Hodlnaut Review 2023: Withdrawal Fees, Rates and Is It Safe?

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Publish date: Dec 03, 2021
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

The web’s most detailed review of Hodlnaut: This innovative FinTech platform offers fantastic earning potential through their crypto interest account with a maximum of 12.73% APY. Earning cryptocurrencies by holding them on a platform is the latest buzz on the crypto scene and Hodlnaut is quickly making a name for themselves by offering one of the highest payouts I’ve seen so far. Hodlnaut is all about earning interest from your digital assets and with the fixed-rate deposit you can choose the length of your lockup period from 28 days up to 180 days and you will be able to preview the full payout before depositing. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to beat the banks, so if you are HODLing your coins without earning a passive income you are missing out on something big. Read everything you need to know in this review before you get started.

Our rating:
Singapore flag
Founded March 2019
Owner Hodlnaut Pte. Ltd.
Type FinTech Platform
Fees 0%
account minimum 0.0$
Best for Investors


• The demo account lets you try all features before you start
• All features on the platform are completely transparent
• All crypto swaps on the platform have zero fees


• The live chat is only open during Singapore hours
• Hodlnaut is not yet a regulated platform
• The KYC process is slower than average

Why Hodlnaut

In this section of our Hodlnaut review we highlight 6 special features that deserves extra attention.

Earn interest with a trusted crypto interest account. Beat the bank and grow your wealth passively!
Crypto Savings Account
Earn interest with a trusted crypto interest account. Beat the bank and grow your wealth passively!
Try this platform on a demo account before going live with real money. Trade your strategies with no risks.
Demo Account
Try this platform on a demo account before going live with real money. Trade your strategies with no risks.
Trade your strategies with zero trading fees. Minimize your day trading costs significantly and stay in the game.
$0 Trading Fee
Trade your strategies with zero trading fees. Minimize your day trading costs significantly and stay in the game.
Track your current P&L live and analyze your trading history. Take full control over your own trading account.
Performance Analytics
Track your current P&L live and analyze your trading history. Take full control over your own trading account.
Trade or invest on the go with your smartphone. Keep track of your portfolio where ever you are.
Trading App
Trade or invest on the go with your smartphone. Keep track of your portfolio where ever you are.
Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly. The fastest way to swap between coins when opportunity arises.
Instant Coin Exchange
Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly. The fastest way to swap between coins when opportunity arises.

About Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut is a relatively new but already highly reputable FinTech platform to empower people through passive income with digital assets and interest accounts. This up-and-coming crypto platform takes HODLing to the next level in a secure way where all users can choose their lockup periods and earn a breathtaking 12.73% annual return. The APY almost seems too good to be true but we can assure you that Hodlnaut is the real deal when it comes to putting your cryptocurrencies to work and good returns have never been this accessible before.

The operating company is called Hodlnaut Pte. Ltd. and has the main office located at 4 Raffles Place Clifford Centre, Singapore (048621). The launch of the platform happened back in 2019 but the team has already rolled out a great product that is featured for mobile users through the app as well. Adding to the suit of earnings features is a crypto swap with 0% fees where you can swap between all available coins on the platform.

Why use Hodlnaut

For those of you who are looking into getting more use out of your stored digital assets will love Hodlnaut. Let’s say that you are sitting on some bitcoin that you are not planning on using soon or sell it for cash, then you can use these coins on Hodlnaut. Simply create an account, deposit the coins, and see your capital grow on a year-over-year basis. It is that simple and the best part is that it works just as explained. The cryptocurrency interest accounts are still in an early phase of development and it pays out well to use platforms such as Hodlnaut.

There are two main features of the platform that you should know about, the crypto interest accounts, and the fixed-term deposit. The interest account is just like a regular bank account with the huge difference that you will earn real interest on your capital. Select your coin, choose the amount, and see how much you will earn annually before you make the deposit. The fixed-term loan on Hodlnaut is a way for you to make a shorter commitment and lock up your coins during 28 – 180 days and earn a great profit during that period.

