The Plan

Tradingbrowser was created here in Marbella, Spain, during the quarantine on the 18th of April 2020. My plan is to make it the best cryptocurrency exchange portal on the web. I know there are a lot of very good platforms out there and I want to help crypto traders separate all the exchanges to easier navigate and find the best platform for their style of trading.

The name Tradingbrowser came very naturally because I wanted traders to be able to browse through different types of exchanges. The main theme is, of course, trading platforms but there are also helpful articles about trading in general with tips and strategies to help you improve.

With years of experience as a trader plus inside experience from a real trading broker, I will now share some of my knowledge about what makes a good trading platform.


The site is currently growing with new content released weekly. The design is also changing continuously since I want to find what looks good and what works best for users.

I intend on keeping the site very user-friendly with easy navigations to find some of the most popular articles, such as:

  • Trade Altcoins with Leverage
  • Buy Crypto with Credit Card
  • Altcoin Exchange Reviews

If you haven’t browsed the site I would recommend that you start with these and when you have found an exchange you like, check the trading strategies before you get going.

The Future

The next step for Tradingbrowser is to make it even easier to use while I implement more useful information about each cryptocurrency exchange. I’m going to add a huge list of exchanges to the front page where you can browse all platforms with even more useful information about each exchange, such as:

  • Minimum deposits
  • Withdrawal limits
  • Accepted Fiat currencies
  • Licenses and Regulations

This and much more will be included in a list-format on the front page and every page that has a review of a platform.