Coinrule Bot Review 2023: Is It a Scam or Legitimate?

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Publish date: Mar 10, 2022
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

Coinrule is a crypto trading software that traders can use to optimize their trading strategies through automated ai crypto trading bots. Automated crypto trading is the absolute latest news in trading technology and we strongly recommend Coinrule due to some fantastic features such as ultra-fast execution, TradingView integration, live and demo trading, unlimited monthly trading volume, crypto margin strategies, live notifications through Telegram, professional trading strategies, and much much more. If you are looking to automate your crypto portfolio and let the computers do the work for you, then the practicality of running dozens of trading rules at the same time while scouting for new hidden cryptocurrency gems on the market is something that will blow you away. In this full review of Coinrule, you will learn exactly everything there is to know about this innovative crypto trading product that is here to revolutionize your trading results so keep reading until the end before you get started.

Our rating:
United Kingdom flag
Founded January 2020
Owner Coinrule Ltd
Type Cryptocurrency Trading Software
Fees 0%
account minimum 30$
Best for Bot Traders


• New innovative crypto trading technology for beginners and professionals
• Very favorable pricing models compared to competitors
• Great educational material for beginner traders


• Coinrule does not yet offer a mobile app
• Non-regulated business
• Bank-transfer is not offered as a payment method

Why Coinrule

In this section of our Coinrule review we highlight 6 special features that deserves extra attention.

Automate your trade strategies and let the computer handle all executions. 100% free from human emotions!
Trading Bot
Automate your trade strategies and let the computer handle all executions. 100% free from human emotions!
Optimize your allocations with portfolio rebalancing. This platform will automatically rebalance your portfolio.
Portfolio Rebalancing
Optimize your allocations with portfolio rebalancing. This platform will automatically rebalance your portfolio.
Create your own or copy strategies from other profitable traders. Great for learning and sharing your ideas.
Trading Strategies
Create your own or copy strategies from other profitable traders. Great for learning and sharing your ideas.
Enter and exit the market in less than milliseconds. Best tools for fast day traders and scalpers.
Fast Execution Speed
Enter and exit the market in less than milliseconds. Best tools for fast day traders and scalpers.
Create automated orders without any coding. Use expert software and let the computer trade for you.
Automated Trading
Create automated orders without any coding. Use expert software and let the computer trade for you.
Add price alerts and get notified on your smartphone when the market is moving. Perfect tool for traders on the go!
SMS Alerts
Add price alerts and get notified on your smartphone when the market is moving. Perfect tool for traders on the go!

About Coinrule

Coinrule is an advanced crypto ai trading software built for both beginner and experienced traders and the platform offers state-of-the-art crypto trading bots to automate your investment strategies seamlessly. The platform is run by a company called Coinrule Ltd which is based in the United Kingdom and has the main office located at Office One, 1 Coldbath Square, EC1R 5HL, London, United Kingdom.

The team behind this project is a real blockchain/investing powerhouse where many of the members are true crypto enthusiasts with great educational backgrounds from MIT and real-world experience in the banking sector. The motto of the team that led to the creation of Coinrule is that cryptocurrency trading has always been unnecessarily complicated and confusing so they decided to make something about it by simplifying complex automated trading systems through one single interface.

Why we like Coinrule

Coinrule is a great platform for cryptocurrency day traders and investors, this is the big reason why we have chosen to feature it on our website and conduct this review. When it comes to automating your crypto day trading strategies I can’t think of a more smooth way to get your ideas into action than using the rules of Coinrule. If you have ever tried to create complex automated trading strategies through programs such as Pro Real-Time or other old-school programming tools you will be surprised how far technology has come.

Coinrule is blending advanced concepts of trade automation with an easy-to-use interface to make the shift from proprietary trading to fully automated extremely easy, even for beginners. No matter if you have just started out, I guarantee you that it won’t take longer than a few minutes before you are ready to execute your first fully automated crypto trading strategy and if you are a seasoned trader you will find that the rules have more depth than just an overlay of indicators that buy and sell based on criteria.

What sticks out to me is that the platform can handle several different strategies in several markets with dozens of conditions at once. This has been literally been impossible to execute unless you know how to code and now you can do it with ease through one interface.

Coinrule Trading

The trading part of Coinrule is very interesting because you don’t have to send coins or deposit digital assets to get started (except for buying the paid plans). All trading activity on the platform is done in your existing exchange accounts and wallets where you already have your coins stored. For example, if you have $1000 worth of Ethereum on Bitstamp you can access this capital from Coinrule and automate your whole investment portfolio without ever sending your coins from the exchange, pretty neat.

This is the best of two worlds and being able to leverage new trading technologies with your existing digital asset portfolio is what can take your investment portfolio to a whole new level. This works for both short-term and long-term traders since Coinrule features several different bots, or rules, for all kinds of time horizons. No matter if you are a scalper looking to pick the spread of the prices or if you are a savvy trend investor, Coinrule offers templates that are pre-built to suit any trading style.

