Altrady Review 2023: Security, Fees & Special Features

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Publish date: Nov 25, 2021
Last updated: Jan 24, 2023

The web’s most detailed Altrady review: Altrady is a new and advanced cryptocurrency trading software with a lot of features that crypto traders can use to increase their overall performance with the help of the market scanner, multi-charting, algorithmic trading, trading alerts for fast-moving coins, and in-chart trading capability. Trade on several exchanges at the same time from the same interface and track your portfolio of different accounts on the Altrady platform. This trading software is a great option for both beginners and very advanced day traders who want to level up with the help of new crypto trading technology. Read the full story in our Altrady review and try the platform for free for two weeks.

Our rating:
Netherlands flag
Founded July 2017
Owner Altrady BV
Type Cryptocurrency Trading Software
Fees 0%
account minimum 10$
Best for All Traders


• New advanced crypto trading technology
• Useful for traders who lack trading ideas and setups
• Affordable compared to many competitors


• Can be difficult to understand for complete beginners
• Currently only available in English and Russian language
• Non-regulated business

Why Altrady

In this section of our Altrady review we highlight 6 special features that deserves extra attention.

This platform features advanced charting, order selection, technical indicators, and drawing tools.
Advanced Trading Platform
This platform features advanced charting, order selection, technical indicators, and drawing tools.
Also called black-box or automated trading. Let your computer trade for you while you create new strategies.
Algorithmic Trading
Also called black-box or automated trading. Let your computer trade for you while you create new strategies.
Enjoy instant live chat answers and accurate explanations from a dedicated support agent who is on point!
Professional Support
Enjoy instant live chat answers and accurate explanations from a dedicated support agent who is on point!
Create signals to get alerted when specific price levels are broken or when there is sudden volume spike surge.
Trading Signals
Create signals to get alerted when specific price levels are broken or when there is sudden volume spike surge.
This tool helps you scan your markets and find profitable setups at any time of the day. Great for day traders!
Market Screener
This tool helps you scan your markets and find profitable setups at any time of the day. Great for day traders!
Track your current P&L live and analyze your trading history. Take full control over your own trading account.
Performance Analytics
Track your current P&L live and analyze your trading history. Take full control over your own trading account.

About Altrady

Altrady is an original automated cryptocurrency trading software that has been developed to help traders make better choices, find new opportunities, manage risk, and improve trading results through the help of new advanced trading technology. The team behind this operation is called Altrady BV and currently has the main office located at Finnenburg 132 in, 2591XT CA, The Hague, The Netherlands.

The team behind Altrady created the trading terminal with one goal in mind, to give everyday traders accessibility to the cryptocurrency markets through powerful technology that can be used by anyone. As a trader myself, I am glad to see all the resources that come available with the Altrady platform and I think any trader should test out the platform on a free trial to see the benefits of using technology to improve your results.

Altrady is a non-regulated business but the trust is still there due to the fact that Altrady doesn’t store your coins. Your coins will still be stored on the cryptocurrency account that you have on Binance, KuCoin, or Coinbase Pro for example. What makes this platform unique is the fact that you can trade all your favorite coins on different exchanges from one powerful trading terminal.

Why use Altrady

The Altrady terminal is perfect for dedicated day traders and long-term traders who are looking to level up their results with new crypto trading technology. The platform offers a whole new aspect of tools that you probably have never used before and with the help of these tools, you will be able to trade more efficiently, with less risk, and with more opportunities. The platform is somewhat advanced but as long as you have basic trading knowledge you will find it extremely useful.

I would recommend Altrady to every trader who is stuck with poor results, lacks new innovative ideas, has poor risk management, and wants to learn more about how to take advantage of algorithm-based trading. The biggest advantage with Altrady is that you will get a lot of help only by using the algorithms to help you scan for new steups and automate parts of your trading that you didn’t know was possible before.

The great thing is that the terminal is actually pretty easy to use once you have spent some time on the platform and this is why the team offers you a 14-day trial to start off with so you can get familiar with all the tools before you start using your new favorite tools.

Trading on Altrady

Altrady has more trading features than any major cryptocurrency exchange has to offer. For example, on Altrady you can choose between several different trading interface layouts starting from Basic to Advanced. This gives you a lot of flexibility depending on your style of trading where all interfaces offer something unique.

The Basic interface gives you all the necessary tools you need for standard day trading and the Advanced interface includes all features such as price alerts, sidebar news updates, a full order book, a break-even calculator, and base trading where you can adjust the algorithm depending if you are a day trader, conservative trader, position trader, or a long-term holder. Since the charting package is from Tradingview you don’t have to worry about slow and laggy charts. You can also trade crypto with hotkeys which are not very common for any software.

