Celsius Network Wallet Review 2023: Is It Safe? Fees & App Tested

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Publish date: Jan 21, 2022
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

The web’s most detailed review of Celsius Network: It’s time to unbank yourself and get rid of high-interest payment loans, low-interest yields, and high operating costs, for good. With Celsius Network you will achieve what has been impossible for the last decades through banks. Earn a stable yield every week through the cryptocurrency wallet simply by depositing coins, borrowing money with your cryptocurrency as collateral with as low as 1% interest payments, and swapping between coins instantly without fees. In our review of Celsius Network, we point out all the facts and important aspects of this FinTech platform that you need to know about to get started today. Some of the information might seem too good to be true at the moment and we totally understand that you have a lot of questions so stick around, read the full review, and start earning with Celsius.

Our rating:
Regulated by
United States flag
Celsius Network
Founded July 2017
Owner Celsius Network LLC
Type FinTech Platform
Fees 0%
account minimum 1$
Best for Investors


• The platform and app are very beginner-friendly
• Very low entry barriers and almost no limits on deposits or withdrawals
• Proven track record of being safe and secure


• Celcius Network does not offer a live chat support
• The option to buy cryptocurrencies is only possible through the app
• The platform lacks a real educational hub for beginners

Why Celsius Network

In this section of our Celsius Network review we have highlighted 6 special features that sets them apart when compared to other platforms.

Lend your cryptocurrencies to others and earn passive income by doing nothing. You are now the bank!
Lend your cryptocurrencies to others and earn passive income by doing nothing. You are now the bank!
Easiest and fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with fiat through card payments, bank transfers, or e-wallets.
Buy Cryptocurrency
Easiest and fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with fiat through card payments, bank transfers, or e-wallets.
Earn interest with a trusted crypto interest account. Beat the bank and grow your wealth passively!
Crypto Savings Account
Earn interest with a trusted crypto interest account. Beat the bank and grow your wealth passively!
Earn crypto passively with high-yield farming, staking, or savings account. Power up your savings grow your wealth.
Earn Cryptocurrency
Earn crypto passively with high-yield farming, staking, or savings account. Power up your savings grow your wealth.
This status is earned only by the safest and most trusted trading platforms with a proven track record of being safe.
High Security
This status is earned only by the safest and most trusted trading platforms with a proven track record of being safe.
This platform is perfect for beginners with limited trading or investing experience online.
Beginner Friendly
This platform is perfect for beginners with limited trading or investing experience online.

About Celsius Network

Celcius Network is a relatively new FinTech platform that has earned a great reputation for its high earnings yield through a crypto savings account and a very low borrowing rate that enables investors to use their coins as collateral. The platform was born at the beginning of 2017 and has since then gathered a big following thanks to very favorable interest rates and a Money Service Business license with the Finance Crimes Enforcement Network in the United States.

When you read about the story behind Celsius Network it’s obvious that the team is dedicated to changing the future of the economy by bringing honest financial products through the power of blockchain and digital currencies. The slogan “Unbank Yourself” shines a light on the absence of financial freedom in the current banking system and gives us hope that the future will bring better banking options than we have today.

Celcius Network LLC is the operating company and has the main office located at 221 River Street, 9th Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030, United States. The fact that the company and platform are regulated by the US government increases the credibility and trustworthiness by miles, something that is required for this kind of institution.

Why use Celsius Network

Celsius is a FinTech platform for crypto investors who are looking to power up their digital assets and earn high yields from holding crypto over different time periods. The two flagship products are the earnings account and the crypto borrow service. Celsius Network has made it incredibly easy to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies through their interest-bearing accounts that yield up to 17% APY depending on the coin you choose to deposit.

You could say that Celsius is the digital version of a bank but this platform is all about unbanking yourself and the big difference between banks and Celsius is the incredibly low borrowing rates, high-interest yields, and very low transaction fees, and ease of use. Using Celsius comes very naturally and it doesn’t take much effort to learn how to use the platform, any beginner with only basic experience of cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be able to earn rewards, borrow, and use all the functions on the platform.

The interest earned on Celsius Network is paid out every Monday of every week and it’s up to you what you do with your new earnings. You can choose to withdraw them to another platform, swap them for another coin, or re-invest the money to keep compounding interest week after week.

Celsius Network Interest and Borrowing

You will not find a better solution when it comes to usability, transparency, and rewards through a regulated FinTech platform when it comes to earning real money on your digital currencies and using your coins as collateral to get access to either fiat currencies or other crypto assets. Here is the thing about earning interest on Celsius Network, it’s pretty simple. You only have to transfer or deposit coins into the wallet and you will start benefiting from the high yield instantly only by having the coins stored in the wallet, there is nothing fancy about it, that’s just how simple it is. Deposit and earn!

