LetsExchange Review 2023: Security, Fees & Special Features

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Publish date: Apr 12, 2022
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

LetsExchange is a non-custodial instant crypto exchange that delivers crypto-to-crypto swaps in an instant at both fixed and floating rates. At the moment, LetsExchange offers over 370 digital assets that you can swap directly from the home page in an instant without signing up for an account or sending in your KYC documents. Stay anonymous and select the coins you want to swap, choose which rate you want to use, and make the swap. Non-custodial exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency exchanging and LetsExchange does a phenomenal job at providing hundreds of the most popular tokens at very beneficial rates.

Our rating:
Seychelles flag
Founded March 2020
Owner CryptoLightHouse Ltd
Type Cryptocurrency Exchange
Fees 0%
account minimum 0.0$
Best for Investors


• More than 370 altcoins available
• No limits on exchange volumes
• Choose between floating or fixed rates


• Live charts are not available
• Does not offer 2FA verification
• No mobile app is currently available

Why LetsExchange

In this section of our LetsExchange review we have highlighted 6 special features that sets them apart when compared to other platforms.

Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly. The fastest way to swap between coins when opportunity arises.
Instant Coin Exchange
Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly. The fastest way to swap between coins when opportunity arises.
On this platform you can start trading without registering an account. Get access the markets instantly!
No Account Registration
On this platform you can start trading without registering an account. Get access the markets instantly!
Keep track of which market is winning and which one is losing today. A good way for day traders to find volatility.
Daily Gainers & Losers
Keep track of which market is winning and which one is losing today. A good way for day traders to find volatility.
Easiest and fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with fiat through card payments, bank transfers, or e-wallets.
Buy Cryptocurrency
Easiest and fastest way to buy cryptocurrency with fiat through card payments, bank transfers, or e-wallets.
This trading platform has optimized the negative slippage, even in turbulent markets. Your price is guaranteed!
Low Slippage
This trading platform has optimized the negative slippage, even in turbulent markets. Your price is guaranteed!
This platform is great for large traders or investors with deep pockets. No more holding back on opportunities.
High Limits
This platform is great for large traders or investors with deep pockets. No more holding back on opportunities.

About LetsExchange

LetsExchange is a Seychelle-based non-custodial crypto exchange where you can stay completely anonymous in every crypto transaction you make and the platform is all about speed, no limits, and ease of use. The company that is operating the platform is called CryptoLightHouse Ltd and has the main office located in Room B11, First Floor, Providence Complex, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles.

When talking to the team members of LetsExchange I got a feeling that they are great professionals and that they are in it for the long run. All the way from the customer support to their upper team members gave me a very good impression and I can tell that they know what they are doing and they have my fullest trust. I want to give an extra point to the support team of LetsExchange which is very quick on its feet answering questions through the live chat, well done.

Why use LetsExchange

The main use case of LetsExchange.io is definitely the crypto-to-crypto swap they offer through their main interface where you have access to over 370 altcoins and since there is no need to register an account or send in your KYC documents, it’s a completely anonymous crypto exchange. This anonymity comes with several advantages whereas speed is the most important. If you have your wallet address ready you can make a swap and own your new coins in a matter of 10 minutes or less.

The second big advantage is the limitless exchanging of crypto assets where you can load up as much as you want without holding back when the next big opportunity comes. This feature is more suited for large investors and I know this can be a problem when you try to make transactions of $5000, $10,000, or sometimes more than $25,000. LetsExchange will have you covered by using back funnels of crypto exchanges that provide maximum liquidity at very favorable rates.

LetsExchange can also be used to buy digital assets with your bank card and the exchange currently supports more than 55 fiat currencies. When buying coins with fiat you will get redirected to a third-party payment solution that handles your transaction. This process is very simple and doesn’t take longer than buying a couple of socks through Amazon.