To summarize, Hodlnaut is best suited for all investors, beginners, and seasoned professionals, who currently own digital assets and want to earn a passive income by simply locking them up. Keep in mind that you will receive your full amount of funds after the lock-up period, with some exceptions to the fluctuating market.

Savings and Interest Account on Hodlnaut

The reason we chose to make a review about Hodlnaut is due to the record-high APY they offer for all users. Any new investors can join the platform and earn a 12.73% annual return on their crypto holdings. Currently, the standard banks offer 0% interest rates or even minus rates which makes you obligated to pay the bank for storing your money in their account.

To earn the full 12.73% annual return you will deposit the stable coin USDT and the maximum deposit to get the full payout is 25,000. When you deposit more than 25,000 your return drops but it still blows the socks off any return you will receive at any bank on planet earth. Hodlnaut has a dedicated page where you can read up on all the deposit amounts, limits, and return for each coin they offer. At the moment Hodlnaut supports 6 digital assets, BTC, WBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI.

Hodlnaut has very high limits and you can deposit large amounts of cryptocurrencies, up to 500,000, in the interests account. Keep in mind that you have no lockup period when using the interest account on Hodlnaut. This means that you are free to withdraw all your funds and all your earnings at any point in time which is a huge advantage and a great selling point for the platform.

Payment methods and limits

At this moment Hodlnaut supports deposits in Bitcoin, Dai, Ethereum, Tether(USDT), USD Coin, and Wrapped Bitcoin. There is no minimum deposit limit, no minimum withdrawal limit, and the maximum withdrawal limit on Hodlnaut is 100BTC per day.

Hodlnaut category rating

Crypto Interest:4.2/5
Educational Resources:4.0/5
Customer Support:4.0/5

Things we don’t like

The only thing that was a bump in the road was the KYC verification process which took longer than expected. However, it’s worth the wait considering the potential passive income you stand to make with Hodlnaut.

I highly recommend all our long-term and medium-term investors give Hodlnaut a try after reading this review.

Hodlnaut Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee
0 %
0 %



Trading Platforms

Mobile App Android + Mac
Mobile App Android + Mac

Order Types

MO - Market Order

Supported Devices


Special Features

Market News
Earn Cryptocurrency
Quick Registration
2FA Verification
New Trading Platform
Profit Calculator
Beginner Friendly
Fast Withdrawals
Cryptocurrency Wallet
High Limits

About the special features of Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut has a great blog section with a lot of good content such as guides and tips for new users to read up on and get comfortable with the new trends of cryptocurrency savings and interest accounts. I always like to highlight the educational part of a platform because it shows that the owners and the team behind the platform are real and care about their users. No one should invest or deposit their capital without being knowledgeable about who they work with and how it works. Great job Hodlnaut team!

There are always some features that stick out when we review platforms and these are the features that we want to highlight and give some extra attention to. In the case of Hodlnaut, it is the transparent preview that they give you before you commit to your digital assets. When you choose a token and lockup period, you will always see exactly how much you are going to earn and the full value of the investment before you click Start. This increases the credibility of the platform by miles and it is something that we truly respect on Trading Browser.

Crypto Interest Account

As mentioned earlier, the interest account offered by Hodlnaut can be a gold mine for those who already own digital assets or for those who are thinking of putting some of their savings in cryptocurrencies. This is the next level of savings and I’m thrilled to present platforms such as Hodlnaut to our users since it gives us at Trading Browser a good sense of purpose knowing that our readers can earn real money on their hard-earned investments and capital.

Fixed-Term Deposit

This feature lets Hodlnaut users choose their lockup period from 28 – 180 days and the payout differs depending on the length of your lockup. This way of earning is a little bit different than the interest account but it is a great way if you know that you are not going to use your digital assets for another 1 – 6 months. Then you are better of putting them to work and earning a hefty return at the same time.

0% fee Token Swaps

Now, there are different rewards for different coins on Hodlnaut where the stablecoin USDT has the highest payout. So, for example, if you own Bitcoin and would like to earn the full 12.73% APY on USDT you can make a quick swap on the platform from BTC to USDT, completely free of charges. All in-house crypto swaps have 0% fees on Hodlnaut and this is a great advantage and it puts the user in the first hand.