Overall, the trading experience on Altrady is very unique and I think every trader will find that they save time and find more opportunities just by letting the algorithm do their work. Also, the performance analytics tool will tell you exactly where you do good and where your results are poor so make the most out of it to improve your results. From your accounts page, you will be able to see the performance through pie charts on all your accounts, including all exchanges you are connected to.

The Altrady trading fee is calculated from each exchange, for example, if you trade on Binance you will pay a 0.10% trading fee, and if you use Altrady to trade on Kraken you pay the standard 0.26% fee.

Payment methods and limits

When buying the plans on Altrady you have a choice to pay either monthly or annually. When you choose the annual plan you save 30% on each purchase, which is in my opinion a bargain considering what you get. The annual pricing plan for 2023 looks like this:

  • Basic = $17 / m
  • Essential = $31 / m
  • Premium = $57 / m

Altrady offers many major payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cryptocurrency, iDEAL, Bancontact, SEPA Bank Transfers, KBC/CBC, PayPal, Przelewy24, and Sofort. The minimum deposit is $10 / m for the basic plan. Since you are not storing your coins on Altrady directly you will not be able to withdraw them from the platform, it has to be done from the exchange where the coins are stored.

Altrady category rating

Trading Features:4.8/5
Educational Resources:4.0/5
Customer Support:4.5/5

Things we don’t like

When it comes to the actual trading part of Altrady there is nothing to look down on, it is a very complete platform, and as trading software, the developers have totally nailed it. Usually, at this part of the review, we highlight the lack of a live chat but Altrady takes care of all customers on the platform with rapid response times and accurate answers.

I highly recommend our traders and investors to try Altrady for free for 2 weeks and implement new strategies, trading tips, market analysis, and technology to level up as a trader!

Altrady Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee
0 %
0 %



Trading Platforms

Own trading platform Windows + Mac
Own trading platform Windows + Mac

Order Types

MO - Market Order
LO - Limit Order
SL - Stop Limit
TPL - Take Profit Limit
OCO - One Cancel Other
TSL - Trailing Stop Loss
TIF - Time in Force
GTC - Good till Cancelled
PO - Post Only

Supported Devices


Special Features

Market Analysis
Risk Management
Automated Trading
Quick Registration
New Trading Platform
Trading Tips
2FA Verification
High Limits
Advanced Trading Tools
Fast Account Verification
Advanced Charting
Market News
Technical Indicators
Fast Execution Speed
Real Stop Loss
Hot Keys
Customisable Interface
Trading Journal
Trade Alerts
Profit Calculator
Trading Calculator
Instant Deposits
Trading Bot

About the special features on Altrady

What makes Altrady unique is the range of tools you get access to by signing up to their platform. The first feature I would like to point out that is going to improve your results immediately is the trading analytics tool that tracks all your historical data and shows you exactly where your trading is doing well and where your results are poor. This can be used to straightaway increase your profitability by removing bad trades and pressing the winners.

The next feature that deserves extra attention is the crypto base scanner which helps you find day trading opportunities even when the market is moving very slowly. Even if the market is trading sideways and you can’t find any setups to trade, the base scanner will dig deep through the crypto market to find the coins that are moving and you will get notified with a success rate of the given setup. It works sort of like a screener that finds setups through an algorithm and this is something that we humans will never be able to compete with. So, if you are lacking setups on a slow day or if you just want to get notified on good setups I recommend that you try this tool.

Smart Trading

The smart trading tool is an advanced feature on Altrady that helps more experienced traders to automate some of their day trading strategies. Some of the best benefits are the take profit and stop-loss orders that will lock in profits or close out a loss automatically. Through the smart trading feature, you can also adjust your perfect risk ratio when entering the market. Simply enter the amount you are prepared to lose and then the platform will calculate your perfect position size.

Positions with PnL

This is the best way to track your open profits, open losses, and fees paid to exchanges. Whenever you trade on Altrady, all the necessary information about your positions will be displayed such as the break-even price, the number of coins bought or sold, and also the potential PnL. The potential profit and loss feature will indicate the exact amount of your next entry with one click.

Multi-Exchange Trading

Here is one great benefit with Altrady. The multi-exchange feature gives you access to several major crypto exchanges from one platform. Altrady is connected to Binance, KUCoin, FTX, Okx, Kraken, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, and more platforms which lets you control all your assets on all different exchanges from one interface.

This means that you can use all the trading tools that Altrady offers to trade on other popular exchanges without the need to sign up and create several accounts. It is also possible to track all your whole portfolio from all different exchanges on Altrady.