When you borrow coins or fiat currency on Celsius Network, all you really need to do is to choose an LTV (Loan to Value) ratio of 25%, 33%, or 50%. The less money you put as collateral the higher your interest rate will be and the more collateral you put up before activating the loan the lower your interest will get, very simple. The interest you pay is deducted from your collateral on a monthly basis with the lowest interest rate of 1% for a 3-year loan at a 25% loan to value ratio. Your collateral is paid back to you when you close the loan or when the loan has reached its maturity.

Here is a quick tip for those who don’t really understand how good this offer is. You can borrow USDC on the platform at a 1% interest rate and store these USDC coins in your wallet to earn 8.50% per year. That’s +7.50% almost risk-free interest per year, try to find that at any bank. The only risk to this crypto loan strategy is that the value of BTC might fall during the loan period so it’s wise to loan with a digital asset that has recently dropped in value and is now cheap.

Payment Methods and Limits on Celsius Network

You can deposit both fiat currency and digital currency to the platform through Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, and of course cryptocurrency. The minimum deposit limit on Celsius Network is 1$, the minimum withdrawal limit is 1%, and the maximum withdrawal limit is $600,000 daily.

Celsius Network category rating

Trading Features:3.2/5
Educational Resources:3.5/5
Customer Support:3.8/5

Things to improve on

At the moment Celcius Network does not offer a live chat support channel which can make things difficult for new investors with little experience with lending and earning platforms. When talking to the chatbot it says that the team is currently working on implementing a live chat in the near future.

As of now the only way to buy digital assets with fiat money is through the mobile app which disables all desktop users. However, this is not a big problem as most investors have a smartphone.

Set aside these minor drawbacks I absolutely recommend all our passive investors to use Celsius Network. Give yourself the opportunity to let your money work for you with minimum risk and borrow money when an opportunity arises. Visit the platform and start unbanking yourself today!

Celsius Network Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee



Trading Platforms

Mobile App Android + Mac
Mobile App Android + Mac

Order Types

Supported Devices


Special Features

Fast Withdrawals
2FA Verification
Trading App
$0 Trading Fee
Quick Registration
Instant Deposits
Security Of Funds
Cryptocurrency Wallet
New Trading Platform
Several Account Types
Performance Analytics

About the special features on Celsius Network

Celsius Network as a platform and wallet offers a great utility for passive investors that are looking to take a step in the direction of financial freedom. What strikes me most is how easy it is to get started and how few steps there are to start earning passive rewards. I really don’t want to compare Celsius Network to a bank but if I have to I would say that the biggest difference is transparency. On this platform, you know what you get and it’s easy to achieve!

The high security, their seamless mobile app, free withdrawals, different account types, and of course the high yield through their crypto savings account makes Celsius a great place for both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts to start earning real money every week, month after month. If you already own digital assets which you store on another platform passively you are missing out on roughly 5%-17% weekly gains.

How does Celcius work?

Compared to other so-called staking platforms on Celsius Network you don’t have to actively choose a staking program or deposit coins in a specific depository to earn a weekly yield. All you have to do to start earning up to 17% APY is to either transfer your digital assets to the platform or buy them through the Celsius mobile app. Once you have your coins stored in the Celsius wallet you immediately start to earn rewards.

If you want to take out a loan through the Celsius Network app simply locate the borrowing page and depending on the coin you select you will receive a different interest rate ranging from 1% to 8.95%. The Loan to Value (LTV) ratio is the amount of capital or cryptocurrencies you have to put down as collateral. For example, if you want to loan at the lowest rate of 1% interest, you need to put down more coins as collateral. The Celsius Pay function is a payment gateway between users on the platform and here you can send money or pay for things for free.

Celsius Network Coin

The Celsius token or CEL coin which is also called is the native cryptocurrency on the platform. The token comes with several benefits, the first one being the extra 25% rewards when you accept your yield in the CEL token. When you take out a loan with the CEL coin you get a 25% discount on the interest paid each month.

Finally, just by holding the token, you earn a passive 5.10% APY. Compare this to any other local currency and it’s obvious how big of a benefit it is simply by holding and using on the Celsius platform.

Celsius Staking

People call it staking on many other exchanges but here you don’t need to activate a staking program or similar to earn rewards every week. The Celsius team has decided to make things easier and created the Celsius crypto wallet that earns interest. For me personally, it’s one of the most efficient ways to make money passively with digital assets.

Celsius App Review

The Celsius Network mobile app has several benefits over the desktop or web version of the platform. First of all, you can buy digital assets with fiat money through the app. Simply choose a credit card or bank transfer and make the transaction. If you owe someone money you can transfer coins over the mobile app seamlessly and completely free as long as they are a member.