Demo Account

When we get onto a platform for the first time it can be somewhat confusing with all new features. The demo account on Hodlnaut lets you try all the features with “fake money” so to speak and you can browse all the pages to get to know the platform. This is a very smart feature that will increase the number of users over the long run and I’m very glad to see Hodlnaut implementing this for all users.

Nexus Mutual Custody Cover

The Nexus Mutual is an Ethereum-based platform that insures products on a different platform and spreads out the risk among all users to give a safe and protected environment for everyone involved. This is an option for all investors on Hodlnaut and you can activate it whenever you want.

Full Account Overview

This is a great feature that can be found in the account section of the platform where users will be able to see all invested assets, the interest rate per coin, pending interest payout, available assets, total earned, and the full value of each cryptocurrency. This feature is often requested on other platforms and I’m happy to see that Hodlnaut has chosen to implement a full overview for all clients.

Our own experience with Hodlnaut

hodlnaut home page
Hodlnaut home page
hodlnaut dashboard
Hodlnaut dashboard
hodlnaut swap
Hodlnaut swap
hodlnaut fixed deposit
Hodlnaut deposit
hodlnaut statement
Hodlnaut statement
hodlnaut app
Hodlnaut app

Hodlnaut Funding Methods


Accepted Currencies

USD ($)
GBP (£)
EUR (€)
AUD ($)
SGD ($)


Max Withdrawal Limits $5500000 daily
Min Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Deposit Limits No limit

Hodlnaut Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee
Cryptocurrency BTC 0.0004
USD $0


United Kingdom

Restricted Countries



Is Hodlnaut secure and safe to use?

Yes, Hodlnaut is a legitimate and trusted FinTech platform where users can feel safe depositing their digital assets. The 2FA verification system and the withdrawal whitelist feature make immediate access to your account and withdrawals almost impossible for someone looking to get access to your funds. The fact that Hodlnaut gives full transparency through all its features gives me a good sense of security when browsing the platform.

Is Hodlnaut regulated?

Hodlnaut is certified by the Singapore Fintech Association(SFA) and recognized by the MAS. Hodlnaut also seeks a license application from the MAS to become the first-ever regulated crypto lending and borrowing entity in Singapore.


Live Chat
Live Chat
Contact Form
Contact Form

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Frequently asked questions

Read what other investors ask about Hodlnaut. Find answers without searching the web.

The cryptocurrency interest account and fixed-rate deposit are very easy to use. After signing up with an account you will find both features in the main menu. Start by making a deposit with any of the cryptocurrencies offered and then choose the product you want to use to earn passive income. The crypto interest account is recommended for investors with a longer-term horizon where funds can stay lockup for up to a year. The fixed-term deposit is suited for investors with a 1 - 6 month investment horizon. Both products will yield a passive income with a maximum of 12.73% annual return.

Yes, the app is available for both iOS and Android. You can download it from the platform after signing up.

All deposits are down with cryptocurrencies. Hodlnaut currently supports deposits in DAI, ETH, BTC, WBTD, USDT, and USDC.

The company is certified by the Singapore FinTech Association which is recognized by the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).

Yes, Hodlnaut is as legal as it gets, and in fact, it is a highly recommended platform that thousands of crypto enthusiasts use to earn passive income on their digital assets.

No, currently the platform only supports deposits in cryptocurrencies and has no fiat on-ramp system. If this feature gets implemented we will make sure to update this review.

The platform was founded in 2019 by Junato and Simon.

When you are logged in to the platform, locate the Deposit/Withdrawal tab in the main menu. From here, select the coin you would like to withdraw and follow the steps. This includes adding your current wallet address so make sure you know where the funds are being withdrawn.

Yes, Hodlnaut is currently available in almost all counties of the world making it a global venue for cryptocurrency interest accounts and passive income through digital assets.

The operating company of Hodlnaut has its main office located at 4 Raffles Place Clifford Centre, Singapore (048621).

The operating company is called Hodlnaut Pte. Ltd.

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