Tradingbrowser is a trading guide and tool for all traders. We specialize in many different markets and products to serve a wide audience. Our experts have hands-on experience in every market to give the most valuable information possible. Tradingbrowser conducts the web’s most detailed and unbiased trading platform reviews which you can use to select between regulated operators. The main problem we see with trading guides is that the guides are written by non-professionals, we decided to change that.

All our guides are written by real traders.

When you read a guide on Tradingbrowser you can be assured that the information comes from real personal trading experience where many mistakes have been made to reach these conclusions. It takes years to become a profitable trader and to be honest, most people never make it. Only traders who are profitable are allowed to write guides on Tradingbrowser and it will always be like this.

An objective review process

Many trading guides promote platforms that will earn the most money for them and we think this approach is completely wrong. This is not the case with Tradingbrowser. When we review a trading platform we take a very close look at the quality of the platform and then calculate a rating based on what is offered. Since our traders have long experience and have seen it all they know what it takes for a broker or exchange to stand out and be special. Below follows a brief introduction to how we decide on a platform rating.

Platform rating

We review and rate trading platforms according to a very strict system where security, products, and trading tools come first. Our reviews are completely objective and we have no personal input into the final rating of any trading platform. Let’s take a look at how our rating system works.

  • Regulation – Only regulated platforms can receive a rating of 4 or higher
  • Products – More trading instruments means a higher rating
  • Fees – Low fees are considered good for any platform
  • Special Features – The more utility any platform has the better it is
  • Trading Tools – Tools are important for traders and will be awarded
  • Best For – Different platforms are for different types of traders and we know this

The Team

Anton Palovaara is the founder and the main writer on Tradingbrowser and has been trading profitably for many years. He has experience in many different markets and different trading styles which gives him the opportunity to share his knowledge with new traders. As we expand our team to new markets we will recruit new talents to write guides as experts in their fields of trading.

He also has experience working for international trading brokers abroad where he climbed to Head of markets before he decided to continue his professional journey on his own. All of his attention is now devoted to making the best trading guide online and helping other traders who are struggling to break the barrier and move on to the next level.

Daniel Larsson is a senior editor with extensive experience in several different markets with a certain passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based investments. What makes Daniel a good writer is his ability to project his own understanding into an easy-to-read format.