the platform will automatically sell your position at a minimum loss. A basic question when it comes to crypto investing and trading is if it’s possible to put stop losses on cryptocurrency? The answer is yes, it is possible and many new platforms have great interfaces that make protecting the downside easy when investing in digital assets.

After having reviewed countless cryptocurrency platforms we have discovered that not all exchanges offer the same type of order types. Some platforms offer a so-called “real stop-loss” that is very easy to use and only requires you to add a number or % of our much are willing to lose on a single trade. This is the better choice compared to other exchanges that require you to create complex sell-stop orders together with buy-limit orders to be able to protect your downside.

In this guide, we have reviewed the best exchanges with stop loss with and we’ve also explained exactly how to use it for you to be able to cut your losses quickly without stress. There is also no need to create difficult combinations of different order types. These platforms are easy to use for beginners.

Cryptocurrency exchanges with stop loss

Below are our recommended cryptocurrency exchanges that offer SL when buying or trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and more. The order selection for each platform is different so take your time to read our quick guide for each exchange to learn how to use it.

  1. BitYard – Best overall (accepts traders from USA)
  2. FTX.US – Good option for USA
  3. CoinSpot – Best for Australia
  4. Liquid – Best for Asia
  5. Binance – Best for Europe
  6. StormGain – Best for UK
  7. Phemex – Best for Canada
  8. ByBit – Great option overall

How to buy crypto with stop loss

In this quick guide, we will be using BitYard as an example since they have a great stop-loss system. You can also try the stop-loss order on Bityard with the demo account before using it live.

  1. Start by signing up with BitYard.
  2. Choose Contract -> Crypto from the main menu.
  3. In the order selection box, choose the amount you want to buy and at what price.
  4. Next, click SL Ratio to activate the stop loss.
  5. Choose your SL level between 5% and 90%.
  6. Click Buy.

That’s it. You will now put a protective SL when you buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on the platform that protects your downside. This order type is automatic so you can feel completely safe to leave the computer or go to sleep as the interface will automatically stop you out if your level is passed.

Crypto exchanges with stop loss reviewed

Best for
Trading Fee
Minimum Account
Regulated by
All Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2019 Singapore
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Funding Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer, PayId, Osko, SEPA, Sofort, Klarna, Interac
  • Languages Mandarin (Chinese), Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Restricted countries China, Korea, Democratic People”s Republic of, Pakistan
  • Products Cryptocurrency, Derivatives, Forex
  • Trading platforms Mobile App Android + Mac, Webtrader, Own trading platform Windows
  • Devices Smartphone, Desktop, Web, Tablet
  • Max leverage 400
  • Order types MO – Market Order, LO – Limit Order, TO –
  • Support Email, Live Chat
  • Copy Trading
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Leverage Trading
  • Buy Cryptocurrency
  • High Security
  • Quick Registration

Very intuitive copy trading platform
A regulated digital asset platform that offers leverage trading
Available in the US


No contact phone number
Lacking a good news source
Missing cold storage wallet

Regulated by
Day Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2018 United States
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Funding Bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, ACH, Cryptocurrency, Silvergate Exchange Network(SEN)
  • Languages English, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian
  • Restricted countries Cuba, Syrian Arab Republic, Korea, Democratic People”s Republic of, Sudan
  • Products Cryptocurrency
  • Trading platforms Webtrader, Tradingview, Mobile App Android + Mac, Own trading platform
  • Devices Smartphone, Desktop, Web, Tablet
  • Max leverage 10
  • Order types SLL – Stop Loss Limit, SM – Stop Market, TSL
  • Support Email, Contact Form
  • Advanced Trading Platform
  • Leverage Trading
  • Real Stop Loss
  • Customisable Interface
  • Trading App
  • High Security

Available in over 13 different languages
Trade crypto with leverage in the US
Low fee’s and market making rebates


No live chat
Relatively new platform
No demo account is available

Regulated by
All Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2013 Australia
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Currencies AUD
  • Funding PayId, B-pay, POLi, Osko, Bank transfer, Cash Deposit (Instant)
  • Languages English
  • Restricted countries Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Yemen, Wallis and Futuna Islands, Virgin Islands
  • Products Cryptocurrency
  • Trading platforms Webtrader, Mobile App Android + Mac, Tradingview
  • Devices Smartphone, Web, Tablet, Desktop
  • Max leverage 1
  • Order types MO – Market Order, LO – Limit Order, SL –
  • Support Contact Form, Live Chat, Email
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Trading App
  • OTC Market
  • Fiat Account
  • Lock The Price
  • Recurring Crypto Purchase

