In order to invest in digital assets, you need to sign up on an exchange that offers the coins and tokens you want to buy. Cryptocurrency exchanges act as a middleman between you and the world of digital assets. On this page, we have gathered the most important exchanges that you will need to reach your goals.

Crypto exchanges gives you access

Without an exchange platform, it would be very difficult to make transactions on the blockchain. Now, there are hundreds of exchanges to choose from and they all offer something unique. For example, some of them offer very low fees while others offer many different altcoins to choose from. Depending on what your needs are we have gathered some of the most important guides to help you find the exchange that suits your needs.

Security is another big topic when it comes to choosing an exchange. Make sure to always stick with a regulated platform to ensure the highest security. If you can’t choose a regulated platform, take one of the higher-rated non-regulated exchanges in our lists. Fees are the second most important aspect and we have created a guide to show you the absolute cheapest exchanges on the market.

platform or app
security and regulation

Regulation, reputation, and functionality

Our editorial team has reviewed several hundreds of exchanges and we have chosen to promote only the best of the best. This gives you a lot of freedom knowing you are choosing between the absolute top platforms on the market. The biggest security question that we get asked is whether an exchange is regulated or not. We try to only promote regulated exchanges but in some cases, this is not possible. For all the non-regulated platforms we make sure to do our due diligence to find the most reputable platform.

The functionality of a service is just as important as the security factor. Without the basic special features such as a good deposit solution, good charting interface, easy-to-use account interface, and mobile app it’s very difficult to navigate and make good decisions. When we promote a platform you will see a direct link to our full review of the exchange. This way you can do your own research before signing up and joining the platform.