Swapping on LetsExchange

The exchange feature that you see on the home page can be used to swap between hundreds of altcoins, both legacy coins and more exotic coins that have been released to the market more recently. There is only one thing you need when you swap between coins on LetsExchange and that is the wallet addresses of the coins you are going to send and the coins that you want to receive. Once you have this covered you are ready to exchange.

Before you make an exchange you should think about whether to use the floating rate or the fixed rate since these options could change the outcome of your transaction. When using the floating rate, you allow for prices to fluctuate while you process the transaction and the number of coins you receive may differ slightly. The fixed rate locks in the current exchange rate that you see on your screen for the whole duration of the transaction and even if prices fluctuate, you will receive the rate that you locked in at the start of the transaction.

How to use LetsExchange

Let’s take a look at how to maneuver the exchange interface and how to make a crypto swap on LetsExchange.io. The steps are very few and if you follow this tutorial you can’t go wrong:

  1. In the exchange interface, select the coin you want to send and receive.
  2. Select the number of coins you want to send.
  3. Choose floating rate or fixed rate.
  4. Enter the wallet address of the coin you want to receive in the field below.
  5. Click Let’s Exchange.
  6. Check the transaction details and click Accept.
  7. Send your funds to the wallet address provided.
  8. Exchange done!

That’s it, you’ve just made a swap and will soon receive your new coins. It will take between 10 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the blockchain congestion. Stay put and update your wallet in a bit.

LetsExchange Category Rating

Exchange Features:4.2/5
Educational Resources:4.0/5
Customer Support:4.0/5

Things to improve on

The only two things I would like to see on LetsExchange.io are a 2fa verification code to protect the account and a charting interface that traders can use to follow the price in live action and make a basic trend analysis with technical tools. Other than this, I think LetsExchange is a fantastic platform and I recommend all our traders and investors to give it a try.

LetsExchange Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee
0 %
0 %



Trading Platforms


Order Types


Supported Devices


Special Features

Beginner Friendly
Professional Support
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Fast Withdrawals
Fast Execution Speed
Price Prediction
New Trading Platform

About the special features on LetsExchange

By being able to provide unlimited crypto transactions, LetsExchange can be used by both small and large investors when the need for a deep pool and a variety of coins is needed. Not only do they support over 370 altcoins, but they also handle transactions very fast. With the fixed rate option you can exclude volatility from the equation and make your trades with minimum slippage.

The platform should be used by those who have found an opportunity in the crypto market and want to invest right now. Since there is no need for account registration or KYC documents, the time it takes from entering the platform until you have received your coins is pretty much the time it takes for miners to verify the block you have sent them.

Floating and Fixed rates

Floating rates allow for price fluctuations while you make the transaction and you might receive a different number of coins at the end of your transaction. The fixed rate guarantees the displayed price and amount that you see before you execute the exchange. The benefit of the floating rate is that you can sometimes get lucky and receive a cheaper price than expected and with the fixed rate you completely remove slippage from the equation.

No account registration

On LetsExchange, you don’t need to register an account to start swapping and it is not necessary to send in your KYC documents, ever. You are free to stay anonymous and swap without limits which will save you time and effort when searching for your next big investment.

Swap coins without limits

I want to shine some light on the unlimited swapping that LetsExchange offers. This will mostly concern larger investors with deep pockets or companies looking for bigger investments in the crypto space. When transacting on the platform you can literally trade hundreds of thousands worth of crypto at both floating and fixed rates. When using the fixed rate you are effectively avoiding any price slippage and you will receive the full amount displayed in the swap widget without any delays whatsoever.

Over 370 altcoins listed

This is where the true value lies in this non-custodial crypto exchange. LetsExchange has partnered with some of the biggest platforms in the market to provide you with deep liquidity in over 370 digital assets. These assets are both legacy coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum but there are also some more exotic crypto gems that could have the potential to be the next big blow up.

On the exchange rates page, you can follow the top gainers and losers for the day. This can give you clues about which coins investors are piling into and where all the money is going at the moment. Usually, the most popular tokens get pumped initially due to low prices and thin order books.

