Decoin Exchange Review 2023: Security, Fees & Special Features

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Publish date: Feb 07, 2022
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

Decoin is a social cryptocurrency exchange led by a team of true blockchain experts, crypto industry veterans, and fintech professionals. The team launched the platform with a common goal to create the most transparent and innovative social ecosystem for their traders. With a touch of great security features, a beginner-friendly user interface, pro social trading platform, staking mechanism,  and advanced tools for seasoned cryptocurrency traders. No matter if you are new to crypto trading or if you have years of experience, Decoin is an exchange you need to try out if you are into new technology. There are plenty of more surprises hidden on the platform once you create an account and log in, so to find out exactly what makes Decoin tick I recommend that you read through the full review before you start.

Our rating:
Bulgaria flag
Founded May 2017
Owner DTEP Technologies Ltd
Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
Fees 0.15%
account minimum 50$
Best for All Traders


• Cold storage wallet for maximum fund security
• The user interface is very easy to navigate for beginners
• Social trading platform with new technologies


• Non-regulated cryptocurrency exchange
• There is no live chat available on the platform
• Decoin lacks an education hub for beginner investors

Why Decoin

In this section of our Decoin review we have highlighted 6 special features that sets them apart when compared to other platforms.

With social trading you can observe and follow expert traders. Copy profitable traders and earn passive income.
Social Trading
With social trading you can observe and follow expert traders. Copy profitable traders and earn passive income.
This platform is perfect for beginners with limited trading or investing experience online.
Beginner Friendly
This platform is perfect for beginners with limited trading or investing experience online.
Trade or invest on the go with your smartphone. Keep track of your portfolio where ever you are.
Trading App
Trade or invest on the go with your smartphone. Keep track of your portfolio where ever you are.
Use complex tools like multi charts, advanced order types, AI, machine learning, or alerts.
Advanced Trading Tools
Use complex tools like multi charts, advanced order types, AI, machine learning, or alerts.
Stake your cryptocurrencies and earn passive income from coins by depositing your favorie altcoins.
Stake your cryptocurrencies and earn passive income from coins by depositing your favorie altcoins.
This platform has extra security features such as cold storage wallet or insurance funds for maximum safety.
Security Of Funds
This platform has extra security features such as cold storage wallet or insurance funds for maximum safety.

About Decoin

Decoin is an innovative social cryptocurrency copy exchange with an eye for detail that is operated and run by a team of true industry experts. The exchange was launched in 2017 and since then a lot of things have happened inside then. The operating company of the exchange is called Moneta Argenta EOOD which has its headquarters in Bulgaria with the main office located at 37 Stefan Stambolov Bvd., Floor 2, Ap. 4, Sofia 1303, Bulgaria

The team behind Decoin is made up of respected fintech professionals and blockchain experts that had one common goal when launching the exchange. They wanted to bring out the most transparent and innovative crypto exchange with a security system that is state-of-the-art. After reviewing the exchange it’s safe to say that the team did just that and they even went beyond the plan and created something very interesting.

The Decoin exchange is now home to several thousand daily traders who executes great trading through advanced technology in an easy-to-use environment. The exchange provides a good mix of beginner-level design with professional trading tools that advanced traders will find useful and interesting.

Why use Decoin

If you are interested in new trading technologies, top-level security protocols, easy-to-use platform design, and several hundreds of markets to trade, then Decoin might be your next go-to exchange. If you are into altcoin trading you will definitely enjoy Decoin due to the number of new coins that get listed where some of the coins are fresh on the market which calls for some extra upside potential.

The benefit of Decoin is that both active day traders and passive investors can use the platform. For day traders, the trading interface has all the tools you need to execute fast scalping and carefully designed swing trades. If you are a passive investor who relies on letting your money do all the work for you, then the DTrade social platform will call your attention. Here you can choose among some of the top traders on the exchange, copy their trades, and let them do the work while you provide the capital.

Trading on Decoin

The main trading feature of the Decoin exchange is the DTrade platform. It is a social crypto copy trading platform with a whole aspect of combining trading and a live view of how professionals actually trade. The DTrade platform lets you watch, follow, and copy top traders live, something that I have never seen before.

What I found useful on the trading platform is the multichart feature that enables you to either view 4 different markets at the same time or you can choose to divide the coin you are trading into 4 different time frames. This is something that I would definitely use when I day trade and I highly recommend that you give it a try when you test the exchange.

In regards to tradable assets and markets, you have the option to enter the spot trading where you will find plenty of trading pairs where legacy coins are mixed with several new coins. If your game is leverage trading there is something for you as well. In the markets tab on the home page, you will find all leverage products that offer up to 5x leverage on several coins.

How to use Decoin

You have several options on Decoin whether you want to buy or trade cryptocurrencies. To buy crypto with fiat you first have to identify yourself with KYC documents. This is an easy process and won’t take long. After getting verified, follow these steps:

  1. Head over you the main menu and click block Buy Crypto
  2. Enter the amount you want to buy.
  3. Choose your local fiat currency you want to pay with.
  4. Select the digital asset you want to buy and click Next.
  5. Read the quotation and accept the terms.
  6. Choose payment method and Continue.
  7. Enter your card details and click next.
  8. Complete order!

