Anton Palovaara

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Anton has been a passionate trader and investor for nearly a decade now with a big focus on the crypto markets. Cryptocurrency enthusiast to the bone and an expert in chart reading, technical analysis, and decision making. Anton is devoted to sharing his insights on Trading Browser through in-depth guides and expert platform reviews.

Latest articles by Anton Palovaara

When & How to Take Profits in Crypto

The million-dollar question is about to get answered, how to take profits in crypto? This is a subject that almost every crypto investor has faced and the truth is that nearly everyone gets it wrong, …

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{When & How to Take Profits in Crypto}
What is Slippage in Crypto?

Sometimes your trade doesn’t get filled at the right price and you end up losing out on this situation, why is this and what is slippage in crypto? This is a very frustrating fact about …

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{What is Slippage in Crypto?}
Trading Terms & Glossary Explained

In the world of trading stocks, forex, and other financial instruments, certain terms and words are considered trading terminology. In this article, I will give you definitions and a glossary of the most popular trading …

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trading terms and glossary
Crypto Slang Terms & Glossary

Being new in the cryptocurrency space is both fascinating and sometimes difficult. In this article, I’ve listed the most common crypto slang terms and glossary for beginners to learn the basics. This post is meant …

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crypto slang terms and glossary