Lowest fees in Australia
Regulated platform
A large variety of order types


Only available for people living in Australia
No phone support
No option to short sell

Regulated by
All Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2018 Estonia
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Funding Visa, Mastercard, SEPA, Bank transfer, Skrill
  • Languages English, Russian, Latvian, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Mandarin
  • Restricted countries
  • Products Cryptocurrency, Futures
  • Trading platforms Webtrader, Tradingview
  • Devices Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, Web
  • Max leverage 1
  • Order types TSL – Trailing Stop Loss, SL – Stop Loss, TP
  • Support Email, Phone Number, Live Chat, Contact Form
  • Copy Trading
  • Trading Signals
  • Trading Bot
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker
  • Security Of Funds
  • OTC Market

Very innovative cryptocurrency trading technology
Great for both short and long-term traders
Regulated in Europe


Relatively new platform
The education section is not well developed
There is no demo account available for the terminal

Regulated by
All Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2014 Japan
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Funding Cryptocurrency, Visa, SEPA, SWIFT
  • Languages English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Restricted countries Japan, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • Products Cryptocurrency, Derivatives
  • Trading platforms Tradingview, Own trading platform Windows + Mac, Webtrader
  • Devices Desktop, Smartphone, Web, Tablet
  • Max leverage 100
  • Order types TSL – Trailing Stop Loss, SL – Stop Loss, TP
  • Support Email, Contact Form, Live Chat
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Veteran Trading Platform
  • High Security
  • Cryptowatch
  • Performance Analytics
  • Real Stop Loss

Regulated by the Japanese Financial Service Agency (FSA)
Great security with built-in cold wallet storage
Veteran cryptocurrency exchange with high trustworthiness


Very slow live chat
Very few payment providers for fiat currencies
Not available in the United States

All Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2017 Malta
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Funding Bank transfer, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, Banco Brubank, PayPal, ABA Bank
  • Languages English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, French
  • Restricted countries United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • Products Cryptocurrency, Futures, Options, ETF, Derivatives
  • Trading platforms Webtrader, Own trading platform Windows + Mac, Tradingview
  • Devices Desktop, Smartphone, Web, Tablet
  • Max leverage 125
  • Order types SL – Stop Loss, IOC – Immidiate or Cancel, GTX
  • Support Live Chat, Email, Contact Form
  • Leverage Trading
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Daily Gainers & Losers
  • Altcoins
  • Short Selling
  • Customisable Interface

Great for beginner traders
Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange
Many Special Features


Relatively new platform
Not available for US traders

Day Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2019 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Funding Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Cryptocurrency
  • Languages English, German, Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian
  • Restricted countries United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Japan, Afghanistan, Bosnia
  • Products Cryptocurrency, Futures, Indices, Options
  • Trading platforms Webtrader, Mobile App Android + Mac, Own trading platform Windows
  • Devices Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, Web
  • Max leverage 300
  • Order types MO – Market Order, SL – Stop Loss, LO –
  • Support Phone Number, Email, Contact Form
  • $0 Trading Fee
  • Trading Signals
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Leverage Trading
  • Advanced Trading Platform
  • Mining

Very favorable commission structure
Free demo account to practice
Very high interest in staking program


Non-regulated cryptocurrency exchange
Relatively new exchange with no reputation
Few altcoins available

Day Traders
Quick Review
  • Established 2017 Singapore
  • Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Funding Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, B-pay, SEPA, Apple Pay, iDEAL, PayId, POLi
  • Languages English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German, French
  • Restricted countries United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Cuba, Iran, Islamic
  • Products Cryptocurrency, Futures
  • Trading platforms Tradingview, Webtrader
  • Devices Desktop, Smartphone, Web, Tablet
  • Max leverage 100
  • Order types MO – Market Order, LO – Limit Order, GTC –
  • Support Live Chat, Email
  • Leverage Trading
  • Demo Account
  • Advanced Trading Platform
  • Investment Product
  • OTC Market
  • Welcome Bonus

A lot of special features for day traders
Great platform for experienced traders
Demo account for crypto trading


Takes time to learn the platform
Relatively new exchange without reputation


BitYard stop loss

BitYard is a crypto exchange with SL and has a very easy-to-use trading interface that includes five different order types. This is one of our recommended crypto platforms due to the simplicity when it comes to activating the different orders from the actual interface. The only thing you need to do is to click the SL toggle button and then fill in your criteria and then buy, sell, or short the coin you are going to trade.