Should you not find what you are looking for in the template section you are always free to get started on a brand new rule where you can input your own criteria for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

A quick note on the trading fee of Coinrule. The platform doesn’t charge extra trading fees. All fees you pay are the fees paid on the exchange where your coins are stored. For example, if you choose to add the Binance exchange wallet you will be paying their fee which is 0.10%.

How to use Coinrule

Getting started is very easy, simply begin by creating an account and running a few rules in the demo wallet to learn the basics of the exchange. From here, select a paid plan that suits your needs. After you have paid for the plan I suggest that you jump straight into the rules and start looking for a template that suits your style of investing. Should you have any problems getting started you can always follow this short step-by-step guide below:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Try the demo wallet risk-free to learn the platform.
  3. Select a paid plan.
  4. Pay for the paid plan.
  5. Head over to the Rules section of your account.
  6. Choose a template that suits your investment approach.
  7. Start the rule!

From here you can monitor your trading activity in real-time and see how the bot is performing. While the bot is working for you you can browse more templates or get started in creating your own rules with your own criteria. This is a lot of fun and you will soon realize that you can create rather complex bots which will behave exactly as you want. From here you control your bots and it’s just a matter of how much time you want to dedicate to learning the crafts of creating bots. Good luck!

Coinrule Category Rating

Trading Features:4.5/5
Educational Resources:4.0/5
Customer Support:4.0/5

Things to improve on

The only thing I see that could be improved on is the mobile version of Coinrule. Currently, there is no mobile app and I would love to see the team develop a mobile version of the platform.

Set aside this minor pitfall it’s safe to say that Coinrule is a fantastic platform that offers the latest in crypto trading technology and if you are serious with your crypto trading we recommend all our traders and investors to give it a try.

Coinrule Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee
0 %
0 %



Trading Platforms


Order Types

AO - Automated Orders
LO - Limit Order
MO - Market Order

Supported Devices


Special Features

Technical Indicators
Quick Registration
2FA Verification
Instant Deposits
Algorithmic Trading
Trading Tips
Beginner Friendly
Video Guides
Leverage Trading
Advanced Trading Platform
Market News
Margin Trading
Low Slippage
Advanced Trading Tools
Advanced Charting
High Limits
New Trading Platform
One Click Trading
Paper Trading
Demo Account

About the special features on Coinrule

Coinrule is full of features that all short-term and long-term traders will find useful. In this section, I would like to highlight some features that stick out to me and deserves some extra explanation such as the rules, all the supported exchanges, the bot templates, webinars, and the demo trade wallet. What I like about these features is that Coinrule has somehow managed to create complex trading tools in a very user-friendly manner, which is something that you don’t see every day.

Another thing to point out is the educational section of the platform. There are literally hundreds of guides that explain how to use certain features on the platform, including video guides to make things easier for a first-time user. This is extremely valuable and I highly recommend all new traders and investors spend some time going through the topics they have written about. Some articles are Automated Trading on Binance Futures, Optimize Your Trading Strategy With The Right Time Frame, How To Calculate Profit On Coinrule, What Kind of Trader Are You, and much much more.

Coinrule Pricing

The pricing of the paid plans on Coinrule is very favorable considering other competitors and what you get for your invested money. Below is a list of all the packages you can purchase:

  • Hobbyist -$29.99 monthly with a yearly plan ($39.99 one month only)
  • Trader – $59.99 monthly with a yearly plan ($79.99 one month only)
  • Pro – $449.99 monthly with a yearly plan ($499.99 one month only)

Keep in mind that you can always start with a free plan to test the platform and connect one exchange. The free account also gives you access to 2 live rules, 2 demo rules, 7 rule templates, and a $3000 monthly trade volume. From here it’s up to you to decide which plan to choose. For a complete beginner, I recommend the Hobbyist as it is cheap and brings a lot of utility for a first-time user. If you are a dedicated trader with some skin in the game and want full access to the platform you should choose the Pro plan to trade without limits.

Rules (bots) explained

Rules are the equivalent of bots on Coinrule and you can either choose between 150+ pre-created and tested rules or create your own. The benefit of using an already tested rule is that it has been proven profitable on historical data and it is created by an experienced trader. However, if you are a dedicated trader and want to learn how to create your own rules then head over to the Rules tab in your account and started experimenting. There is nothing more satisfying than creating a rule that starts to generate profits, even when you are not in front of the computer.

Below is a list of some of the most popular and most used rules on Coinrule:

  • Trend-following rebalancing
  • Price-based accumulation
  • Low volatility buy and sell
  • Accumulate the daily top performer
  • Buy low sell high
  • Portfolio take profit and re-buy

When you create your own rule you always start with the coin you want to include, for example, the best-performing coin or the worst performing coin of the day. Then you apply the indicator you want to use as criteria, for example, RSI, Volume, or a Moving Average. Now, add your condition to the indicator and set a time or a day to execute the rule. You can choose to start your rule immediately or on a date in the future.

What makes these bots so powerful is that you can add several conditions on top of each other to combine more than just one indicator which makes for a more complex structure, however, if you are just starting out I recommend keeping the numbers of conditions to a maximum of two.

