Blockchain brought cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment and has since then flourished in the trading and investment scene. On Trading Browser you are only one step away from learning something new about crypto trading and how to position yourself in the market to get better results.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Digital assets are the native currency of blockchain technology. The first cryptocurrency to reach fame was Bitcoin which has since 2009 been the flagship currency that most people know about. The second most famous coin is Ethereum which has become an important platform for new start-ups. New coins are being released weekly and the Ethereum network is constantly growing.

During the years several other blockchain projects have appeared on the scene which has attracted several millions of investors to the digital asset trading scene and this has created several boom and bust cycles in the crypto market. The last is still in motion and if you have yet to invest you might be missing out on something big.

Trusted bitcoin investment sites are part of the ecosystem and here on Trading Browser our ambition to protect the end-user goes first.

We compare the blockchain revolution to the internet back in the 90s. Blockchain is here to stay and to disrupt society for good. Back in the 90s, internet stocks were the hottest investment vehicle and since the inception of blockchain tokens, they have taken over completely.

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Learn from experienced investors

The editorial team on Trading Browser has one goal in mind and that is to educate you to make better decisions when it comes to putting your hard-earned cash into the markets. Cryptocurrency investing comes with a lot of inherent risks due to high market volatility and nervous investors. If you are a beginner investor and just starting out we highly recommend that you read some of our guides before getting involved with real money.

The content you read on Trading Browser is written by our own crypto experts that have been around the markets for many years. To avoid beginners’ mistakes and turn them into beginners’ luck we have compiled several guides dedicated to beginners only.

During our years of trading the markets, we have stumbled upon hundreds of exchanges and platforms, both good and bad. In the review section of our website, you can read more about our top exchange picks and why we have chosen to highlight these platforms. A good platform starts with good security and we always make sure to check the security infrastructure of the exchange before we recommend it to you.

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