YouHodler Loan Review 2023: Is It Safe? Withdrawal Fees

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Publish date: Nov 28, 2021
Last updated: Jan 09, 2023

The web’s most detailed review of YouHodler: This FinTech platform is the home of trustworthy crypto loans and savings accounts with better than average yields. Use your crypto as collateral to get an instant fiat loan today or deposit your digital assets in the interest account to earn a compounding interest of up to 12.3% per year. YouHodler lets you withdraw your assets at any time or re-invest them for the most effective compounding interest yearly and all of this is done through a very easy-to-use interface that is well suited for beginners. Read the full story in our YouHodler review before you start earning on your digital assets.

Our rating:
Regulated by
Cyprus flag
Founded August 2018
Owner Naumard LTD
Type FinTech Platform
Fees 0.20%
account minimum 1$
Best for Investors


• Great safety infrastructure
• Favorable interest rates compared to many similar platforms
• Loan to value ratio of 90%


• Not available for US investors
• Live chat is not available
• Lacking an educational hub for beginners

Why YouHodler

In this section of our YouHodler review we highlight 6 special features that deserves extra attention.

Earn interest with a trusted crypto interest account. Beat the bank and grow your wealth passively!
Crypto Savings Account
Earn interest with a trusted crypto interest account. Beat the bank and grow your wealth passively!
This platform is perfect for beginners with limited trading or investing experience online.
Beginner Friendly
This platform is perfect for beginners with limited trading or investing experience online.
Lend your cryptocurrencies to others and earn passive income by doing nothing. You are now the bank!
Lend your cryptocurrencies to others and earn passive income by doing nothing. You are now the bank!
Enjoy instant live chat answers and accurate explanations from a dedicated support agent who is on point!
Professional Support
Enjoy instant live chat answers and accurate explanations from a dedicated support agent who is on point!
This status is earned only by the safest and most trusted trading platforms with a proven track record of being safe.
High Security
This status is earned only by the safest and most trusted trading platforms with a proven track record of being safe.
This Cryptocurrency Exchange keeps most of your coins stored offline in cold storage for extra security.
Cold Storage Wallet
This Cryptocurrency Exchange keeps most of your coins stored offline in cold storage for extra security.

About YouHodler

YouHodler is a globally trusted FinTech platform where cryptocurrency hodlers can earn passive income through crypto savings accounts and get instant crypto loans with digital assets as collateral at very favorable loan-to-value ratios. What sets YouHodler apart from similar platforms is the $150 million insurance pool by Ledger Vaults which cements the credibility of the system and the fiat fund where users can loan instant cash from the YouHodler platform instead of other lenders like traditional P2P platforms.

The operating company behind the YouHodler platform is called Naumard LTD and currently has the main office located at Arch Makariou III, 172, Melford Tower, 3027 Limassol, Cyprus. The common goal of the team is to deliver instant access to cash through cryptocurrency loans and great cryptocurrency interest accounts that beat any traditional bank out there.

YouHodler has partnered up with Ledger to assure the security of all customer funds through the Ledger Vault integration. This combined with close connections and cooperation with European banks increases the trustworthiness of the platform and it is safe to say that everyday users can now get a crypto loan and earn crypto through savings accounts in a completely transparent and safe way.

Why use YouHodler

Crypto loans and crypto savings accounts are the two main products on the YouHodler platform and they are meant for investors who are looking to earn passive income on their digital assets as well as get direct access to cash. Let’s say that you own crypto tokens and you need cash, right now, then instead of selling your coins for USD or EUR you can deposit them as collateral on YouHodler for a crypto-backed loan and receive your local fiat currency.

If you want to use your coins in a better way than just keeping them in your wallet you should take a good look at their crypto interest account that yields up to 12.3% per year, depending on the coin you deposit. This is the same thing as keeping your fiat your money in your bank but here you get to see real rewards. YouHodler is partnered up with Ledger Vault to give all customers insurance on their funds up to $150 million and all interest is paid out weekly as a bonus.