Coinrule Support Exchanges

Coinrule has partnered up with some of the biggest crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Kraken, which are two of the top crypto exchanges in the USA to provide a safer and more secure trading environment along with high liquidity and plenty of listed digital assets. Below is a list of all the supported exchanges on Coinrule:

  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Bitstamp
  • Coinbase Pro
  • HitBTC
  • Kraken
  • Liquid
  • OKX
  • Poloniex

Coinrule offers leveraged crypto bot trading through these exchanges:

  • Binance futures
  • Bitmex

Bot Templates

The templates are pre-created rules by experienced traders that have seen success before and there are a lot of them. The library of templates is full of high-quality rules for almost any market environment and trading approach. Some examples of templates are:

  • Every day buy the best coin
  • Buy the dip in a bull market
  • Portfolio swing strategy in downtrend
  • Short-term swing trading
  • Grid trading in range
  • Safe trend following
  • Rebalance trend following

These and many many more templates are readily available and some of them have already been tested in a live environment. You can find the templates in the Rules tab of your account and some of the templates require you to purchase an upgraded version of the paid plan. In my opinion, it’s worth it since it comes with great utility and value that can mean the difference for your portfolio in the long run.


This is a very cool feature of the Coinrule platform and something that we always like to highlight extra. It says a lot about a platform if they offer free webinars to their audience to educate them on market theory and other interesting topics that you would otherwise never learn. Great job Coinrule team!

Demo trade wallet

For all new traders on the platform, there is a demo wallet that you can use to test all your new strategies and rules in a risk-free environment until you have learned the ins and outs of the platform. The demo wallet works exactly as the live version but with paper money, or fake money. Once you add a rule to the demo wallet you can see how it would perform in a live environment.

Backtest a strategy

Strategies can be backtested on TradingView and then run live on the Coinrule platform. This is a great way to see the historical performance of your bot which will give you an indication of how it could behave in a live environment. See how much return your strategy would yield and get a full P&L rundown of your strategy.

Our own experience with Coinrule

Coinrule home page
Coinrule home page
Coinrule pricing
Coinrule pricing
Coinrule exchanges
Coinrule exchanges
Coinrule rules
Coinrule rules
Coinrule templates
Coinrule templates
Coinrule notifications
Coinrule alerts

Coinrule Funding Methods


Accepted Currencies

USD ($)
EUR (€)
GBP (£)


Max Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Deposit Limits $30

Coinrule Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee


United Kingdom

Restricted Countries

Korea, Democratic People"s Republic of
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Syrian Arab Republic
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hong Kong
Russian Federation
South Sudan
Lao People"s Democratic Republic
Palestinian Territory, Occupied


Is Coinrule safe and legitimate?

Coinrule is a trustworthy and legitimate business. The platform account can be secured with a 2FA verification protection and since your coins are not stored on the platform you are running no risks of theft. All crypto exchanges partners of Coinrule are among the most trusted in the industry such as Kraken and Coinbase which means that you are in good hands.

Is Coinrule regulated?

No, the platform is currently unregulated.


Live Chat
Live Chat

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Frequently asked questions

Read the most frequently asked questions about Coinrule. Find answers without searching the web.

It is a cryptocurrency trading software that offers automated trading bots in several different markets and coins. The platform is beginner-friendly yet advanced enough to suit seasoned traders. Use the platform to automate your digital asset investment portfolio through rules that can either be pre-built and tested or built by yourself. Coinrule puts no limits on monthly trading volume, template strategies, crypto exchange, and they even offer one-to-one coaching should you wish to take your investing to a new level.

The headquarters of the platform is located at Office One, 1 Coldbath Square, EC1R 5HL, London, United Kingdom.

There are three different paid plans: Hobbyist -$29.99 monthly with a yearly plan ($39.99 one month only) Trader - $59.99 monthly with a yearly plan ($79.99 one month only) Pro - $449.99 monthly with a yearly plan ($499.99 one month only) Remember that you can start out free of charge and use the demo wallet to test the platform.

No, currently Coinrule does not offer a mobile app.

Yes, US traders are welcome to trade on the platform. Currently, there are no restricted countries.

The execution speed of the bots is incredibly fast and is well-suited for very short-term scalping strategies. Many short-term traders will find that the bots, or rules, will outperform their own capability of trading by hand.

After creating your account head over to the "Exchanges" tab in the menu. From here, click on Binance and follow the steps. This includes logging in to your Binance account and getting the API key which you have to copy and paste on Coinrule.

Coinrule is a crypto software that will trade for you so you don't have to do all the work. Once you add a new rule it will execute the selected market with the criteria you have chosen and your job is to monitor your portfolio and make adjustments where it is needed.

Yes, you can most certainly create a passive income with the right template or rule in the correct market. Keep in mind that due to the changes in the market you have to monitor and adjust your automated strategies to stay profitable. It is well worth the effort when your rules are generating passive income for your portfolio.

I would say that it is more user-friendly than most other competitors we have reviewed on Trading Browser. Coinrule also offers very complex criteria and conditions that I haven't seen on other platforms which makes it stand out for both beginners and professionals. The demo wallet is also a huge plus that we don't see on every automated trading platform.

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