BitYard is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange that is rather new but has already managed to onboard 4 different regulations on 3 different continents. It is best used by crypto traders that already have some kind of experience as the interface is semi-advanced. However, if you are completely new, don’t hesitate to get on the platform, you will learn it pretty fast.

How to use the stop loss on BitYard

how to use stop loss on bityard

To buy cryptocurrencies on BitYard with a protective SL follow these steps!

  1. In the min menu, navigate to Contract -> Crypto.
  2. In the order selection box, click SL Ratio.
  3. Select the percentage you want between 5% and 90%.
  4. Click Buy to open a position with your SL order.

Remember that you can add both a take profit and an SL order at the same time when trading or buying cryptocurrencies on BitYard.


FTX.US home page

FTX.US is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that is best suited for traders with some experience since the platform is a little bit more advanced than others. It is a day trading platform that can be accessed from both desktop and mobile phones. The platform features a very nice order selection system where you can add a protective stop for each trade.

FTX.US has a customizable interface which means that you can drag and drop anything on the screen and make it exactly as you want it to. You can add trade alerts, access crypto lending, and use the OTC market if you are interested in looking deeper into the exchange. This is a great option for day traders from the United States that need technical indicators and an easy-to-use SL order.

How to use the stop loss on FTX.US

how to use stop loss on FTX.US

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the SL on FTX.US.

  1. From the main menu, hover the Box item -> Advanced Trading.
  2. In the order selection, click the order type tab to the right to open uo the SL and trailing stop feature.
  3. Go ahead and put in your values.
  4. Open the position.

Now you’ve successfully added a protective order to your position. It can act as a standard SL order or a trailing stop that follows your order when the market increases. This is a recommended order to use if you think the market is in for a big positive run to not give back any profits.



CoinSpot is one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia and with nearly 9 years on the market traders use the platform to trade and buy crypto. The platform features a good SL system where you can protect your downside risk very easily. On CoinSpot you have access to over 300 altcoins from your desktop or your smartphone. The Bitcoin OTC market is a good feature for larger investors who are looking to stock up when an opportunity arises.

CoinSpot is regulated by AUSTRAC which helps cement the trustworthiness of the platform and you can rest assured that they will take care of your funds while you keep them on the platform. When buying coins with fiat money on CoinSpot you can lock in the price to not get affected by high market volatility.

How to use the stop loss on CoinSpot

how to use stop loss on coinspot

To be able to add the SL order on CoinSpot you should follow these steps.

  1. In the Main Menu, click BUY/SELL.
  2. On the coin page, choose cryptocurrency and click BUY.
  3. From here, select the Order Tab.
  4. Now, choose the Stop Loss tab.
  5. Enter your values and click Stop Loss.

That’s how it’s done. Now your SL will protect your downside risk on CoinSpot. Remember that you can add several different orders before you open the position or buy altcoins on CoinSpot.



Liquid is based in Japan and is a very easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that offers great order types to protect your digital asset investments. It was founded back in 2014 and has earned a Veteran Trading platform badge here on Trading Browser. Some of the perks of using Liquid are the fast withdrawals, CryptoWatch trading terminal, and an advanced performance analytics tool to keep track of all your profits and losses.

Liquid is a truly secure exchange to use and it currently holds a license by the Financial Services Agency in Japan. The platform is recommended for all traders, both experienced and new. It has a good selection of order types when it comes to trading and it’s really easy to add an SL or trailing stop. Liquid offers a margin trading platform and a spot trading platform where the latter has a more basic interface.

How to use the stop loss on Liquid

how to use stop loss on liquid

Now let’s see how to add the SL order to your positions on Liquid.