Crypto address whitelist

If you decide to create an account with LetsExchange you have the option to whitelist the wallet addresses you are going to use to prevent anyone from sending funds in a different direction. For example, if you are making most of your transactions with an ETH wallet or a BTC wallet, white list these addresses to guarantee that funds can’t be sent any other way.

LetsExchange crypto-to-crypto swap fee

There is no fixed fee on LetsExchange and it all comes down to each transaction. Before you go through with the transaction the full amount you are going to send will be clearly visible with the fee included in this calculation. All this data is fully transparent when you use the exchange widget.

Our own experience with LetsExchange


LetsExchange Funding Methods


Accepted Currencies

USD ($)
EUR (€)
GBP (£)
CAD ($)
AUD ($)
UAH (₴)
BGN (лв.)
KZT (₸)
EGP (ج.م.‏)
SGD ($)
AED (د.إ.‏)
MXN ($)
PHP (₱)
CNY (¥)
QAR (ر.ق.‏)
PEN (S/)
ILS (₪)
KES (Ksh)
CLP ($)
SAR (ر.س.‏)
INR (₹)
KWD (د.ك.‏)
HUF (Ft)
UYU ($)
DKK (kr.)
JPY (¥)
AZN (₼)
ARS ($)
BND ($)
CZK (Kč)
BRL (R$)
RUB (₽)
NOK (kr)
OMR (ر.ع.‏)
NZD ($)
SEK (kr)
BHD (د.ب.‏)
KRW (₩)
TRY (₺)
TWD ($)
PLN (zł)
ANG (NAf.)
CRC (₡)


Max Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Deposit Limits $75

LetsExchange Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee


United Kingdom
Russian Federation

Restricted Countries

United States
United States Minor Outlying Islands
Korea, Democratic People"s Republic of
Democratic Republic of the Congo
South Sudan
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Syrian Arab Republic
Central African Republic


Is LetsExchange regulated?

No, the platform is currently not regulated by any government.

Is LetsExchange safe and legitimate?

Yes, LetsExchange is a trustworthy and secure crypto platform that in nature is one of the most secure crypto exchanges you can use if you know how to handle your crypto wallets. Since the exchange does not hold custody of your tokens you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to steal your account information. Once you have made a transaction your coins will land in your own wallet and LetsExchange is only used as a middleman to access hundreds of altcoins at good rates. This is the true benefit of LetsExchange and the power of having a non-KYC crypto exchange ready at hand is very valuable.


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Frequently asked questions

Read the most frequently asked questions about LetsExchange. Find answers without searching the web.

LetsExchange is a non-custodial anonymous cryptocurrency exchange where unlimited exchange volumes in over 370 altcoins are readily available from the home page. The exchange will have your coins transferred to your own wallets without the need for KYC documents or account registration and you have the option to choose between a floating rate or a fixed rate depending on market conditions.

The headquarter of the company is located in Room B11, First Floor, Providence Complex, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles.

The platform is very easy to use and if you follow our "how-to" guide above you can't go wrong. Through the exchange widget, you can access hundreds of altcoins without signing up with an account or sending in your KYC documents.

There are two ways to make deposits on the exchange, with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. If you want to make a deposit with cryptocurrencies, head over to the exchange widget and select the pair you want to exchange with, and follow the instructions. To deposit fiat for crypto, click the crypto-to-fiat tab in the footer menu and follow the instructions given.

This depends on the blockchain congestions. Normally, a BTC-altcoin transaction would take around 10-15 minutes but on some occasions, it might get delayed if a lot of people are using the Bitcoin blockchain and miners get overwhelmed with verifying the blocks.

No, at this moment of writing there is no mobile app available. We will update this review should this change in the future.

No, traders and investors from the USA are not able to access the platform.

No, you do not have to send in your KYC documents to make transactions on the platform. Stay anonymous forever if you like.

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