Bitcoin Ranks Number 1 Among Top Search Terms in the US and Nevada is the Biggest Searcher

  • Bitcoin has become one of the most searched terms in the United States, surpassing even daily necessities and expenses such as hamburgers, religion, and child support, according to the Bitcoin Popularity Index based on Ahrefs search volume.
  • Nevada is currently the most Bitcoin-crazy state in the United States with a search score of 100 according to Google Trends. Elvis Presley comes in fourth place with 1.3 million searches, while Disney World ranks fifth, and Spiderman sixth.
  • Donald Trump is the second most popular search, while Breaking News comes third. Student loans and car insurance are also among the most searched terms.

Attention Americans! Bitcoin is being crowned as one of the most searched terms in the USA, surpassing most basic necessities, interests, and daily expenses such as politics, Coca Cola, religion, child support, protein powder, and health care.

According to our Bitcoin Popularity Index, based on Ahrefs search volume, Americans care more about Bitcoin than they do about many other highly searched items such as guns, exercising, breaking news, donuts, student loans, Spiderman, car insurance, and even Mr. Best.

Not even the great man himself, Donald Trump, could beat the flagship cryptocurrency which is currently making headlines across the globe.

While some search terms are more searched in the United States, such as YouTube, Amazon, Weather, Starbucks, and eBay, the list below is compiled of highly popular items that fell behind Bitcoin in volume.

Search volume comparison

RankingSearch termUS search volumeGlobal search volume
2Donald Trump1.5M2.6M
3Breaking News1.4M3.1M
4Elvis Presley1.3M4.0M
5Disney World1.2M1.5M
7Student Loan677K788K
8Car Insurance657K1.4M
9White House570K810K
10Child Support482K512K
11Coca Cola291K1.9M
13Chuck Norris285K760K
15Credit Score228K645K
16Fast Food202K753K
17Gym Near Me186K1.7M
18Pregnancy Test182K668K
19Health Insurance174K387K
20Protein Powder172K496K
25Santa Clause38K51K
27Savings Account35K144K
29Mr. Best15K19K
Source: Ahrefs

Nevada is currently the most Bitcoin-crazy state in the United States

Bitcoin popularity Nevada
Source: Google Trends

Nevada currently ranks as the number one state when it comes to search volume for Bitcoin with a score of 100 according to Google Trends. This also correlates with a high search volume for “day trade crypto” which is increasing in popularity.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as Nevada is known for its low tax burden, innovative spirit, and being the home to many high-tech companies including Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Nevadans are also known for not being afraid of trying new things and taking on some risks as Las Vegas is usually the center of attention when Nevada comes up for discussion. Nevada’s long-standing gambling respiration might be a contributing factor to the success and high interest in Bitcoin.

Casinos and betting have been a part of the culture in the state for decades and the idea of investing in a high-risk asset such as Bitcoin doesn’t strike me as surprising.

Summary of the top 10 searches

  1. Bitcoin took the top spot with a staggering 1.9 million searches and a whopping 12 million global search volume. With cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder that people are searching for information on the subject.
  2. Donald Trump comes in second place with 1.5 million searches according to Ahrefs and even though he is no longer in office he is still a very popular public figure and is highly respected and searched by the American people.
  3. Breaking News itself stands as number 3 in our list with 1.4 million searches in the US each month. Even though breaking news covers most categories of news in America it is clearly no match for the heavy-weight cryptocurrency when it comes to pure interest.
  4. Elvis Presley takes fourth place with 1.3 million searches and despite being dead for over four decades the king of rock nearly beat the most popular digital asset on planet Earth.
  5. The most popular theme park in the world, Disney World, comes in at number 5 with an impressive monthly search volume of 1.2 million in the US alone.
  6. Our favorite Marvel character Spiderman is the most popular Avenger for sure and hits the sixth spot with 939K searches each month. It seems that the interest in entertainment is widely spread across the land of the dreams where our friendly neighborhood Spidey tops the list of superheroes.
  7. Student loans, a vital part of the American culture and education come in at seventh place with 677K searches per month. A topic that affects millions of Americans, the high cost of tuition and the burden of student loans doesn’t stop US students from hitting the books each year.
  8. Car insurance, a massive market, ranks at number eight with 657K monthly searches in the United States. With so many options and providers available, people are constantly searching for the best deals and coverage.
  9. In ninth place, we have the White House with 570K searches per month. With a new administration in office, Americans are searching for information about the president and his policies to keep up with the latest news.
  10. Child support ranks at number ten with a 482K monthly search volume. Another topic that affects many families, child support laws and regulations can be complicated, leading to plenty of searches for more information each month.

This was a summary of the top ten searched topics in the United States for 2023 when comparing basic necessities, interests, and daily expenses in the US. The findings were based on Google search and the volume for each keyword was obtained using Ahrefs keyword explorer.

Other popular categories include Coca Cola, NASA, politics, guns, and more. It’s clear that Americans have a wide range of interests and concerns, from finance to entertainment to news and politics.

However, Bitcoin beat them all and it’s only a matter of time before the flagship cryptocurrency takes on the most searched terms in the USA such as Facebook, TikTok, Elon Musk, and Twitter.