  1. From the Home Page, navigate to the Products -> Margin Trading.
  2. From the trading interface click the Stop Sloss button to toggle the order type tab.
  3. Select your values either by Price or Percentage.
  4. Now, open your long or short position.

This will automatically protect your downside risk to your chosen values and if the market would drop when you are sleeping, for example, your position will automatically be sold at the market price.



The binance exchange is located in Malta after having been transferred from Asia. This platform is a very popular exchange for active crypto traders and the order selection in the advanced trading interface has everything you need. Binance offers several hundreds of altcoins as well as a fiat on-ramp where you buy altcoins with USD or any other local currency.

Binance is non-regulated but has earned a great reputation over the years for being a trustworthy and safe cryptocurrency exchange. Most traders come to Binance for leverage trading of penny cryptocurrencies and the advanced charting interface. It is a beginner-friendly platform that offers short-selling altcoins, crypto lending, high limits, a rebate system, a trading forum, and a very fast execution speed.

How to use the stop loss on Binance

how to use stop loss on Binance

Follow this quick guide to learn how to use the SL order type on Binance.

  1. In the main menu, navigate Derivatives -> Binance Futures Overview.
  2. Choose the future you want and click Trade Now.
  3. Inside the trading interface, navigate to the order selection on the right.
  4. Check the TP/SL button.
  5. Insert your SL value and click Buy/Long or Sell/Short.

Congratulations! Remember to use the futures trading platform to get access to the selection of the advanced order on the Binance platform and don’t forget to add a take profit at the same time. Both these orders will get triggered automatically and don’t need any more adjustments.



StormGain offers crypto trading with a 0% commission on a very intuitive platform and mobile app. Trade crypto options, tokenized assets, crypto indices, or sign up for the free bitcoin mining platform that doesn’t require any CPU usage from your computer. With StormGain you have the option to trade with leverage up to x300 your account funds. This means that whenever you profit on the platform, your profits are 300 times bigger than usual. But, be careful, high leverage crypto trading can be risky when the market is volatile.

Some other great features on the exchange are the deposit bonus for new members, crypto trading signals, the staking platform, a cashback program, and very fast withdrawals. StormGain offers its services in several different languages including English, German, Chinese, Spanish, and many more. This exchange is not available for US traders.

How to use the stop loss on StormGain

how to use stop loss on StormGain

Follow this quick tutorial to easily protect yourself against losses on StormGain.

  1. In the main menu, located the Trading interface.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the interface, located the order selection box.
  3. Check the Stop Loss button.
  4. Fill in the values in Percentage or Price value.
  5. Click Sell or Buy to open the position with a protective SL.

It is not hard than that. Remember that you can use a take profit order at the same which will automatically sell when your position is profitable. You are free to choose the values.



Phemex is a crypto exchange with SL that is very easy to use for beginners. The platform offers zero fees and up to 100 leverage for altcoin day traders. The margin platform should only be used by traders with sufficient experience since it can be very risky if you are not familiar with the structure of leverage. Besides that, Phemex has a great OTC market, an investment product, a welcome bonus, and a demo account where new traders can practice before they trade live with real money.

Phemex offers spot trading and futures trading at different fees. The spot market has a 0.10% flat fee while the contracts market has a 0.075% taker fee and a -0.025% maker fee which means that you can earn a rebate if you act as a market maker. Some of the more advanced order types on Phemex are Fill or Kill, Bracketed Order, Trailing SL, and Trigger Order.

How to use the stop loss on Phemex

how to use stop loss on Phemex

Let’s take a look at how to protect your downside on Phemex.

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Products -> Contract Trading.
  2. In the order selection box, choose your leverage and the amount you want to trade.
  3. Click Buy/Long or Sell/Short, this will open up the window I showed above.
  4. From this window, select the Stop Loss box.
  5. Select the value as a Percentage or Price value.
  6. Click Confirm to open the position!

When trading on Phemex you can adjust your SL order directly from the charting interface. This lets you have full control over your position at all times. The take-profit order works the same way.



The ByBit derivatives exchange is a great place for day traders and active crypto investors. The platform offers short-selling and leveraged products in many different instruments such as Shiba coin, Cardano coin, Ripple, Solana, and many more. ByBit has one of the lowest flat fees on the market at 0.075%. This beats many competitors and is also one of the reasons why big traders choose this exchange.