Crypto Base Scanner

The base scanner is sort of like a market screener which searches the crypto market for trading opportunities and informs you whenever a new trading setup is found. You will also get notified of the success ratio of the new setup. For example, the scanner might find a trade for XRP/BTC and it will indicate the success rate of this certain setup. It is to say that these rates are never going to be 100% accurate so always make your own due diligence before entering the market, however, it is a great tool that both new traders and experienced traders can use to increase the chances of winning. Another neat thing with the base scanner is that it can find tokens and coins that are trading below their support levels which can sometimes be very profitable trading opportunities. Test it out in the free trial to see what setups work for you.

Quick Scanner

If you are looking for fast-moving cryptocurrencies on both the upside and the downside, then the quick scanner on Altrady is the perfect tool for you. You will get notified whenever a coin drops or rises and you can choose whether to take the trade or not. One way to use the quick scanner is during slow trading hours. Sometimes it can be very difficult for a day trader to find a profitable setup that has momentum built up. This is when the tool comes in handy as it will scan the crypto market for moving coins even though the majority of digital assets are moving sideways.

The best thing about the quick scan is that you will be the first one to know when a certain coin makes a huge drop or breaks out to new prices. In trading, it always pays to be the first one to know about a moving market, and with this tool, you let the computer do the work for you to find momentum and all you need to do is to validate the setup and enter the market if it follows your trading criteria.

Trading Analytics

A key benefit of using the Altrady trading analytics tool is that you will be able to categorize your strategies from most profitable to least profitable. As you trade on the platform, all your data gets stored and you can later go back to see the performance of each strategy. Some of the more interesting data points are realized profits, average profits, average fee rate, average loss, unrealized profits, and total recovered. The performance analytics tool is customized to handle each account, currency, and market to let you know where your trading is at its best and its worst. This data is very valuable as you can quickly improve your results by filtering out your worst trades/strategies and only focusing on your winners.


This is one of the best ways for active day traders to keep track of several markets at the same time. Even if you are a complete beginner you will benefit from following more than one market at the same time since your potential setups will increase. Add up to 4 active charts and move them around as you want. This setup is fully customized and you can resize the windows to best suit your style of trading.

Our own experience with Altrady

altrady home page
Altrady home page
altrady terminal
Altrady terminal
altrady multi chart
Altrady multi chart
altrady pricing
Altrady pricing
altrady features
Altrady features
altrady stop loss and take profit
Altrady SL&TP

Altrady Funding Methods

American Express
American Express
Bank transfer
Bank transfer

Accepted Currencies

USD ($)


Max Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Deposit Limits $10

Altrady Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee
Cryptocurrency BTC 0
USD $0


United Kingdom
Russian Federation

Restricted Countries



Is Altrady secure?

We consider Altrady to be a secure crypto trading software considering that they do not store your cryptocurrencies. All coins are stored on the exchange you have connected to the exchange and you can add a 2FA verification to block any attempts of immediate access to your account.

Is Altrady regulated?

No, Altrady is not a regulated business.


Live Chat
Live Chat

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Frequently asked questions

Read the most frequently asked questions about Altrady. Find answers without searching the web.

When you join the platform you will get 2 weeks of a free trial. During this period you can learn more about how the terminal works. First of all, you need to connect the Altrady platform to your existing exchange, for example, Binance. Then you will be able to trade your coins in your Binance account and use all the tools available on Altrady. To keep trading you need to purchase a plan which you can pay either monthly or annually. When making a profit, you need to withdraw this money from your Binance account since no coins are stored on Altrady.

It is a cryptocurrency trading software that leverages algorithmic trading to help traders find new innovative setups in the crypto markets. The terminal is equipped with several trading tools such as multi-exchange connections, crypto market scanner, multi-chart layout, trading performance analytics, full portfolio management, advanced order types, trade from the chart function, and much much more.

No, there is currently no app available.

Altrady doesn't have a trading fee, instead, you pay the fee on your connected exchange. For example, if you are connected to Binance, you pay the 0.10% trading fee that Binance has. If you are connected to Kraken, you will pay their standard trading fee of 0.26%.

Yes, this is a global terminal and all traders are welcome to use the platform.

The minimum deposit for a monthly plan is around $14. If you decide to purchase an annual plan, the minimum price then drops to $10 per month.

The team behind the platform has the main office located in the Netherlands at Finnenburg 132 in, 2591XT CA, The Hague.

Yes, before you start you are asked to send in your KYC identification card. The process is very fast and the only thing you need is your passport or driver's license.

The current funding methods on Altrady are Mastercard, Visa, Cryptocurrency, American Express, PayPal, Bancontact, SEPA Bank Transfers, KBC/CBC, iDEAL, Przelewy24, and Sofort

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