Celcius Interest Rates

The interest earned on Celsius Network is different depending on which digital asset you choose. For example, the highest yield on the platform is with the SNX coin if you choose to collect your interest in CEL tokens. Then we have the lowest yielding coin, MANA, which comes in at 0.50%.
So, the worst yielding coin on Celsius Network is still many times better than the best yielding savings account you can find on a regular bank. It’s unfair to compare but I would say that Celsius is a clear winner and the slogan unbank yourself has never been so true.

Hodl Mode on Celsius Network

To get the highest security possible on Celsius Network you can activate the so-called HODL mode. When HODL mode is activated you temporarily prevent any funds from being withdrawn from your wallets. This means that even if someone got control over your account they would still not be able to withdraw money. This security feature is great for people who are in it for the long run and don’t plan on withdrawing any money any time soon.

Celsius for Businsesses

If you are a high net-worth individual, entrepreneur, or a big corporate with intentions of lending crypto or earning rewards, Celius has something to offer you as well. Through the Business portal in the menu, you can read more about how your company is set to access digital assets or how to offer the same interest rates and yields on your platform as Celsius.

Our own experience with Celsius Network

Celsius network home page
Celsius home page
Celsius dashboard
Celsius dashboard
celsius network weekly rates
Celsius earn
celsius network borrow
Celsius borrow
celsius network buy crypto
Celsius buy crypto
celsius network compare
Celsius compare

Celsius Network Funding Methods

Bank transfer
Bank transfer

Accepted Currencies

USD ($)
EUR (€)
CAD ($)
GBP (£)
RUB (₽)
AUD ($)
KRW (₩)
CZK (Kč)
DKK (kr.)
NOK (kr)
NZD ($)
PLN (zł)
JPY (¥)
TRY (₺)
SEK (kr)
HUF (Ft)
ILS (₪)


Max Withdrawal Limits $600000 daily
Min Withdrawal Limits $1
Min Deposit Limits $1

Celsius Network Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee
Cryptocurrency BTC 0


United Kingdom

Restricted Countries

Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Democratic People"s Republic of
South Sudan
Syrian Arab Republic


Is Celsius Network safe and legitimate?

The MSB regulation in the US is one of the most important security aspects of Celsius Network. Secondly, the HODL mode enables you to completely block withdrawals on your account and as long as you don’t reinstate the normal mode none can withdraw money from your wallets. Then of course we have the standard 2FA verification code that you can activate to reduce the possibility that anyone enters your account.

Celsius Network also has a clean track record when it comes to securing customer funds and so far there have been no breaches whatsoever on the platform. I always say that the safest platforms are those with good security protocols and a good reputation of being safe, Celsius Network lives up to both of my rules.

Is Celsius Network regulated?

Yes, Celsius is a licensed Money Service Business by the Financial Enforcement Network in the United States.

How secure is the Celsius wallet?

The Celsius Network crypto wallet is just as secure as any other wallet. However, when you activate the HODL mode, which disables you from withdrawing funds I would say that the security level is increased simply because none can withdraw funds.


Contact Form
Contact Form
Phone Number
Phone Number
+1 866 463 5669

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Frequently asked questions

Read what other investors ask about Celsius Network. Find answers without searching the web.

Yes, you can. You can buy digital assets with fiat money with a Credit card or Bank Transfer through the Celsius Network app.

Currently, the CEL token is traded on FTX, Gate.io, Uniswap, Liquid, Bitfinex, Bittrex, ByBit, Bitstamp, OKX, Bancor Network, Indodax, FMFW.io, BitMart, AAX, CoinEx, Hoo, BKEX, HotBit, HitBITC, CoinW, Giottus, Demex, Decoin, Switcheo Network, and LCX Exchange.

The interest you earn on the platform is paid every Monday of every week.

Yes, it is a company located in the United States but the business has offices in several other parts of the world making it a global project.

Part of the money they make comes from the interest paid through the lending platform. Another way they make money is to lend out the coin the users have deposited in their wallets. These tokens are used by other institutions as liquidity and Celsius is paid a fee for each transaction made.

Celsius is just as vulnerable as any other platform that handles customer accounts. However, if you follow the security protocols you are in very good hands and your money is well secured.


You can download all reports regarding profits and losses on the Celsius platform. Simply head to your Profile -> Reports ->Tax Report and choose how you want to receive your full tax report, through email or mail.

You cannot sell Bitcoin for fiat currency on Celsius, however, you can send your Bitcoin from the platform to another wallet. Simply click on the Celsius icon and select Send. From here you choose the amount you want to send and the receiving wallet.

Making money on Celius Network has never been easier. The first step to start earning is to transfer funds to the crypto wallet. From here you can choose which digital asset you want to hold to earn interest.

The withdrawals are standard blockchain transactions and depending on the congestion of the blockchain it might take between 5-30 minutes.

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