Now, cryptocurrency exchanging is also possible on YouHodler if you are simply looking to swap Bitcoin for altcoins. Multi HODL is another tool investors can use to multiply profits by holding coins. With Multi HODL you can hold more coins than you currently own and earn multiplied rewards. You can also choose to speculate on both the upside and downside price direction to profit when the market falls. This feature can increase earnings up to x30 but be mindful of the risks if the market goes in the other direction.

All of the above-mentioned features are available on the YouHodler crypto app.

Lending and Saving on YouHodler

The lending platform on YouHodler is very easy to understand and you don’t need much previous experience to get a crypto-backed loan in your local currency such as USD, EUR, CHF, and GBP. The advantage of using YouHodler as a lending platform is the interest rate of 5% for repaying loans and one of the highest loan to value ratios at 90%.

Here are some of the most advantageous crypto loan features on YouHodler:

  • Increase Loan-To-Value
  • Manage Loan Duration
  • Set Take Profit Duration
  • Extend Price Down Limits
  • Close Without Repay
  • Borrow Bitcoin

The crypto savings account is also something worth checking out as it is one of the easiest ways to earn a passive income on your digital assets with a minimum deposit of $100. One of the things that make YouHodler a trusted platform is the ability to withdraw your funds whenever you want. If you for some reason need your tokens, you can make a withdrawal today.

All fees are calculated beforehand in the same window when exchanging cryptocurrencies to assure 100% transparency.

Payment methods and limits

When depositing funds on YouHodler you have the option to choose between Visa, Mastercard, SEPA, and Swift bank transfers. The minimum deposit is $1, the minimum withdrawal is $2, and the maximum withdrawal limit depends on your KYC verification level.

Crypto Loans:4.2/5
Educational Resources:4.0/5
Customer Support:4.0/5

Things we don’t like

From my point of view, there is not much to look down on here. I want to highlight that YouHodler has a phenomenal security infrastructure which puts the platform at the top of choices when it comes to crypto loans and savings accounts.

YouHodler is a very innovative yet original FinTech platform and I would recommend all our investors that are looking for more options to save, earn, and loan with crypto as collateral.

YouHodler Trading Fees

Maker fee
Taker fee
0.20 %
0.20 %



Trading Platforms

Mobile App Android + Mac
Mobile App Android + Mac

Order Types

MO - Market Order
SL - Stop Loss

Supported Devices


Special Features

Earn Cryptocurrency
Buy Cryptocurrency
Instant Coin Exchange
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Quick Registration
Fast Withdrawals
Trading App
2FA Verification
High Limits
Short Selling
Fiat Account
New Trading Platform
Security Of Funds
Risk Management
Real Stop Loss
Daily Gainers & Losers

About the special features on YouHodler

Registration on YouHodler is very quick which lets you start browsing the platform immediately. Following the registration, you are asked to file for KYC documents which you don’t need to send in straightaway until you are going to start using one of their products. Coin loans are credited from a minimum of $100 up to a maximum of $100,000 which means that this is a high-limit platform.

The beginner-friendly user interface is what strikes me the most on YouHodler and there is not much extra fluff that blocks the view of what is most important. I like the design and the menu is very easy to navigate which makes things a lot easier. The 2FA verification is of course an option and I recommend that you activate it as soon as you sign in to the platform for the first time. Keep in mind that all the features below are readily available on the YouHodler app as well.

YouHodler Crypto Loans

The crypto loan is one of the main features on this FinTech platform where users can deposit cryptocurrencies as collateral and get instant loans in their own local fiat currency such as EUR or USD. On YouHodler you can get a crypto-backed loan with the top 20 coins and the process is dead simple.