That’s it. Now your new digital asset will show up in your wallet on the Decoin exchange. From here you can choose if you want to use them in the social trading pit, leverage trading, or if you want to use the spot markets to day trade.

Decoin Category Rating

Trading Features:4.0/5
Educational Resources:3.5/5
Customer Support:3.5/5

What sets Decoin apart

The main thing that I think sets Decoin apart is the fact that the team behind this project has done a good job in terms of platform design, security, and most important part, trading features. It’s the first time I see a social crypto exchange that offers this kind of live experience. I like to see exchange operators that take advantage of new trading technologies as we see on Decoin.

Things to improve on

The only minor pitfall I can point out is the lack of a live chat and educational material for beginners. These two aspects would make things easier for all beginners coming to the platform as there are plenty of questions regarding new technologies where a live customer support agent would solve a lot of mysteries. An educational hub would also give new investors a quick run-through of the most important aspects of crypto trading to avoid some of the early beginner mistakes.

However, these minor bumps do not change my opinion about Decoin. I still think it’s a great addition to the crypto community and I can see how they have gotten such a good reputation so quickly. I recommend all our investors and traders to give it a try to see for yourself.

Decoin Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee
0.15 %
0.15 %
0.15 %
0.15 %



Trading Platforms

Mobile App Android + Mac
Mobile App Android + Mac

Order Types

LO - Limit Order
MO - Market Order
SL - Stop Limit
COCO - Cancel One Cancel Others

Supported Devices


Special Features

Instant Deposits
Margin Trading
Copy Trading
Leverage Trading
2FA Verification
Short Selling
Advanced Charting
Buy Cryptocurrency
Cold Storage Wallet
Customisable Interface
Technical Indicators
Market News
New Trading Platform
Daily Gainers & Losers
Quick Registration
Fast Execution Speed
Fast Withdrawals
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Low Slippage
High Limits
Fast Account Verification
One Click Trading

About the special features on Decoin

There are plenty of special features on Decoin and in this section of the review, I would like to highlight a couple of them that makes Decoin stand out against similar platforms. Some of the most important features are multicharts, DTrade social platform, the native DTEP coin, fiat on-ramp, cold storage wallets, leveraged trading products, and top gainers and losers.

Apart from these features, I would like to say that after reviewing the platform for a while I realized that I didn’t have any questions regarding where to find things. Everything on the exchange is readily available and you don’t have to look for things, they are just there in front of you. This is a huge benefit and I always stress creating easy-to-use interfaces, something that the team behind Decoin have nailed in my opinion!


When reviewing the trading interface I was happily surprised to see that the Decoin team had incorporated a multichart view. Instead of following one market, you can now follow 4 different markets or your favorite coin in 4 different time frames. This is incredibly useful for day traders and technical traders who rely on reading crypto charts to make good decisions. You will find the multichart toggle at the top of the chart.


The DTrade platform is a new social trading platform driven by the latest technology where professional traders interact with the platform members live which creates a next-level experience for all novice traders on Decoin. Through the DTrade social platform, you can see experts trade live and you can even opt-in to follow their trades via auto-trade. It is a great way for beginner traders to learn from the pros and see exactly what it is they are doing before they execute trades and also how they manage the trade until they exit the markets.

You can choose between watching recorded sessions or following the top traders live with on screen. So, if you have been asking yourself what the experts are doing to beat the markets, here is your chance to see it live, simply create an account and head over to the DTrade section to get started. Trust me, it is dead simple to join!


The DTEP coin is created by the Decoin crypto exchange and has several useful aspects to it for members of the platform. The 4 most important perks for owning the DTEP token are reduced trading fees, 6.2% APY staking rewards, full storage in cold crypto wallets, and a credit card program that is available for certain users with a sufficient holding of the DTEP coin, read more on the website for specific terms.

Buy crypto with fiat

Decoin offers all members a fiat gateway to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card. This opens up great possibilities for everyone on board as you can deposit your fiat currencies instantly and own your favorite coin on Decoin in a matter of minutes. From here you can choose to use it for trading in the social platform, buy DTEP for passive staking rewards, or head over to the leverage trading pit where you will be able to amplify your buying power up to 5 times.

Cold storage wallet

Decoin stores up to 97% of their customer funds in cold storage wallets, or offline wallets as they are also called. A cold storage wallet is the highest fund security feature you can find on the market today and I definitely appreciate the team for going to the lengths of incorporating good security protocols on the exchange, good job Decoin team!

Leverage trading on Decoin

If you think your account size is too small or that your gains are not enough to generate a good profit you should try the leveraged tokens on Decoin. On the leverage market, you will be able to increase your buying power up to 5 times which means that your potential profits increase by 5 times. Normally, if you would make a profit of 20% in the market, with the leverage tokens of 5x leverage, this gain would result in a 100% profit. Keep in mind though, leverage products increase the level of risk as well and your losses can potentially be greater than normal.

