Godex.io Review 2023: Is It Safe and Legit to Swap Without KYC?

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Publish date: Nov 08, 2021
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

The web’s most detailed Godex.io review: Godex.io is an anonymous decentralized crypto exchange that requires no KYC, no account registration, and is completely limitless. The thing that makes this exchange stand out among the crowd is the fixed-rate system that lets you bypass market volatility by assuring you a fixed price when swapping coins. Godex.io uses blockchain technology throughout the whole platform and this is also how they are able to provide over 300 altcoins at the best rates on the market through a trustworthy system. Keep reading to learn exactly how this platform works.

Our rating:
Seychelles flag
Founded January 2018
Owner Godex.io
Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
Fees 1.50%
account minimum 0.0$
Best for Investors


• No limits on deposits, trading, or withdrawal
• No account registration
• A large variety of altcoins


• Non-regulated platform
• No fiat option
• Does not support any advanced order types

Why Godex

In this section of our Godex.io review we highlight 6 special features that deserves extra attention.

Trade or invest on the go with your smartphone. Keep track of your portfolio where ever you are.
Trading App
Trade or invest on the go with your smartphone. Keep track of your portfolio where ever you are.
On this platform you can start trading without registering an account. Get access the markets instantly!
No Account Registration
On this platform you can start trading without registering an account. Get access the markets instantly!
Buy, sell, or trade other cryptocurrencies with a smaller market cap than Bitcoin. New coins are created frequently.
Buy, sell, or trade other cryptocurrencies with a smaller market cap than Bitcoin. New coins are created frequently.
Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly. The fastest way to swap between coins when opportunity arises.
Instant Coin Exchange
Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly. The fastest way to swap between coins when opportunity arises.
Use fixed rates and lock the price you want. This is a great tool to protect yourself against market volatility.
Lock The Price
Use fixed rates and lock the price you want. This is a great tool to protect yourself against market volatility.
Keep track of which market is winning and which one is losing today. A good way for day traders to find volatility.
Daily Gainers & Losers
Keep track of which market is winning and which one is losing today. A good way for day traders to find volatility.

About Godex

Godex.io is a very fast anonymous cryptocurrency exchange without KYC, limits, or account registration that offers coin swapping with over 300 altcoins at a fixed rate. The platform is running on decentralized blockchains which are trustless by nature and this is also what makes them stand out among other major exchanges Binance and Coinbase. Godex.io was founded back in 2018 after the great bitcoin bull run and the company behind the platform has the main office based in Seychelles.

The team behind Godex.io has a deep belief in blockchain and cryptocurrencies as means of payment and they work hard to improve their services of being simple, fast, and trustworthy. They understand that customers want things fast, cheap, and without any problems on the way and that’s why they created Godex.io where order execution time varies between 5 to 30 minutes depending on the chosen blockchain.

Why use Godex

Investors and long-term traders will find a great use for the Godex.io exchange when searching for new cryptocurrencies to add to their portfolio through the fast swapping system on the home page. One of the biggest perks of using Godex.io is the anonymity that you get from using a decentralized exchange. None will ever be able to see your transaction and as long as you know how to handle cryptocurrency wallets you can make trade coins anonymously as much as you want.

When trading on Godex.io you are not stopped by any limits and the fees are actually in the lower bracket compared to many other similar sites which is a huge plus for both active traders and investors with deeper pockets. The fixed rate that Godex.io offers is a way of protecting yourself from market volatility and it removes a lot of the underlying risks when swapping to new coins by guaranteeing the price that you see before you initiate a trade.

The true use of the Godex.io exchange lies in how it is connected to other major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance. Godex.io uses a price algorithm that scans other platforms for new coins and can therefore offer some of the best prices on the market including a very large pool of altcoins.

Trading on Godex

Swapping coins on Godex is really easy as long as you have some basic knowledge of how cryptocurrency wallets work. If you are familiar with this you will find the platform very useful due to the large pool of digital assets that are available for swapping. Trading on Godex is completely anonymous as mentioned earlier and this is one of the core selling points which lets you enter the platform and exchange as many coins as you want without logging in och sending KYC documents.

How is trading done on Godex.io?

  1. When you enter the Home Page, the first thing you see is the coin exchange feature, on the left side you choose the coin that you currently own, and on the right side you select the new coin you want to swap to.
  2. Enter the amount you want to trade and see the rate you are given, this price is always updated with the best prices by the price algorithm.
  3. Next, click Exchange to start verifying your trade.
  4. Enter your wallet address where you want to receive your new coins and click Exchange.
  5. Now, copy the wallet address that you are given and deposit the coin you already own to this address. These coins will then get swapped to your new coin at the fixed rate you were given at the beginning of the trade.
  6. After depositing, your trade will get confirmed and then the exchange goes through.

Payment methods and limits

Godex.io doesn’t support fiat deposits. The limits on the exchange are nearly limitless, the only thing that stops you from sending a very large order might be the blockchain itself, but that will never happen to the standard trader so you are free to trade as many coins as you want when you see an opportunity arise.