Some great features on ByBit are rebates, a great crypto trading app, margin trading, a welcome bonus, risk management tools, and lightning-fast execution speed. As you can see, this exchange is mostly suited for day traders. If you are an active trader you will enjoy this platform.

How to use the stop loss on ByBit

This is a quick guide on how to use the SL order when buying or short-selling on ByBit.

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Derivatives -> Inverse Perpetual and choose your product (ex. BTC/USDT).
  2. From the trading interface, locate the order selection box to the right.
  3. Check Buy Long or Sell Short depending on your position.
  4. Insert the value you want in Percentage or Price.’
  5. Click Buy/Long or Sell/Short to open the protected postition.

The same goes for ByBit, you can open your Long or Short position with both an SL order and a Take Profit order.

What crypto exchanges have stop loss?

Not all exchanges offer this order type and it can sometimes be hard to find a good platform with an easy-to-use SL order. Most of the time, cryptocurrency exchanges with only a spot trading product will not offer it, so, you have to look for a platform that offers some kind of contract trading, margin trading, or leverage trading.

Why is this? Well, these platforms are more advanced and have better-developed trading interfaces. That is the short answer, however, many new crypto exchanges are starting to include these order types to compete with the other more established platforms. Since we review platforms daily we see most of the exchanges on the market and we keep track of which exchanges offer the good order types. In this guide, we have listed some crypto exchanges with excellent order types for protecting against unwanted losses. Check the table below or the list above to learn more about which specific type of exchange offers SL.

Crypto exchanges with trailing stop loss

In addition to the traditional SL order type, we have the trailing SL that works in pretty much the same way except the trailing order will follow the open price on pre-set percentage or number. For example, if you buy bitcoin at $60,000 and add the trailing stop $1000 below the price, this trailing SL will follow the price up with a $1000 gap. So if Bitcoin reaches $62,000, your trailing order will be at $61,000.

Below are some crypto exchanges with trailing SL, these are the same platforms as above but here we show you exactly which ones have a trailing function as well. Please read each specific review to see exactly what order types they offer.

ExchangeSLTrailing SLTake Profit

Best percentage to put your stop loss when buying cryptocurrency

So, what is a good percentage to put your SL for crypto?

I will try to give you some tips around this topic for the next time when you are going to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on an exchange with a stop-loss order. This all depends on your risk tolerance and also your trading style or time horizon. For example, a very short-term crypto trader might want to put his SL just a few dollars below the opening price, while a longer-term investor needs more room for the market to swing up and down before his target is met. Below is a table with some guidelines on the best way to put the SL when buying crypto.

Type of trader:Low riskMedium riskHigh risk
Day Trader2%1%0.5%
Swing Trader12%9%5%

It makes sense for a short-term trader to use a crypto exchange with a stop loss that lets your place your order with a Percentage and Price value since you might want to add the order at a previous low or a previous high. The same goes for a swing trader that is trying to avoid stop hunting at a previous pivot point or an even number such as $50,000. As an investor, you have more flexibility with using the Percentage as it is more of a question of how much money you are willing to risk on each investment. Around 28% is a standard level to put the SL order if you are looking for a low-risk entry point. Keep in mind that these numbers are not set in stone and they should be used together with other analyses such as the technical analysis for a specific coin to better judge the SL level.

Conclusion – Should you use stop loss in crypto?

This guide has been a full tutorial on crypto exchanges with stop-loss orders and trailing SL. I have recommended some of the best platforms with real SL orders that are easy to use and don’t require you to do any special order configuration to protect yourself. I have also included a guide on how to use each SL order for each crypto exchange.

My final tip is that you should always protect your downside in some way. The SL order is the most convenient way to protect your position while you are not actively following the market in front of the screen. It is very risky to leave an open position without any kind of protection. Next time you are looking for a crypto trading platform with a stop loss and trailing orders, come back to this guide to find a new exchange.


No, Coinbase doesn’t offer this type of order.

Yes, it is possible to add an SL order when buying or trading cryptocurrencies.

In this guide, I have added a table that gives you an idea of how to use your SL when buying or trading crypto.

Yes, Binance has both kinds of orders to protect against losses including the trailing order type.

Yes, you can. In this guide, I’ve listed several platforms that offer this order type.