Top gainers and losers

Decoin has included a great trading tool for active day traders on the home page of the exchange. At the top of the coin list, you will find the top gainers and losers of the day. Here is where you will find the most volatility of the day as the coin listed here have made some big moves and they are more likely to keep moving. Through the top gainers and losers tool, you will find coins that are exploding in price or have recently made a crazy dip which calls for some great day trading opportunities.

Our own experience with Decoin

decoin home page
Decoin home page
decoin trading interface
Decoin trading interface
decoin multi chart
Decoin multi chart
Decoin dtrade
Decoin Dtrade
decoin buy crypto
Decoin buy crypto
Decoin wallet
Decoin wallet

Decoin Funding Methods

Bank transfer
Bank transfer

Accepted Currencies

AED (د.إ.‏)
ALL (Lekë)
AMD (֏)
ANG (NAf.)
ARS ($)
AUD ($)
AZN (₼)
BBD ($)
BDT (৳)
BGN (лв.)
BMD ($)
BND ($)
BOB (Bs)
BRL (R$)
BYN (Br)
CAD ($)
CLP ($)
CNY (¥)
COP ($)
CRC (₡)
CZK (Kč)
DJF (Fdj)
DKK (kr.)
EGP (ج.م.‏)
EUR (€)
GBP (£)
GEL (₾)
HUF (Ft)
IDR (Rp)
ILS (₪)
INR (₹)
JMD ($)
JPY (¥)
KES (Ksh)
KGS (сом)
KHR (៛)
KRW (₩)
KYD ($)
KZT (₸)
LBP (ل.ل.‏)
LKR (රු.)
MAD (د.م.‏)
MKD (ден)
MNT (₮)
MUR (Rs)
MXN ($)
NAD ($)
NGN (₦)
NOK (kr)
NZD ($)
PAB (B/.)
PEN (S/)
PHP (₱)
PKR (Rs)
PLN (zł)
PYG (Gs.)
QAR (ر.ق.‏)
RUB (₽)
SAR (ر.س.‏)
SEK (kr)
SGD ($)
TRY (₺)
TTD ($)
TWD ($)
UAH (₴)
USD ($)
UYU ($)
UZS (сўм)
VND (₫)


Max Withdrawal Limits BTC 100 daily
Min Withdrawal Limits BTC 0.002
Min Deposit Limits $50

Decoin Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee
Cryptocurrency BTC 0.0005


United Kingdom
Mandarin (Chinese)
Korea, Republic of
Russian Federation

Restricted Countries

Iran, Islamic Republic of
Syrian Arab Republic
Korea, Democratic People"s Republic of


Is Decoin safe and legitimate?

Yes, Decoin is definitely a safe exchange and the company behind is a legitimate operation. 97% of the customer funds are kept in cold storage wallets to ensure the highest security of funds. On top of this, you can activate a Google Authenticator to safeguard your account, add an SMS authenticator, and include an Anti-Phishing Code that will block any phishing attempts from fake Decoin websites or email addresses. Decoin is a very safe and secure crypto exchange platform and after reviewing all the security features I highly recommend our traders to try it out!

Is Decoin a regulated exchange?

No, Decoin is not a regulated exchange.

Decoin withdrawal protection

The team on Decoin is constantly monitoring all withdrawal actions on the exchange to see if any suspicious withdrawal attempts are being made. If something unusual appears it will get flagged immediately through the latest technology, including malware protection for your browser.


Contact Form
Contact Form

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Frequently asked questions

Read what other investors ask about Find answers without searching the web.

It is a social crypto exchange driven by new trading technologies, copy trading, staking mechanisms, cold storage wallets, and several other features that are designed for crypto investors.

The main office is located at 37 Stefan Stambolov Bvd., Floor 2, Ap. 4, Sofia 1303, Bulgaria.

The native currency of the exchange is called DECOIN, or DTEP, and can be purchased on Decoin itself, Bitrue, VinDAX, and Cat.Ex.

After creating an account and verifying your ID, head over to the Buy Crypto tab in the main menu. From here, follow the instructions on how to proceed. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to buy, which fiat currency you want to pay with, what cryptocurrency you want to buy, and then which payment method you want to use. Credit card payments will be the fastest option and Bank transfers are the cheapest alternative.

As of writing this review, DTEP is valued at $0,1149.

The maker and taker fee for entering and exiting the market is 0.15%. This fee can be reduced by trading with the native cryptocurrency DTEP. The fee for withdrawing Bitcoin from the platform is BTC 0.005.

The operating company is called Moneta Argenta EOOD.

Yes, traders and investors from the United States are welcome to use the exchange.

No, there is currently no app available. If an app was to be introduced we would update this review.

To withdraw funds from your wallet, simply hover over Wallets in the main menu, and click Withdraw. From here, select the digital asset you wish to withdraw, and follow the instructions.

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