Godex.io category rating

Trading Features:3.0/5
Educational Resources:4.0/5
Customer Support:3.5/5

Things we don’t like

I would love to see live chat support on Godex.io, this would help with some of the more complex questions new traders might have and it would speed up transactions. A charting interface is also something that would benefit most traders due to the popularity of technical analysis.

Looking past these minor pitfalls, Godex.io is a great cryptocurrency exchange and the solution you get from this platform is phenomenal. We highly recommend all our traders and investors give it a try.

Godex Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee
1.50 %
1.50 %



Trading Platforms

Mobile App Android + Mac
Mobile App Android + Mac

Order Types


Supported Devices


Special Features

Price Prediction
Market News
Beginner Friendly
New Trading Platform
High Limits

About the special features on Godex.io

This cryptocurrency exchange is not like all the other major platforms you have seen. Godex.io is run on the blockchain and only supports blockchain transactions for all trading and swapping. So what are the benefits and drawdowns of this service? First of all, there are no limits, whatsoever, you can trade as much as you want without hitting an upper limit. There is also no need to create an account or send in your KYC documents.

Some of the key features I will discuss more are the fixed rates, the price algorithm that fetches all the prices, price predictions, the daily gainers & losers, and also how anonymity works on this platform. Before you start out on Godex.io make sure that you are familiar with blockchain transactions and how to use a cryptocurrency wallet because every swap requires you to send coins from one wallet to another. If you are already used to sending coins over the blockchain you will find Godex.io extremely useful.

Fixed Cryptocurrency Rates

The problem that the team behind Godex has fixed is the constant fluctuations of cryptocurrency prices. The crypto market is very volatile and this can more often than not give you a bad entry price when swapping coins. For example, let’s say that you want to exchange Bitcoin for Dogecoin and you initiate a swap, then after only a couple of seconds into the exchange, the price of Dogecoin rises or falls by 5% and your transaction is now completely unprofitable just by clicking the Exchange button. Now, the Godex team has prevented this by adding a price-locking mechanism that guarantees the price you chose when you started the transaction. The platform takes on all the risks so you can get a clean and steady deal.

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Swaps

If you know how the blockchain works you will understand that all transactions on Godex.io are anonymous. This is because you don’t have to sign up with an account or send in your KYC documents. The only thing that is required to make a trade on the exchange is that you own coins and have control over your wallets. If you meet these basic requirements you are free to swap as many altcoins as you want without ever revealing your identity.

Coin Price Predictions

If you have been following some coins for a while but you are unsure whether to invest now or to wait a little longer I would suggest that you stop by the Godex.io blog to read up on some of the price predictions posted by the team. Here you will get a full overview of what the future of the coin could look like and also some technical tips to help you decide if now is a good time to invest. The price predictions are written by professionals but remember to always make your own full analysis before investing in any coins.

Godex.io Price Algorithm

Let me explain how Godex is able to offer over 300 altcoins at the same rates, or better, than some of the biggest crypto exchanges on the market. Godex is operated by a price algorithm that scans other platforms such as Binance for coins and prices. If the algorithm finds a better price than average, it will import the coin and offer it to you on the Godex exchange. This is done in an instant and the algorithm is scanning several bigger exchanges all the time to update the prices on the exchange. This is a very neat solution that lets you swap coins for several exchanges without the need for signing up with an account.

Our own experience with Godex

godex.io home page
Godex home page
Godex rates
Godex rates
Godex swap page
Godex swap page
godex swap instructions
Godex swap instructions
Godex blog
Godex blog
Godex support page
Godex support page

Godex Funding Methods


Accepted Currencies



Max Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Deposit Limits $0

Godex Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee
Cryptocurrency BTC 0
USD $0


Russian Federation
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
United Arab Emirates
Korea, Republic of
Mandarin (Chinese)

Restricted Countries

Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Democratic People"s Republic of
Syrian Arab Republic
United States
United States Minor Outlying Islands


Is Godex safe to use?

Yes, Godex is a trustworthy exchange due to the nature of blockchain technology. No 2FA verification is needed since you don’t need an account to use the platform. As long as you know how to send transactions over the blockchain and know how to handle cryptocurrency wallets this is a very safe exchange to use.

Is Godex regulated?

No, Godex is not a regulated cryptocurrency exchange.


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Contact Form

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Frequently asked questions

Read the most frequently asked questions about Godex. Find answers without searching the web.

On this anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, you can swap coins at fixed rates, without limits, free from KYC and account registration.

Yes, we consider Godex.io to be a safe cryptocurrency exchange. There has never been an incident where a customer has lost funds.

Yes, the mobile app is available on both App Store and Google Play.

No, it is not available for people that are living in the United States.

No, Godex is a completely anonymous exchange where you don't have to sign up or leave any personal information.

No, it is not possible to purchase cryptocurrency on the platform with fiat, however, the swapping mechanism gives you access to over 300 altcoins.

The exchange is operated from Seychelles.

The standard time for transactions is between 5 - 30 minutes depending on the coin and amount you choose.

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