The first thing you want to do is to get the KYC process out of the way and then click on the loans tap in the main menu after logging in. From here, click get a new loan and a new window will appear. Now, choose the coin you want to put down as collateral and choose the loan amount. Lastly, set a take profit level in case the market moves up during your loan period which will in that case benefit you by selling back some of the collateral you first deposited. Click Get Loan and enjoy your fresh cash!

Earn Interest on YouHodler

When depositing your coins in your YouHodler crypto savings account you can earn up to 12.3% APR in addition to the compounding interest you will earn by re-investing the coins you receive as rewards. What sets the interest account apart on YouHodler compared to similar platforms is the weekly payout. All your cryptocurrency earnings are deposited to your wallets each week and it’s yours to do whatever you feel like, most investors choose to put them back to get a bigger reward the next week.

Multi HODL

This tool lets you hold more coins than you currently own to earn a bigger and potentially faster reward in both directions. Yes, you can earn money just by holding a coin, and by giving it a direction you can earn money if the market falls with an x40 multiplier. This is a great way to make a quick buck but be mindful of the risks due to the volatile nature of the crypto market.


With the TurboCharge feature, you can add to your first loan and use those funds as collateral to get an even bigger loan. You can add as many loans as you want on top of each other to receive a bigger stake in the end. Keep in mind that the crypto market is very volatile and an adverse movement can hurt your portfolio.

Our own experience with YouHodler

youhodler home page
YouHodler home page
youhodler dashboard
YouHodler dashboard
youhodler loans
YouHodler loans
youhodler chart
YouHodler chart
youhodler convert
YouHodler convert
youhodler boost
YouHodler boost

YouHodler Funding Methods

Bank transfer
Bank transfer

Accepted Currencies

USD ($)
EUR (€)
GBP (£)


Max Withdrawal Limits No limit
Min Withdrawal Limits $2
Min Deposit Limits $1

YouHodler Withdrawal Fee

Method Fee


United Kingdom
Korea, Republic of
Mandarin (Chinese)

Restricted Countries

Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Democratic People"s Republic of
South Sudan
United States
United States Minor Outlying Islands
Virgin Islands, U.S.


Is YouHodler safe to use?

There are several key factors that assure the legitimacy and security of the YouHodler platform. First of all, the operating company Naumard LTD is legally obligated by EU laws to return any funds that are lost due to employee or human errors. Second, YouHodler has custody through the Ledger Vault integration which is the flagship product by the Ledger company, and through this vault, your funds are insured up to a value of $150 million.

Lastly, cryptocurrency savings account and crypto lending is a new FinTech product and it is in the best interest of YouHodler as a business to make sure that all client funds are safe at all times. The platform also runs with both hot and cold storage wallets for maximum flexibility and safety.

For bigger investors with account sizes over $10,000, there is an option called 3FA security level which disables all withdrawals upon request. Withdrawals can only be activated again by the true owner of the account which is assured by identity verification. YouHodler only works with reputable banks with accounts in Europe and Switzerland where they are connected with the most trusted fiat payment providers.

Is YouHodler regulated?

Yes, YouHodler is regulated through Financial Services Ombudsman (FINSOM) in Switzerland, has a Pawnbroker authorization with the ID number #LEAE-PGG-EV-2020-0001, and YouHodler SA is also a member of the SRO Polyreg.


Live Chat
Live Chat

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Frequently asked questions

Read what other investors ask about YouHodler. Find answers without searching the web.

No, the platform is currently not available in the United States.

The two main features on the platform are crypto lending and savings accounts for digital assets. First, start by signing up and completing the KYC process. From here, you can choose to get an instant crypto loan or deposit your funds in the interest account to earn a compounding interest at a maximum of 12.3%.

No, YouHodler is a FinTech platform with a centralized governing system.

The main office is located in Cyprus at Arch Makariou III, 172, Melford Tower, 3027 Limassol.

The platform was founded back in 2017.

The operating company Naumard LTD.

Yes, the app is available for both iOS and Android.

YouHodler payouts occur daily and weekly.

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